Just Ride

I thank God for my gifts and for helping me through the hard times.  I ask my Angels especially Archangel Gabriel to guide me as I write and I thank them for their support.  I hold the intent all of you will relax.

I’m starting this in Feb but most likely won’t be finished it until March. Anyway, February is always my worst month of the year.  I live in Pa so it’s cold and I don’t get outdoors as much as I need to so I can clear my energy.  It has been a rough month since my kids have been sick a lot, my dental job is changing in major ways and just lots of life stuff going on.  I felt myself slipping a little because everything was getting thrown off and my workouts were getting skipped, my thoughts were turning towards fear about my job and other areas of my life, I was extremely tired and unmotivated.  Typical February for me but this year some major changes showed up in my personal life.  According to numerology(which I highly recommend everyone check out) I’m in a 9 year and this is the year of letting go of many things in life so there can be new beginnings.  I feel it, I know it and the first 2 months of this year tried to kick my butt but now I learned a lot too.  It’s funny how life is always filled with blessings in disguise and we are always grateful once we see how much we really needed those too.

So this one is about Getting a Grip.  I say that in the sweetest way possible :).  Life requires you to take charge of your own.  It’s your responsibility to know when it’s time to get it together for yourself.  Always be aware of where you are mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally etc.  If it is all out of whack then you will be suffering.  If you make yourself aware then you will be able to heal those areas by taking a break and really be honest with yourself about what needs to be done in the now so the future gets better.  There is a saying “Ego says, Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel better.” “Spirit says, Find your peace ad then everything will fall into place.”  That one popped into my head a few times this month and it really helped me to get a grip.  It helped me step back and decide I’m going to accept what is but I’m going to change myself for the better so everything else changes for the better.  It worked!  As soon as I made the switch from stress and fear to acceptance and working on a better me everything else started working out better than expected.  I even changed some things I was not planning on changing but since I got myself motivated again it led me to more positive change.  You can’t go through life feeling sorry for yourself.  You can have a bad day or a bad week but when you start blaming others and feeling sorry for yourself then you need to get a grip.

I feel we always need reminders that life does not need to be so hard.  Life needs to be chaotic so we learn to change with it but it does not need to be so serious all the time.  Sometimes you just need a little break to be by yourself and find some clarity.  Alone time is very helpful with getting a grip with your life.  I’m sure at any stage in life whether you are just starting out on your own, in the middle of raising a family or headed towards retirement, life gets busy and you start to lose yourself a bit.  I noticed over the last 2 months that the more my outer world got disrupted the less time I spent on my inner world.  When that happens it’s just a matter of time until I reach a breaking point.  A point when I decide to get it together and move along or block it out and create internal damage.  For me I have learned the lesson of not blocking things and to deal with what needs to be dealt with as it surfaces.  Some of you may need to pay a little more attention to your inner world so you catch yourself from blocking things.  It’s easy to block stuff without realizing it so be aware when you start to feel very frustrated with life even with people or things that usually don’t annoy you.  Most of the time it stems from something that is building inside and has not been dealt with yet.  I see 777- on the right path.

I know all of us have major issues in our lives. Some get resolved, some get worse and some lead into different issues.  It’s really helpful when you keep a positive mindset, pray, help those who are dealing with similar issues, give yourself free time, meditate etc.  But is it enough?  That is another lesson I learned this week.  I read an article about being a spiritual junkie.  It explained how people can get too caught up in sharing positive quotes, praying(although I’m a big believer in prayer), doing yoga for inner peace, striving to help others before themselves etc.  The article went on to say what most of these people don’t realize is that change hurts and it’s a good thing.  Instead so much is done to eliminate the pain rather than embracing it and letting it do it’s job.  Ex.  The root of my struggles right now is about security. I was able to figure it out by taking a break, listening to my inner guide, allowing the universe to send me what I needed to understand the “whys” and to accept it’s a struggle because it needs to help me release rather than hold onto what needs to go.  When we hold onto too tight to a need for security we deprive ourselves of inner peace.   There can never be a definite knowing of the future.  Even as a psychic like myself I might see a red flag for someone or a blessing to come but only time will tell if it was 100% accurate.  So if we keep in mind that we will never fully know the future it helps to live in the right now and work with what’s going on.

Sometimes it’s not so much about the future but it’s issues from the past that cause us trouble.  The same rule applies here because if we don’t allow ourselves to feel the pains then we can’t change those issues into new strengths. I see 1111- a sign this is an opportunity for your spiritual growth.  By going through the process of healing stuck emotions and allowing our minds to take each harmful thought and turn it into a lesson learned by understanding why these thoughts repeat and what needs to be done so they can be eliminated is what will make us stronger and prevent those issues from resurfacing in the future.  Change is a constant in life and when it hurts it just means it is really needed for you to get a grip and get back on track with your life.

