Spring Forward

I thank God for my gifts and for pushing me through the hard times. I ask my Angels to guide me as I write and I thank them for sending me so many signs. I hold the intent all of you will work for what you want.

It has not even been a month since I wrote the last blog and believe it or not it is so weird writing now. When I logged on to the site I had a thought of starting a post but figured I won’t worry about finishing it by a certain date. I really miss writing and even though I’m working on my book it’s different because nobody gets to read those words yet. I don’t miss sharing so much about my life but I miss writing to inspire others to push forward. That always seems to help me push harder too and to reflect on how much my hard work has helped me get to where I am today.

This one is about Never Forgetting that Things Do Workout. I see 111- keep your thoughts positive. I have so many stories I could share about the times when I thought something was impossible only to be proven wrong by having something even better happen. I’m trying to figure out which story to share and the first one that comes to mind is my dream of taking my kids to Disney World. I have never been to Disney yet so even before I had children I knew it was going to be a goal of mine to take them to Disney World. I also wanted to be able to take them while they were still really young so they would enjoy the magic of it too. So when Aydin was 5 and Rylee was 2 I started to wonder if that dream was not going to happen. That was when our financial situation was at its worst and Disney was the last place I was going to spend money. I was putting Aydin to bed one night and he started to talk about going to Disney since his friend was going and I told him “someday.” I remember feeling bummed because I could not foresee anything happening to us financially that would allow us to plan that big of a trip. After putting him to bed I came downstairs and checked my email and there was one from a vacation site (which I did not have anything booked at that time) and the subject line said “your trip is all set.” I took that as a sign the just maybe one day it would happen for my kids. I would often remind myself of that email whenever I would start to lose hope that we would be going one day and then out of the blue the money came in and I jumped at the chance to book the vacation. We are not going until May and God only knows how this is going to be with my crazy kids but we are going and that’s all that matters to me. Hopefully seeing my kids super excited and having a great time at Disney World. So sometimes the higher powers send us little signs to let us know everything is going to workout but we need to give it some time.

Another story I can share (ha I see 555- change is coming- I have been seeing those numbers everywhere lately too)is about discovering my passion and talents. I’m headed to Sedona in June for a training to become a past life therapist and it s stirring up all kinds of emotions for me. The positive ones are linked to my passion for counseling and my hope this experience will be life changing for me. So many tell me Sedona has a such a special energy that all your senses come alive so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to me while I’m there. The negative ones are linked to fear. I’ve preached so many times about fighting fear and realizing it’s just an illusion but that is not so easy to do. Not impossible but not easy. Most of my fear is about flying, driving 2 hours alone on a desert road, hoping I don’t run into any minor problems with my flight, car, hotel etc. Just the little things that probably don’t even need to be worried about but they still enter my mind. I also have a little fear about what will be after this trip. Will I be able to over time turn this into a new career that gives me a decent income along with helping others. So I continue to remind myself that things take time and we don’t always get to see the full plan and future that is ahead of us. I also keep reminding myself that my thoughts will co create my future so I need to focus only on the outcome I desire and not what I fear. So I do what I always do when I’m feeling unsure and that is I turn to faith and my Angels. I see 222- keep the faith- see they always send signs at just the right time.

I mentioned earlier that I keep seeing 555 and those numbers for me mean BIG changes are coming my way. I’m in a “test” phase right now. I see 888- abundance coming(side note- take advantage right now and send out a positive thought about what you most desire right now- once you send it then it has to come back to you at some point.) If you don’t believe me then try it anyway and you can thank me later lol. My “test” phase is sending me challenges so I will learn to alter my thinking into a more positive true to myself way and not the ego way. Again this is not always easy but I’m trying to look beyond what is right now and I’m trying to focus on what could be in the future. I’m still trying to live in the moment but I’m doing my best to keep it from taking away everything I have changed for the better within myself. At this point I know better so I need to keep it that way and live that way. So challenges are nothing more than little tests to see how easily you will or will not break. Don’t break because you have come too far. Look beyond the best you can and try to believe there are reasons for the challenges.

Back to Faith and Angels/higher powers. You should see that when you are in the middle of a challenge then you will start to have little “coincidences” that happen. I see 1111. I don’t believe in coincidences and I always feel its Divine guidance but if you start to question why things keep reappearing or you keep seeing or hearing words you need to know and sometimes you find yourself getting confused by the coincidences because you want to believe you are getting the right answer but then your fear makes you question it then know you are getting guidance from your higher powers and YOU need to trust it. I see 555- change is coming. Lots of numbers in this one. The confusion is only your ego trying to stop you from listening to what your next step needs to be or stop you from keeping hope. I see 333- they agree. Go to your heart and when you feel peace then you know if what you are receiving is truly what fits your desires. Just like me with Sedona, I try to stop myself from unnecessary worry by reminding myself that being a Past Life Therapist is what my heart wants for me and one day I will look back and see it was a good thing I went when I did.

So the first step to trusting everything works out is to “plant the seed” by deciding what it is you truly desire. The next step is to notice the signs that come your way to remind you not to lose hope. Next you will need to work on trusting those signs and remember those signs when you feel yourself slipping. Seeds need maintenance in order to bloom so it’s the same for your visions and dreams. Once you learn to trust then you will need to visualize the outcome you desire. You will need to think and create how you want things to be. This is when the seed starts to open and you draw in the energy from the universe that will support your desires. You should notice the right people appear, the opportunities surface and whatever else you need to move forward will seem to appear out of no where. The key to success is to always remember everything works out according to Divine Timing. Try not to lose hope just because you can’t see everything right now. You only need to focus on what is happening right now and not worry about how things will happen in the future. I find that my visions of my expected outcome never match the actual outcome because the universe has a way of making thing so much better than what my imagination allows.

Another thing to focus on is that you are co creating your life with your thoughts and actions. So when you slip a little(which is ok) just kick yourself back into believing the power of your thoughts will create your future. We always have to experience everything we send out in order to learn and grow. So when we allow ourselves to slip we are basically asking the universe to send more challenges so we learn from our mistakes. It’s not a bad thing because we are still learning but it is a huge reminder that when we send negative out we are allowing it to come our way in the future. If you pay attention you will see when you have a bad day on the inside everything on the outside goes wrong too. I see 555- again. However, you will also see when you fix the inside the outside adjusts to the same energy and things start getting better. Believe me this is true but most people don’t pay attention and get buried in frustration rather than thinking about how they can change the energy flow into a more positive flow. You are co creating always so you really have more control over your life then you realize. Some things are out of your control but how you choose to deal with life is always in your control. Free will trumps the Divine Plan so use it wisely. I see 777- on the right path.

So start visualizing and plant those seeds. Feed those ideas each day with what you wish to happen for you and keep your faith strong. Spend time thinking about what steps you should take and listen to the guidance you receive and in time the universe will send you the people, money, time, opportunities. The first bloom starts when you adjust your energy to the outcome you truly desire. This is when things just fall into place and you feel this is you chance to make the leap. This is also when your ego kicks in and plays games with your mind but when you focus all the seeds and all the work you have done then you realize you have come too far to go backwards. I see 888 and 555. So allow the seeds to open and bloom into your dreams coming true and when opportunity comes your way never go backwards but always spring forward. Ended with see 222- keep the faith!