Ask yourself what are your biggest stresses right now?  Are they about the future or they linked to the past?  I see 333- they agree.  Either way they rob you from living in the right now so it’s a sign it’s time to get a grip and allow the changes to take place so peace will follow.  2015 has been a really tough year so far and as I look around I see in everyone’s life there are major changes happening and it’s creating a lot of stress too.  There must be some really intense energy connected to this year that is meant to create so much change which in the end will bring lots of growth too.  It’s time to embrace it since what was is no longer what is needed and it’s time for it to go.  It’s a year of blessings in disguise and hopefully next year will explain why this year needed to be so tough.

I wrote a blog a few years ago called “enjoy the ride”  it talked about how my Angels always sent me the words “enjoy the ride” as a sign to remember to take it all in with life, the good and the challenging.  Over the last few weeks I kept getting signs with bikes and it reminded me that life will not always be peaceful but that does not mean it can’t be enjoyed.  I see 444-nothing to fear(keep seeing those numbers a lot as well).  So this helped me turn to focusing on what I’m grateful for in life rather than what is lacking in my life.  Here is a little hint- when we focus on lack we draw in that lower energy and the universe starts taking things from us rather than sending us what we need.  Ex. unexpected bills, illness, loss of work etc.  Focusing on everything we already have helps keep our vibration high and we draw in many blessings.  Just like the” ego and spirit quote”.  It was interesting too because once I figured out the higher powers were sending “bike signs” so I would relax and take the good with the challenging they confirmed their message with a huge sign.  I was driving home one night and car turned before me and once I got behind it I saw the plate with “justryd”.There are no coincidences and they want all of us to succeed in life which means we need to get a grip during the tough times too.

So try not to take life so seriously but try to embrace the change and let it do it’s job.  I believe in doing things to center yourself and bring in peace but I also believe in crying through the pain so it can be released and peace will follow. There is no magic healer for life’s challenges.  The only healer is yourself and if you don’t do the work then you don’t live with peace.  Nobody is responsible for your peace other than you so you can’t put that blame on anyone else.  Get a grip, do the work, accept the challenges, focus on gratitude, embrace the changes and just ride it out so life takes you where you are meant to go.

At this point it’s been almost a month of me focusing more on gratitude and it really is working like magic.  Things are falling into place better than expected.  It’s worth a try in your own life.  I see 888- abundance coming!  That’s a huge sign!!


Family- says release an unwanted pattern by forgiving one or more family members including yourself. Ahh I totally get how people can hurt you and piss you off but what I have learned from this is it’s an opportunity for you to grow because once you see holding onto anger is basically slowly killing yourself it makes it easier to work on the letting go process.  Sometimes those relationships are meant to end permanently in the physical but in order for their to be healing they needed to be cleared on an energetic level too.  It’s a slow and emotional process but it’s mandatory for peace.

Play- it’s a sign that alone time is needed so you can get some clarity.  It is also a sign to do something you enjoy with others too.  They serve as a distraction which gives your mind a chance to break the worry cycle and get a grip. My son and I did a round of lasertag last week and for 20 mins I got to be a 12 yr old again and it cleared any stress that was lingering inside.  Check it out because you might love it lol.  Or find something that lets you be a kid again.

I was going to finish this next week but something pushed for me to do it tonight.  Hope it helps. I see 222(keep the faith)- now I now for sure it’s needed. I saw those number 3 times tonight too.

Always Believe…

Heart’s Path

I thank God for my gifts and for blessing my life. I ask my Angels to guide me as I write especially Archangel Gabriel and I thank them for their help. I hold the intent all of you will create the vision you wish to see in the future.

I’m starting this one on Jan 12 and I can already feel the pressures of 2015. Saturn is doing a lot of shifting and this usually stirs up any issue that has not been dealt with completely and it puts pressure on so you are forced to face it. Also Mercury retrograde will be back on the 21st- Feb 11th and that always creates a lot of tension in our lives too. However, as I always say and feel for myself is when the pressure comes in really strong its a blessing in disguise since it helps us move forward with our spiritual growth. Best advice I can give is take it one day at a time and let what’s meant to come up so you can sort it out. Sometimes its learning acceptance, changing perspectives, releasing stuck emotions etc whatever comes up it will definitely be healing for you. I feel every year of our lives is about change but this year it really feels like the energy wants to swallow all of us up and throw us around to see if we can truly survive the chaos.  You will but it helps when you learn a few techniques to get you through the tough days.