Angel Therapy- this one reminds you to call on the higher powers and they will come to help you. They need us to ask for their help since they won’t intervene without our permission. This really works so use what God has given you to help you through the hard times.

Acceptance- this could mean accept the changes in your life so you can work through them a little smoother. I also feel it’s asking you to look at your life and make sure you are not rejecting something or someone you need to help you get through the struggles in life. I see 333- they agree. We can’t receive if we block things and people so make sure you are open to receiving what the universe is trying to send you. Remember fear can make us think thoughts that are unnecessary but your heart never lies so just listen to your heart and it will guide you in the right direction.

Always Believe…

Goodbye for Now

I thank God for my gifts and for helping me change my life. I ask my Angels to guide me as I write and I thank them for their signs and messages. I hold the intent that all of you will take what you learned from these blogs and use them daily in your life.

I’m starting this one on Feb 23 and there is about one more week left of Mercury in retrograde. Whenever Mercury goes retrograde it always stirs everything up for me and most of us. Electrical things break, arguments happen, laziness sets in and life presents what you need to pay more attention to. So far I have needed to replace my heater, had many bitchy moments, felt very unmotivated and now I’m thinking about changing my life a bit too. This was an intense one this time around so if you have been feeling any of the above then understand the retrograde has been working on you. However, it has now moved towards the ending period so you should start to feel the energy pushing you towards some positive changes that you need to make with your life. Change is good and as long as you listen to your heart you can’t go wrong so always follow what you truly desire.

This one is about Me Saying Goodbye. I’ve given this a lot of thought and my heart is telling me it’s time to slow down with blog writing. I see 222. I’m starting to feel like I miss having privacy in life. I don’t regret anything I have shared even the things that have not been easy to share but I don’t have the drive to tell so much of my weekly life anymore. My free time is very limited and I want to work on my self help book but I don’t have enough time to write a blog and a book. So I’m going to take a break with the blog. I will write if I get the nudge but it may not be weekly or monthly. It will just be as I’m guided to do so. I will leave it up to the Divine to decide when I need to write.

Some advice I can give to anyone who feels they need a change would be when you get the nudge then listen. When you lose desire then listen because your soul is telling you it’s time to let go of something so something better can come into your life. For me I have been feeling like this year I want to focus on my physical self including my physical world. For almost 8 yrs I have been on a spiritual journey and have been through so much mentally, emotionally and spiritually that I finally feel balanced in those areas. However, being on that journey has pulled me away from my physical world and self. I miss being in the moment with my family since I’m always sorting out what’s running through my mind. This gift comes with a lot of mental chatter so I’m always sorting out messages for others, myself, the blog or letting go of unnecessary thoughts too. I miss having a private life since I feel so exposed with the blog. I believe I was meant to share what I have and I believe I have helped many. However, I feel there are so many blogs I’ve written available for people to go back to as needed that I no longer need to share my personal life. So I feel the nudge and I’m listening to my heart. I want to do other things with my limited “me time”. I want to take a writing class, more yoga, work on my book and maintain the balance I have achieved with my mind, body and spirit. I want to write my own personal journal only meant for me to read so I can see the messages clearly that are meant just for me. The blog helps me see some but not all messages in the blog are for me so I feel this will be better for my personal spiritual growth.

So it’s not a goodbye forever but a goodbye for now or until I’m meant to write. I see 111- keep your thoughts positive. I’m still here if anyone has questions or wants to share something with me. You can email me written4life@verizon.net or if you desire counseling to help with your spiritual growth you can email me or go through my website http://www.keep-it-spiritual.com.

I want to thank all of you for following this blog and I KNOW all of you will go on to change lives for the better just by believing there is something bigger than us in life. When you believe in something bigger and better than you become someone bigger and better. Someone who is bigger than the petty things life sends your way and someone better than you were yesterday. We change everyday and as long as we follow what our heart desires then we are destined for a beautiful life.

So in the 2+ years of hearing about the ups and downs of my life I hope you take some of my advice with you and change yours for the better. I hope you truly chase your dreams and do whatever is necessary to achieve them. Life is unpredictable so just listen to those nudges because they are your guide to the life you want to manifest for yourself.

So once again it’s not a goodbye forever but just a goodbye for now :)


Time to create- like I said listen to your nudges because that is how you will create the life you have been searching for.

Nature- it’s so good for your soul so try to spend as much time in nature as possible. You will feel so much better even on your worst day.

Comfort- this one says “I am with you in your time of need helping your heart to heal- this one comes from Archangel Azrael but really you can call on any angel when you need comfort.

This one jumped out Send Love- I’m taking it as a sign to send all of you love and healing. I wish all of you the best and I hope you get everything you want out of life.

Always Believe…

Said and Done

I thank God for my gifts and for helping me heal. I ask my angels especially Archangel Gabriel to guide me as I write so I can deliver this message the best way. I hold the intent those of you who can relate will learn something.

This is a touchy one because it involves children and major life changes. I’m going to write from my own experiences again and I’m going to give the best advice I feel is most important that I learned from those experiences. This message came to me out of the blue the other day while I was working on my patient. It just popped into my head and I knew this needed to be discussed this week. Hopefully it will help those of you dealing with these issues right now.

This one is about Broken Families and Children. It’s no surprise that sometimes relationships just don’t workout as planned and they come to an end. However, when there are children involved that ending needs to be well thought out and those children need to come first no matter what. For me I have been on both sides of a divorce. I have lived through my parents divorce when I was 6 and I have witnessed/dealt with Ron’s divorce. So I know how it feels as the child and as the adult. But if you get anything from this blog I hope it is to remember the children come first no matter what.

Since you are all adults reading this blog I will start with the break up from the adult’s view. Very few times do people end a relationship by simply saying “nice to know you and bye bye.” Even when it’s a mutual agreement things can get ugly especially once the lawyers get involved. Once those words “spousal support” come out then everything changes. Divorce is a very challenging and mentally draining process. What you thought was yours and you should take with you is not how the law looks at it. Some things are fair but some things are so ridiculous and it forces people to stay unhappily married just because they can’t afford to get divorced. That’s the material world view but if you want to see the spiritual lessons then it’s best to do whatever it takes to keep yourself together so you don’t have regrets later on. So many times during Ron’s divorce he would get pissed about the financial part and I always told him “just let her have it and get your papers signed”. He wanted to move on and without the signed papers he was trapped so I helped him see his freedom is what mattered the most not the money or a tv. Ron has a thing about tvs and he finally let it go lol. I see 444. Money will come back to you so do your best to stay focused on your peace of mind rather than fighting over money. Sometimes it’s karma owed but once you get on with your life in time you will see those petty arguments did nothing other than waste your time. Everybody ends up where they belong once the divorce is finalized so nothing can stop what’s meant to be. Custody battles are even worse sometimes but they don’t go on forever so do your best to keep it together so you don’t end up saying or doing something that can bite you later.

There can be so many reasons why people break up so I can’t discuss each one but when you are going through a break up/divorce do try to keep your ego in check so you don’t let your emotions get the best of you which turns you into someone you are not. If someone wants to leave you then I feel it’s best to let them go. If you want to leave someone then I feel it’s best to leave. Endings happen and they always lead to something better so don’t hold on out of fear since the ending may be just what you need to find your blessings.

Now onto the child’s view. I was 6 during my parent’s divorce so I can’t give advice about babies and toddlers but I will say children at any age do pick up on the energy in their surroundings so pay attention so you know when your child needs comforting. Here are some things to watch for, if you are tense and your child is crying then they are picking up on your energy too, if your child seems overly shy or withdrawn then know they are feeling the changes in your relationship as much as you. I see 111- keep your thoughts positive. This is a biggie because parents don’t always understand that the child’s world is changing so much more than the parents. The child has a Mom and Dad and even when those people split they remain the Mom and the Dad to the child. I see 777- on the right path. It’s easy for parents to split and get mad at each other, put blame on each other and get so disgusted with each other that they may even feel hate. However, to the child they don’t feel that hate because they have a different relationship with each parent. The child feels the loss of Mom and Dad taking care of them, living in the same house and then having to adjust to a new way of life. I’m not saying staying together is the best for the children because most of the time that is worse for them. To live in an environment that is always stressed will never create a happy life for children. Ron stayed for a lot of years because of his children and then one day he said he just snapped and decided he was leaving. Turned out he did not need to leave and she left the kids with him until the custody battle but he was just saying the other day how he thinks it would have been better for the kids if he did not stay for so many years. He should have left 10 years prior and he may have had custody early on and the kids would not have had to deal with so much emotional trauma.

The children absorb everything that is going on such as arguments, tension etc. Even though parents think they are keeping it all quiet your children still know what’s going on. They overhear things and it will either hurt them or make them angry. They may even start to favor one parent over the other since they don’t want to hear “trash talk” about that parent. This is another biggie because sometimes it’s not the parents trash talking but it’s the other members of the extended family who need to watch what they say. Once your child hears something they don’t like it is very hard to remove that from their mind. I see 111- keep your thoughts positive. I still can recall things I heard that have hurt me or made me angry. So be very alert when you are going through a break up/divorce because there is a very good chance your children will turn away from you if they don’t like what you say or do.

So what do you do when you are dealing with an ex that trash talks about you? You be who you always were to your children. Your kids will see the truth in time so if you keep being who you are and who they know you to be then in time they will realize the lies that were told. It’s not easy to keep quiet but if you start fighting to defend yourself then it just creates more tension for your children. That’s how they get caught in the middle because it’s a he said/ she said fight and the kids end up feeling frustrated. I can see now with Ron’s kids that keeping quiet as much as possible made a big difference with how they are towards us today now that they are older. They know the truth and they trust us too. It was really bad for them because the lies they were told were said so they would basically shut their Dad out. One time Amber told us her Mom said that Ron and I left the house so we did not have to see the kids since they were on their way over to pick something up. So supposedly we hurried up and left before they got there. To us it’s ridiculous and we knew it was a lie but to a 13 yr old it sends a message that she is not wanted. But the truth always comes out and today Amber’s relationship with us is a lot healthier than with her mother. It happened that way because we didn’t change who we are and as time goes by kids grow up and see things for themselves. That’s when they realize who is really who. If you remain who you have always been to them then you have nothing to worry about and just let the time go by so the kids can figure it out. We tell them a few things now because it helps them understand the truth such as when Ron’s ex showed Ronnie at age 12 one of Ron’s paystubs and said “this is one of your Dad’s paychecks and he does not give me any money for you even though he makes this.” To a 12 yr old who does not understand paychecks don’t just go to fun stuff because bills need to be paid that seems like your Dad does not give a crap about you and he is greedy. So Ron tells his kids how much child support he paid every month and they realize how much money should have been spent on their food, clothing etc that was not. You can say those things to a 20+ yr old but it’s not something you can explain to a 12 yr old since it would have created major problems for them. A little advice here too NEVER put your kids in the middle of the financial issues between you and your ex such as having the kids ask the other parent to pay for something ,it’s not their responsibility to do that and it’s wrong to use them that way as well.

Now onto when you bring other people into their lives. When you starting dating and if you find someone you wish to bring into your child’s life then please remember to be PATIENT with your child. You can fall in love with who ever you want but that does not mean your child needs to love that person too. You can’t expect your kids to get super excited about the “new” family you are starting. Sometimes the chemistry is not there for them and really they are not wrong if they just can’t mesh with your new love. I never liked my Mom’s husband. I just could not connect with him because there was something I just did not like. She was married for 20+ years and finally left because he was an alcoholic who did not want to change. However, over those years my sister would always say “oh Kimmie you are so tough when it comes to Gary”. My sister connected more with him than my Dad sometimes but for me it was not happening and I don’t feel I was wrong. He was so different from my Dad and he was a very selfish person. My Mom wanted the “family” and tried to always make it feel like that but I was more “this is BS and not gonna happen.” He wanted to be “Dad of the house” and his ways of growing up did not match what my own father would do so that was a problem for me. As a step parent you do have to accept you are a step parent so you can’t just act as though you have all the say you want. There are boundaries that need to be respected and if you feel you are over stepping those boundaries then it’s best to back off a bit and allow the biological parent take over. Some things such as caring for the children are expected from a step parent but when it comes to discipline it’s best to back away to a certain degree. So you need to be very careful when you introduce a new person to your children. My advice would be let your child warm up to them as slowly as they need to. Sometimes it works out right away and everyone gets along including your ex and the new person but a lot of times it’s not so smooth. That’s why I say be patient because your child’s world has changed so much and it needs to be about their happiness first not yours. As parents we have responsibility to care for our kids the best we can and when parents split and then go on and focus on their new life they sometimes don’t realize how much they push their children aside. I lived that as a child when my parents divorced and I did my best to make sure Amber and Ronnie came first when I got together with Ron. Not saying I did not have my own time with Ron but I never wanted him to push his kids aside for me. Many date nights were a foursome lol. Even when they were supposed to go to their Mom’s and they did not want to I told Ron “don’t send them if they don’t want to go.” Another bit of advice I would give is make sure you wait for someone who is willing to treat your children like that before you decide to merge homes or get married. Children need stability and attention so when you turn their world upside down then just make sure you do your best to cater to their needs so they can transition smoothly and still feel loved.

Like I said this is a touchy one and I’m not trying to make anyone feel guilty or upset but I just want to make you aware of what goes on from a child’s perspective. If you fear your children will turn away from you because of what your ex is doing then I say relax because they will see the truth one day. Ron’s kids went through so much during his divorce and for years after and they still have come back around and have reconnected with us. I see 444- nothing to fear. However, if you are the one who is trashing your ex then I beg you to stop because you are only damaging your children. I see 222. Those words don’t go away and they will always return in their mind. Depending on how much they learn to cope later in life determines how happy they will be in life. I heard or read something once that said “when you fail as a parent you fail in life.” When you don’t put your kids first then you fail as a parent. Be very careful about what is said and done during your break up/new life because that is what will be the biggest mark on your child’s life. Hopefully you will make them positive ones.


Counselor- I immediately thought of someone thinking about a career change when I picked this one so I would say this is your sign that yes a change is needed so check into counseling if you have a passion for it.

Stay- this one says even though things may be tough right now time is still needed for completion with the situation. You will know how this relates to your own life so just wait for the nudge before you make a move. I see 444- nothing to fear.

Explore- this one I feel is telling you to explore different options for changing your life. It says it’s ok to change your mind or the course of your life. It also says opinions change as knowledge broadens. I agree with that last statement. I’m always changing my mind but I always listen to my heart so it seems to be leading me in the right direction. I see 222. I always figure better to try things out than never try at all. You learn a lot that way too.

Always Believe…

Where You Belong

I thank God for my gifts and for blessing my life. I ask my Angels to guide me as I write especially Archangel Gabriel and I thank them for their guidance. I hold the intent all of you will learn to trust.

I was unsure if I was meant to write this week because I did not feel any messages until Saturday night. I thought maybe I was getting a break so I could finish up my website but once again the message came in strong so no break for me. I’m always hoping for a break but I should know by now that this work does not allow too many. So I will trust this one is meant to be this week and all of you will learn from it too. I think I will be learning a lot from it too.

I started writing this one almost 2 weeks ago but then the baby arrived, I was sick, Amber came in from Alaska and life did not give me anytime to finish the blog. However, that always means it was not meant to go out until now so hopefully it helps those who need it.

This one is about Learning to Trust. I’m actually laughing a little as I’m starting to write this one because I’m thinking “I can’t wait to see how this one goes.” I really really would love to trust people 100% but some people I just can’t. In time I learn to trust those who truly are trustworthy but so many times I have trusted only to learn some were not trustworthy. So I had some scars that I needed to heal and by doing so I have learned a lot about trusting not only others and God but myself too.

I will start with when there are doubts. During my very first session with a healer it was such an emotional session that I really did not think about what I was expressing to someone I did not know. I was kinda desperate for someone who was spiritual to listen to me so I could release what was inside. So once I was committing to regular sessions I struggled a little bit with trusting the healer. The healings were working but I still always felt like there was something blocking me from trusting I was in the right place. I always had the nagging thought about not needing my sessions to drag out for 4 hours. I would often get a feel that all I needed was about 2-3 hours or less. Most of the time I would lay there for the last hour thinking “Ron’s going to kill me for always spending so much money.” He supported me but I still always felt a little bad for spending so much each month. However, the healing that I got from my sessions is really priceless because it helped me a lot. I see 222. But each month I would feel the nudge get stronger that is was time to change healers. I’m not sure if my vibration raised and I felt I was being pulled away from the healer’s energy or if I learned to trust myself and decided to do what I felt was right for me instead of following what I was told to do. In no way am I saying the healer did not help me I just felt it was turning into more of a business transaction than a spiritual healing. I see 333- they agree. Not saying they did not deserve to be paid for the service but it seemed like the scheduling was more forced than allowing my soul to decide when I was ready for the next one. I did even question myself because I wondered if this was my usual way of finding reasons to push people away because I have trust issues but I really started to feel it was time for me to change healers. I just think I got the nudge and it was time. So I did and I found one that I instantly connected with and trusted. This one seems to keep the sessions to a minimal and she does not push for the next appointment and lets me come to her as I need too. It’s just a different feeling but it feels right with her so I’m glad I made the switch. I did learn from my experience because I learned what I don’t want to do with my clients. I feel 3 hours is plenty of time to journey with a past life session so I will never allow it to go beyond what my client feels is necessary. I also do believe our souls guide us to the healing we need and when we need it so I will not push for clients to schedule sessions. I will let the universe bring them to me as they are ready. So this was one of those times in life when I listened to my gut when it told me it’s time to trust it and move away from this relationship. Not saying the healer is a bad person it was just time that I searched for someone who could meet my needs rather than me meeting someone else’s needs. Now I have peace so I know our souls were meant to part. So sometimes it’s best to listen to your gut and you will know when you need to make a change or the purpose has been served in a relationship.

Now onto learning to trust. This is a huge obstacle for most of us and it can be done if you work at it. The biggest block in each of our lives is FEAR. It’s connected to everything in our lives until we set it free. Nobody likes to be played for a fool, lied to or hurt by anyone but it happens more often than we can control. Here is when it becomes decision time for you. When you decide if you will pick yourself back up, decide if you are willing to give second chances or decided if it’s best for you to walk away. Hopefully you will instantly pick yourself back up but I know it can be very difficult to decide if you should stay or go. From my personal experience I will say I make that decision based on my heart and if I feel I’m able to allow more chances. If my heart is instantly saying “I’m Done” then I go with that. If in my heart I feel someone could possibly be trustworthy in time then I allow time to pass and I work on myself so I can keep my heart open to it. The only way to allow trust back into a relationship is to keep your heart open so if you have been hurt then YOU will need to work on it in order to trust again. There can’t be any grudges if you want to trust so if you hold a grudge then you need to work on yourself. You will also need to be patient because it does not happen overnight.

Learning to trust God/Self- this is another obstacle we all need to overcome. It’s hard to connect deeply with something that you can’t physically see or when you need some proof that God does exist and you can’t seem to find that proof. Connecting with God happens by connecting with yourself. When you find yourself true self then you find God. Some of you may have had this experience so you can understand but for those who have not yet you will one day if you work for it. For me I learned once again by experience and once I stopped myself from living the material world I found God. Material world as in stress about money, time, family etc. I don’t always have days that I fully trust God but I learn from those days and I realize by not trusting God is the same as me not trusting myself. When I have days of self doubt or if I’m questioning what move I should make with life the first thing I do is STOP myself from thinking so much. Once I do this I’m able to connect with my true self which does not operate by the ego. When you feel calm then you know you are functioning from your true self and not your ego. First thing I ask myself is “how strong is my faith right now?” The answer is always “weak” because that’s why I’m struggling at that moment. Next I explore why I feel afraid to make my own decisions or trust my capabilities with whatever it is I’m about to do. I see 444- nothing to fear. This is when I get so many “what if” thoughts. You CAN”T live your life by WHAT IF. You MUST live by “this feels right so I will make the step.” “What if” is your fear/ego ruling you, “feels right” is your soul/heart ruling you. When you have 100% faith in what feels right and you follow that path then you have achieved trust within yourself and you have found your faith in God at the same time. We always know deep within what we want and should do but it does not always go smoothly when we let ourselves be ruled by fear which takes us further away from God. So when you feel you are searching outside of yourself to find God/fill a void then that is a clue you need to search within and figure out what is happening on the inside that is making you lack faith/trust.

So once again it’s not about anyone else it’s about you. It is never easy to admit to ourselves we are the problem but we are always the problem. However, sometimes the only way to fix that problem is to eliminate those who add to the problem so never feel you should accept behavior you don’t want to tolerate but know it’s up to you to decide when enough is enough and if you continue to allow what you don’t like then ask yourself “why are your allowing it to continue?” Then you will find you were the problem since you allowed it to continue when you really didn’t want to anymore. When I say problem I’m saying as “not living by what you truly desire for yourself” not saying to be rude as though you have problems. Trying to make it sound less offensive lol.

So it’s when you learn to trust yourself then you learn to have faith in God at the same time since you are in tuned with your heart and not your ego. Once you establish trust within yourself you then are able to see your surroundings more clearly and will be able to decide who is trustworthy and who is not. Listen and feel are your two senses that can guide you the best in life. Sometimes what we see is not who people are so it’s best to go by how they make you feel and what your inner knowing has to say to you. If you don’t like how you feel then it’s best to get some distance and then decide if second chances are worth it. If you don’t like how you feel and you just know you need to move away then trust it because you already know what you want to do. If it feels right then know it is right so find peace within and trust you are where you belong.

Finally finished this one and I still have time for the park. My soul is telling me that’s where I belong today since it’s been 2 weeks.

Time to Create- This is a good one! It’s your sign to start something new, anything you have been thinking about doing then just do it and see where it takes you. I needed this one since I’m publishing my website and will be opening my business tomorrow since it’s a supermoon. I was waiting for the moon and stars to align lol so I guess this will be a good time. Ha I see 333

Victory- this one tells you your prayers are being answered. Have faith with your life because as long as you have faith you really can’t go wrong with whatever you decide to do. Everything is a learning experience.

Always Believe…

Opened Doors

I thank God for my gifts and for helping me through my dark days. I ask my Angels to guide me as I write especially Archangel Gabriel and I thank them for their messages. I hold the intent those of you who can relate to this one will see the light soon.

It amazes me how life really does reflect back to us what we send out with our thoughts. Last week at work I was so frustrated and tired of being a hygienist. During my workday I had a heart to heart with God and kept asking him to help me get out of this profession and into something more fulfilling. It’s not that it’s a horrible job it’s just I’m burned out and I don’t agree with some of the “sales” part of dentistry. Healthcare in general is no longer about “health” it’s more about money and I don’t agree with that at all. So I feel my heart is not into this job anymore and it’s telling me I need a change. So I asked God to give me strength to step into the healing profession and I asked to be blessed with a successful business. I was still waiting for more signs about starting my business too. I checked my daily email and it said “you are ready Kim and your successful business is ready too.” Love how the answers always come. By the time the weekend got here I was already being tested by the universe because I had some people reach out and I was able to use my counseling ability and help them. I also had flashbacks a few times this week of when I was sitting at a red light listening to Katy Perry’s Firework song and thinking “I’m so lost and have no idea which direction to go.” And then I heard the part about “maybe all the doors are closed so you open one that leads you to the perfect road.” I think that was 3 years ago and at that time I NEVER thought I would be doing what I’m doing today. So TIME changes a lot of things in life and you MUST let time go by so you can find the perfect road.

This one is about Lost to Found. The vibe I’m getting from this week is that people are starting to lose it. People are struggling, going in reverse and very confused. It’s part of the plan because it’s your time to start again, make major decisions, find your faith and move along on your journey. These are the dark days of the shift that come on so strong and knock you down so you rid yourself of what no longer does you any good. These are the days that you might need to spend crying over things you don’t even know what you are crying about. You just feel down, lost and hopeless so you need to cleanse your soul by crying. Your body always will tell you when something is not working like it should. If you are down then it means you have depleted your energy on something that does not need to stay since it does you no good. I’m personally dealing with eye infections since I’m fighting off fear of my psychic ability. Eyes are linked to the third eye chakra so if there are blocks then eye infections can be a result- (meditate on the color blue if you have fear of following your gut, sinus issues, headaches, ears seem blocked or eye issues)(I’ve been doing it for 3 days and my eye are getting better too). Your body always knows so learn to listen to it.

The shift is an intense experience which we will all go through at some point. I’m 7 years into it so I’m just getting to the point where I can work as a healer and help people survive the shift. I’m going to leave names out of this but a friend of mine is really struggling right now. She is just starting the shift and is buried in darkness right now. I was trying to help her find her way out of the dark by suggesting she sleep, cry, write, pray and just feel everything that is coming up. I’ve come a long way but I still have those days when I don’t understand why I feel the way I do. I see 222. I was driving one time and I was thinking “why do I feel like that some days” and I told myself I will just let the days go by because there must be a reason. I looked up at a billboard and it said “embrace the feeling.” I don’t know how eager I am to embrace it but obviously it was a sign that it’s something that is good for my soul. I see 222 again. I guess it’s like when they tell me to “enjoy the ride” not always fun but it’s what’s needed.

I was working on my website this week and when I was writing the “about me” page I was feeling a little insecure since I don’t have any psychology degrees or certifications for healing. All I have is life experience and what my intuition tells me when I’m counseling people. Then I talked to my friend and as she was explaining how she feels I could connect with her because I have been through that exact same thing. As she was talking I was thinking “how would I ever be able to help people if I did not go through this myself?” So now I feel a lot better about starting my business since I’ve learned first hand by life and not a book. You can’t understand the shift unless it happens to you. You can read about what other people have to say about it as they are going through it but nobody could write about it if they never had the experience. It can be so hard to put into words because you really have no idea what is going on in the beginning. You literally think you are nuts and become very numb to life. You want to feel better but you have no idea what to do to feel better so you sit there completely lost and living in your head which leaves you feeling very lonely too. I see 333- they agree.

So what’s happening to you? You are opening up to your spiritual side that has been asleep for a very long time. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience and sometimes our human life takes over our spiritual life too much. Then in order for our true self to be shown we need to undo everything our human self has created in our life. Every negative thought about ourselves, every wrong choice, every fear, every ounce of karma created comes back smacking you in the face and forces you to deal with it. I see 1111- ask the spirit world for what you desire. Will it go away? Nope. Will you survive? Yes. You will survive as long as you find the strength to face it. If you fight it you will not win, you will end up in a deep depression and life will not be very fulfilling. I know because I tried to fight it and then learned to surrender.

So how do you survive it? You learn to listen. You listen to yourself and what your soul needs you to do. If your soul wants you to cry, then cry. If your soul wants you to feel anger, then feel anger. If your soul wants you to feel pain, then feel pain. Does your soul want you to sink into depression? No that’s a sign that you are blocking what is trying to come out. By feeling you are healing. Healing is a painful process and it takes time so you must allow yourself time to heal as well. This is why I stress “me” time. It’s important to separate yourself from people so you can ground yourself and regroup as often as needed. You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone such as giving reasons why you need space but you need to have space. However, as you go through the shift it is important to bring yourself back to the level of those around you as in your friends and family. My husband isn’t going through the shift like me so there are times when I drift away and do my healing and he has no idea how I’m feeling because I don’t always explain to him how I’m feeling. However, I try to keep myself grounded enough so I can connect with him and enjoy the “regular” life too. It helps that he doesn’t question me about my needing space and he supports my “me time” so it makes my life a lot easier. However, I do notice football Sundays have become his “me time” so I guess he has a plan lol. The point is this shift is about YOU and everything needs to be about YOUR healing. Ex My friend called me a few hours later after I suggested she try to write and she said “I tried but I couldn’t but I got a flash of my son and it made me wonder what kind of Mom I am.” She was crying about it so I knew she has some deep rooted issues with this. So I tried to explain to her that’s what your soul wants you to heal first. That’s why it came up and I told her to explore it a little more and see what else comes up. I told her it needs to be about how she can feel better not about how her son can feel better. She needs to go back and relive the times when she made mistakes, she needs to forgive herself since she did not know any better at the time, she needs to find the times when she did the right thing even when her son may not of liked it but it was what was needed, she needs to find her peace and when she does that then she brings healing to the relationship for both of them. I explained to her that most of what she holds onto as in guilt her son most likely does not even think of her that way. He may not have the same memories as her. But she needs to accept herself and see the good in herself so she can feel what others really feel about her. We block ourselves from feeling the truth because we don’t allow ourselves to believe we are worthy of love so we have to go through a shift in order to breakdown our false beliefs and allow love. That’s why it always needs to be about YOU because if you don’t heal you then you don’t heal anything outside of you either.

From my experience with the shift it seems to go in many cycles so there are a lot of ups and downs. At first you feel completely lost and confused then you get a sense that there is something you need to search for but you don’t know what that is yet but you have a desire to search anyway. Then after some time you should start getting some undeniable signs about what you need to do for yourself. As you follow those signs you will begin to understand a little bit about what’s happening to you but don’t expect to know it all. If you ignore those signs then you are doomed, sorry to say but that’s the truth. You can’t waste time anymore because your soul will not let you rest if you don’t stay on the right path. You know when you are not at peace so just listen to yourself and surrender so you can find your way. Then eventually depending on how quickly you surrender you should start to have peace again and learn how much the shift has changed you into a totally different more balanced and confident person. I’m not done yet but I’m completely different from when I started the shift. So from my experience you just need to keep going no matter how hard it gets. You do get breaks but you have to keep going. The results are worth it once you allow the healing to work on you.

So if you feel out of sorts right now then know you are not alone. I will say there are some strong energy shifts going on because I can feel it and I’ve been a little off lately too. It’s just easier for me to deal with now that I understand what to expect. However, you will one day understand too as long as you keep pushing forward. It’s best to allow the feelings to flow no matter how painful because that is how they get released and new ideas come to the surface. It’s when you make decisions about holding onto painful memories or letting them go. You learn to think differently and more positively about your life and future. Things really do have their time so you must learn to stay positive during the waiting period. I see 222. It’s how you keep yourself sane and full of faith. So when the dark days come in keep fighting because they only come to clean your soul. If you don’t have a happy soul then you can’t find the perfect road. When you heal yourself then you open you heart. When your heart is open then you allow love into your soul. When you learn to love yourself then you find opened doors.

Here are 3 little rules I try to live by
1) it’s ok to struggle sometimes
2) it’s ok to be different
3) it’s ok to not know the reasons why but trust there are reasons.

They seem to help me through the dark days so I figured I would share for those of you who are confused by the shift. It gets easier as time goes by so keep fighting.

Acceptance- I feel this one is telling you to accept the changes in your life right now. I’ve learned to expect change and by doing so I have released stress over trying to keep my life in order in all areas. Life is never balanced in every area because one or more always needs work. As you accept the changes that come in then you can stay focused on learning how to change with them.

Hello from Heaven- This can be from your loved ones and your Angels. I feel this one is telling me there is a lot of stress right now in someone’s life and your loved ones and guides want you to know it’s best to give up control over the situation. If you are doing the best you can then that is all that is expected of you. You will survive it but you should learn how to relax a little too. We can’t control everything in our lives but we can help ourselves by finding ways to be at peace no matter what is going on around us. I’m hearing “yoga” so if you feel this is speaking to you then you may want to take some yoga classes and meditate more often too.

Always Believe…

Do It Anyway

I thank God for my gifts and for answering my prayers. I ask my Angels to guide me as I write especially Archangel Gabriel and I thank them for their guidance. I hold the intent all of you will see the gifts life has given you.

I’m going to start this one by sharing a story about my Valentine’s Day last year. It’s one of those stories that are better told in person but you should be able to get a good idea just by reading about it. Last year when Ron gave me a gift I opened it and it was a rose that had a brass stem and glass pedals. As I was holding this rose I was thinking “what the hell is this , why would he buy this and where am I going to put it since it looks like it belongs in a 90 yr old’s house.” Not realizing at this point I have not given him a reaction to his gift, but I was surprised he bought me something so tacky. As I was looking at the rose he was thinking to himself “that’s not what it looked like online.” Once I realized I needed to say something I think I asked him where he got it. He told me “it’s a Steven Singer gold dipped rose.” I’ve never heard of those before but I knew Steven Singer meant it was not cheap so I blurted out “how much did you spend?” I thought it was from the dollar store seriously it’s not too pretty. My Mom thought it was a pen before I told her what it actually is lol. Then Ron started to explain why he bought it and that he never opened the box so he did not know what it looked like and he was surprised too. It was a very awkward moment for both of us but the rose needed a story to go with it since it’s appearance does nothing for it. Now we have a story that we laugh about and the rose is actually the best gift he ever gave me. It’s my favorite because he told me he wanted to buy me one since it is a real preserved rose and dipped in gold and he said “I know how much you love flowers so this way you will always have a rose from me that never dies.” I see 444. I felt even worse after he said that to me but I was so confused when I first saw the rose that I did not know how to react to it. But it was a lesson learned because sometimes things are not always what they seem.

This one is about Blessings in Disguise. I just listened to Doreen Virtue’s angel reading for 2014 and she picks a card for each month. I’m going to try to add the card of the month to the blog so January’s card was about detoxing. The card explained as you detox your physical self, your environment, your mind etc then the rest gets worked out smoothly too. You draw in the same healing energy in each area of your life. Another rule to live by “whatever you want more of you must set your intention and make steps towards bringing it in.” Ex my intention for Jan 1st was to detox from cigarettes and I did which gave me energy to organize my kitchen cabinets and drawers and now I just keep cleaning out everything that comes into my path. So it’s that one step that leads you to others. Now I feel so much better because I’ve made positive change to myself and my home.

When I was listening to Doreen’s reading I was remembering the first one I listened to in Jan 2012. I remember checking the paper I wrote the monthly cards on so I could remind myself of the message each month. I realized how different I feel now than how I felt then. It’s like when I first saw the rose, my spiritual gifts confused the hell out of me when I first opened up to them but now I’m learning to appreciate what it has done to my life. We all have surprises in life but how many times have you looked back and said “that was tough but I needed it.” Depending on how far you have come with accepting your life for what it is then you may be able to say “I needed it.” If not keep searching for your lessons so you can learn from your life. I see 777- on the right path. For me my life was so out of control that I was just spinning with it reaching for anything that would help me understand. Turns out that I learned the most during my confusion. I did so much research and read so many books that I’m now able to use everything I learned so I’m no longer confused. I’ve learned how to work with crystals and cards, I know how to communicate with the spirit world, I’ve learned how to ground myself as needed, I know when to seek energy work if needed, I know not to freak out when strange things start happening since it’s all part of the plan lol and I’ve learned so much more but life needed to get tough so I would be pushed to learn beyond my comfort zone.

Maybe life just sent you some “hidden blessings” or some are on their way. The best advice I can give to you is whenever you have doubt about making changes in your life- do it anyway. Meaning whenever you find yourself thinking “I’m not sure because I’m scared and don’t understand” -do it anyway. Everything I have started in my life has started with me saying or thinking “I can’t because I don’t know how.” I have myself so programmed to think that way immediately. Then I go through the struggle of getting myself ready to take a chance and finally I just do it anyway. I do it anyway because I don’t like to wonder “what if”. “What ifs” make me crazy so I prefer “at least I tried and learned.”

Right now I’m trying to figure out if I want to officially be “open for business.” I have my website just about complete and I can feel the nudge but I’m still unsure if now is the time. I still need some training before I offer past life therapy but I’m already qualified for some counseling, psychic and angel card readings. I’m even considering offering readings for connecting with the deceased. Life has been sending me a few spirits to force me into the world of channeling so I’m trying to overcome my fear of channeling the deceased. I’m going to share some of my friend’s reading incase someone can relate to it.

My friend Kathy came to visit me this weekend and we were sitting at the table talking and I wanted to show her how to smudge so I burned sage and explained what she will need to do. Right after that she kept feeling like something was in the room and was sitting next to her but I did not sense anything so we laughed it off. Some hours later we were talking about her house and some weird things that were happening and just at that minute my ice maker started making loud noises and we both looked at each other with big eyes lol. A few minutes later we were talking about other things and I kept coughing. I kept getting a strong smell of perfume and I was feeling like I was struggling to breath so I got some water and burned sage just in case I needed protection. Once I sat down I blurted out to her “did one of your parents struggle with breathing before they passed as in lung cancer or illness etc. She said “yeah my Mom” I forget what she said her Mom had but she struggled with breathing during her final months. So then I said I see a purple flower like a violet. She said we had purple flowers at my Mom’s funeral and she wore a lavender dress. Then I knew it was her Mom trying to come through so I let it flow but what happens is it feels like they come into your body (at least for me it does) and I started to feel like my body tighten up and became heavy except for my face because I needed to move my lips so I could talk and I could feel someone’s hand on the top of my head. As I was feeling this Kathy said she felt energy running up her legs too. I’ve never sat down face to face with someone to do a reading so this was new to me. I’ve had different feelings and have passed messages on to people but I send those out to a group and I don’t always get so much feedback so this was a totally different experience. I immediately stopped coughing too once I acknowledged it was her Mom. But I pulled away a little bit because it was intense and my fear kicked in and I started my “I’m not sure what this means.” However, the messages kept coming but my body felt better so I was able to continue with her “reading.” I guess they backed off a little for me lol. For me it was fascinating to ramble off the things I was seeing and she was giving me instant feedback about how it made sense. It made my job so easy because I was able to keep going without wondering if I’m right or wrong. I told her how I saw a gold band and a red rose and then I felt it meant she needs to heal from her divorce. She has been divorced 2 times but the first marriage which was the most traumatic there was a gold band. I saw the ring and rose being thrown into a body of water which tells me healing is needed and things need to be let go of too. I saw her sitting on a bench by water and this was where she needed to go to do her healing. Then I saw the Blessed Mother (which could be the rose too) and in the background I saw Mona Lisa but I was laughing because I did not understand what the message was and Kathy said Nat King Cole sings that song and we looked up the lyrics and she said wow this makes a lot of sense now. The song says something about hiding pain behind a smile and she said her boyfriend always says “you are my Mona Lisa because you never know what’s going on with you since you can hide your pain behind your smile.” Side note here – I can do the same but if this is you it’s best to try to change your ways it’s for your own good because it’s ok to show your weaknesses too. So it turned out we talked about her first marriage and she said I can’t ever talk about it without getting emotional which means she is not healed. Then we talked about her second marriage and I explained how she will not be able to have a healthy relationship until she heals the past. When you don’t heal the past then you bring that energy with you and you attract the same energy which ends up in time with the same results- failed relationships. I saw a diamond ring and I know when I see this ring it means a future engagement so we talked about her present relationship and I helped her understand they showed me this ring but that meant it’s a possibility not a guarantee meaning it depends on how much she heals and lets go so she can finally enjoy a lasting relationship. Readings are not for you to take everything as though this will definitely happen and if it does not then the psychic is wrong. They are for your personal guidance as to what needs to be healed so those blessings can come your way. Free will always wins so if you choose to hold onto past hurts or fears then you push away opportunities. The spirits are trying to work through me so I can get passed my fear of doing readings so they send me opportunities and I almost pushed it away but luckily they kept going so I would see I know how to give readings I just need to stop trying to understand everything I get in a message. She also has a favorite spot in Rehoboth by the water where she sits so she said I think I will go there when I do my healing. She thinks she still has the ring from her marriage so I suggested she throw it into the water as a final letting go. Even though it’s worth money because it’s gold it has bad energy so the money will have the same if she sold it. Not worth it so if you can relate to her situation then I suggest just get rid of what no longer serves you well anymore. You will know if this message is speaking to you so don’t question it. God sends me people who I can write about so I can help those who are dealing with similar situations since I’m not personally dealing with that issue right now and hopefully never- I’ll throw Ron in the water lol.

Sometimes life sends you lots of confusion and fear that makes you question what you should do. In my case it’s my spiritual gifts but in my friend’s case it’s her relationships. I don’t want to fear my intuition and gifts anymore and she does not want to fear getting hurt anymore. So we worked together and we both learned what we need to do next. I’ve finally learned to see the blessing in disguise and just about finished my website so I can start my healing business next month. What will be will be with the business but my signs are telling me “now is the time” so just like the blog I will do it anyway.

So things are not always what they seem and until you take the time to learn you will not get to see the gifts that those hidden blessings are offering you. The confusion comes so you search for answers. The answers come when you are ready to listen. When you learn to accept your life as it is then you will be ready to listen. When you listen then you will be shown the path you are meant to follow. When you follow the right path then you live with peace. So it’s ok to be confused , it’s ok to be scared and when it’s time to take a chance -do it anyway. Ended with 2222- keep the faith!!


Courage- Just like the blog if you are confused and scared about something just do it anyway because that’s how you learn how courageous you really are but fear is blocking your view right now.

Nurture- At first I felt the card wants you to nurture yourself meaning take better care of yourself mind, body and spirit. I also feel it’s telling by nurturing your children or children in general you bring healing onto yourself. I often will sit with my kids and do an activity just so I can be uplifted by their positive energy. It really works so like I said before take advantage of your children’s healing energy or any child’s energy. Be warned their energy can change quick and they become little bastards lol- sooo just kidding but my kids are tough and I need to laugh at their behavior to keep my sanity sometimes.

This one jumped out- Ask For A sign- just ask and you will know when it’s a true sign.

Always Believe…

Fresh Start

I thank God for my gifts and for helping me heal myself. I ask my Angels to guide me as I write especially Archangel Gabriel. I hold the intent all of you will find the positive from 2013.

I like the last blog of the year to be about reviewing everything from the year and to prepare for the coming year. 2013 was not the hardest year of my life but it was one of the top 5. I started the year out prepared for some major internal work but I really had no idea what would be coming my way during 2013. The year started out kinda slow but by March everything took off and now I’m looking back and seeing how much my work paid off. I ended up in therapy this year which was the best thing I did for myself. Six months of past life therapy helped me release literally thousands of years of trauma. There is no better therapy out there for healing yourself. It’s impossible to understand why you deal with certain issues when you have no idea how they started. Past life therapy unfolds each trauma and helps you work through it too. Maybe by this time next year I will be ready to see clients but I will not do the work until I feel I am 100% trained and ready to do so. It’s not a game so I take it very seriously because I truly want people to benefit from it. So my year turned out to be very surprising in many ways but they were blessings in disguise because once again I would not be who I am today if I did not have those challenges.

This one is about Your Year. One of the best lessons of the year was “GO SLOW”. If you rush life then you lose out so always slow down as much as possible. Everything falls into place at just the right time as long as you slow down and learn each lesson that comes your way. I have a lot more patience than I did a year ago. Some things still make me crazy but a lot of things don’t anymore. I figure what’s the point in getting anxious over meaningless things. Remember I told you before to use the “will any of this matter in a year.” It really works so try to use it as often as needed. Another biggie for me was learning to “feel my feelings” meaning whatever way I felt each day I tried my best to let the feelings flow. Some days were not great but I spent time working through them and always felt better by the next day. My therapy sessions brought a lot out so I had no other choice but to feel it and when I did my own “closure adventure” it was my grand finale of letting go. Some days thoughts try to creep back in but I’ve come so far that I no longer allow them to take me over.

I just read a quote from my daily email that said “the past is only what you remember, and if you even choose to remember.” I like that one because it makes a lot of sense to me. Who wants to remember the bad times? What good does it ever serve you? I see 555- change is coming. So I’m applying that statement to my 2014. I’m going into 2014 not with the thoughts about everything I did not accomplish in 2013 but all about everything I did accomplish in 2013. When you look back at life any part of life try to remember the best and not the worst. You don’t live in that time anymore so everything is different now. Now is the time when you can change your world into a much better one by releasing anything that has held you back. It’s not simple but it’s not impossible so at least try. There will always be more issues that surface but better to deal with a few rather than carry all of them with you day after day. You did not come here to learn everything in one year so the lessons never end but the more you learn the better you will be.

So take yourself back to Jan 2013 and try to remember everything you expected to accomplish this year. Now go to each month of the year and recall the lesson or lessons you learned during those months. You should find that you may not have done a lot of things you originally set out to do but you will always find lessons learned. More than you could have predicted on Jan 1st. I had no idea on Jan 1, 2013 I would be in therapy, become a Step Kiki- ( I can’t attach myself to Grandmom yet so I’m Kiki lol), be smacked in the face by a huge karma wave with family matters, starting a self- help book or even thinking about becoming a past life therapist etc. My lessons learned list is very long this year so those are my top shockers of the year. I didn’t even know that I would be able to keep the blog going another year but it all worked out as it was meant to work. It worked mainly because I slowed down when I needed to and I allowed my feelings to flow so I could cope with many things and move on.

I’ve noticed in my life that each year seems to bring up one major year long challenge. Meaning I’ve needed to work on balancing a part of myself such as mental, emotional, spiritual self. 2013 was all about balancing my emotional self and by doing so it’s amazing to see how so many of my relationships have been healed. When you heal yourself you heal the other people at the same time. When there is the connection then they feel the healing too once you allow it to happen. Ex One of my first past life sessions involved releasing the energetic attachment I have from losing a twin baby that was with me in the womb and linked me to my Mom’s energy. I still can pick up on my Mom’s emotions sometimes but for a while it was pretty intense especially when she was going through her divorce. So because of that we developed a bit of a choppy relationship at times. Then once I went through my session and released the attachment we both healed. She even felt different and had less anxiety. I did not believe it at first but as time went on I saw how the same was happening with other people as I healed through my sessions. Same happened with Ron’s ex, she was my sister in another life and our father(which was her father in this life) paid more attention to me than her( which seems to be the same situation with Ron in this life) and she was jealous and I ended up dying young which left the family upset and she was not given attention she needed. I saw myself(as a spirit) trying to help her but she shut me out and would not accept my help. Once I healed myself during that session by letting go of feeling guilt for her pain a few months later we are now on good terms and very friendly with each other and I’m now helping her by helping her children and she appreciates it too. I see 222. This type of therapy is such a deep healing for everyone that it really can’t be explained fully. However, it really works. You can still bring healing to relationships without past life therapy but if you are like I was and feel a little stuck then you may want to consider it for yourself one day.

My year was about emotions and this next year I have been praying and asking for guidance on ways to improve my physical self. I’m in slacker mode right now with my physical self and have been for 6 months now. I even allowed myself to smoke cigarettes a lot lately. I don’t drink so I do smoke on occasion especially when there is a party or family gathering going on. Ronnie and Ron smoke so I have joined them way too many times especially during our stressful days. But I’m good at stopping cold turkey as long as my mind is ready. So that is my goal in the next few days and getting back on my normal gym schedule too. Eating healthy is on the list but I don’t stress myself out about eating perfectly healthy as long as I keep it somewhat balanced. I already make 3 meals at dinner time so I’m not stressing about making my own food that nobody wants to eat too. The cigarettes make me feel horrible so I really don’t even like them anyway but it makes me feel like I’m taking a break so I do it. But they do the most harm to my body and aura so they really need to go.

So look back at your year and figure out what you want and don’t want to carry over into 2014. Make some decisions about where you want to be this time next year and go from there. Keep in mind you may not succeed at everything but that does not mean there will not be a lesson when you give it a try. This way you will be able to walk out of 2014 with the lessons you needed and start fresh again in 2015. There is no time limit for creating a better life for yourself so go slow but do something. Try to pay attention to what your soul is asking of you for 2014 too. Meaning what do you need to overcome throughout the year. Is it your emotional health, your physical health or maybe just learn how to be more spiritual? There is always a part of you that is in need of work so listen to what your body and mind are trying to tell you and you will figure it out. Balancing your mind, body and spirit can be very difficult to conquer but like I said don’t stress about getting there 100% but do try to make some progress. I will say from experience your first clue will be what you feel you are lacking the most. Such as healthy body, inner peace or lack of faith. If you need signs then just ask for help and strength so you can get to work on that area.

Look back with a smile because you have learned many lessons this year. Look for the positives of your year and your entire life. Look for what needs some more work and look forward to the new year because this is your chance for a fresh start. Happy New Year to all of you and once again I send that with love and not by a glass but maybe a cigarette haha. 2 more days and I’m done, I promised myself so I have no other choice. Gotta be a little bad sometimes :)


Look Through the Situation- Kinda like I said in the blog, see the lessons learned because they are the positives in any situation.

Allow Love- this can mean open your heart more so you can let love in and also I find this card tells when you feel angry, hurt etc it’s best to pray for comfort so you can heal your heart which then allows you to open it up again. Blessed Mother always helps with this and I even woke up bitter yesterday about my life right now but when I walked into the kitchen I found my Grandmother’s prayer card from her funeral on the floor and it’s a pic of the Blessed Mother so pay attention when you see pics of her or roses because she may be trying to heal your heart.

I picked one for 2014 as a whole
Victory- the first card I saw so it was Heaven sent- “Your prayers have been heard and answered. Have faith.”- this is a really strong card to remember throughout the year. Faith makes the impossible possible so send your prayers out truly believing they will get answered at the perfect time.

Always Believe…