This one is about creating a Spiritual Selfie.  Keep in mind when I say “spiritual”  I’m talking about the part of you that functions “whole” as who you really are and not what the world has made you believe or what lies your ego tells you or traumas or mistakes from your past.  It’s your piece that knows what is best for you and it helps your mind and body think and feel the same.  As you allow your spiritual self take the lead then your mind calms and you have a desire to take better care of your body too.  Creating a mind, body and spirit balance and that’s functioning as a whole being too.

One way I have found that helps to keep going in this crazy life is having a VISION.  I have a vision of who I would like to be at age 70.  Once I get to 70 I will create another for 90 since I feel we are always changing and it’s important to strive for better.  Anyway, I picked 70 because I feel at that point my mind, body and spirit will have matured greatly and depending on my choices up until that age will determine the quality of life I will live beyond that point too.  If I’m not meant to live until 70 I think about the memory I have created for myself at this age right now and imagine if I was to leave tomorrow what would people remember most about me and how pleased am I with myself right now.  It helps me to stay on track of who I was truly meant to be rather than the false beliefs of my ego or the way the world tried to mold me or any of my past traumas or mistakes.  If I’m not happy with what people would remember or how I feel then I try to heal that part of myself.  If I’ve done wrong then I try to make it right, if I need to forgive so there can be peace then I work on it, if I need to let it go so I can have inner peace then I face it, whatever life sends my way as an opportunity to heal myself so I can be the vision I hold onto then I work at it.  Yes life requires work so if you don’t do it then nothing changes.  Even the most spiritual people have bad days and issues that need to be healed.  Nobody here has mastered life yet so never feel like you are the only one struggling.  I see 666- reminds you not to get too caught up in the material world/earthly world- such as finances, looks, hatred or anything that pulls you away from love and peace.

Creating a vision helps you through the dark days.  It’s your flashlight that will guide you out of the tunnel of life’s pressures.  I recommend creating a vision that shows you succeeding at everything you set out to do in this life but I also suggest creating a vision that shows you “real life” as in the never ending challenges that will always be there but keep a vision of yourself overcoming those challenges one by one and never stopping.  See yourself as someone who survived all that life tried to squash you with.  Maybe life threw illness/addiction at you.  See yourself as healed and helping others as they conquer the same illness/addiction, maybe life threw divorce/ or relationship issues your way.  See yourself finding forgiveness and releasing so you can live with peace.  Maybe it’s weight struggles.  See yourself making healthy changes to your lifestyle. I’m not talking about see yourself as a size 2 but give your body a chance feel good by implementing exercise and a healthier diet. Not everyone was made to be tiny but we all benefit from a healthy diet and exercise. You will know what your vision should be because it is what just came to you while you were reading this part.

The point of the vision is to create positive change.  It’s a chance to imagine about what you truly desire. I’m speaking on a spiritual level not a materialistic level so wanting financial freedom, beauty or fame might come to you but peace comes with change on a spiritual level.  It’s a vision of seeing yourself completely healed mind, body and spirit.

Life throws surprises at us all the time and as those unexpected things come we have the ability to turn the “never gonna happen” thoughts into a vision of success and eventually reality.  I see 999- a sign to get to work on your purpose.  In a blink of an eye life changes and in a blink of an eye the decision to change for the better can be made too.  I’m learning this lesson right now.  My entire life right now is up in the air and I have no idea where it is headed but although I struggled with my ego for a few weeks I have decided to focus on my vision of looking at my life at age 70 and being pleased with my journey.  Life’s pressures are not meant to break you to the point of giving up. They are there to help you change what no longer works for you.  They come to help you create a brand new vision since you may have outgrown the original version.  In just the 1st month of this year  I’m processing new ideas and creating a new path for myself and it’s one I never really entertained before but as life sent me some major changes it helped me create this new vision.  So don’t always view change as though it is going to ruin your life because you may find it stopped you from ruining your own life by staying in your comfort zone too long. In my own twisted way I kinda thrive on change because I fear it so much in the beginning but then I get a nice high from conquering the challenges mentally.  It’s an awesome feeling to figure out the hidden test in the change and then realize you mastered a very tough lesson too.  I fear things just as much as the next person does but I never let it win me over (unless it’s dark water lol- but that WILL change in this life.)  I do my best not to surrender to it and I’m always analyzing my thoughts and figuring out if they are connected to the heart or the ego.  The ego will not lead me to my vision so those thoughts need to go if I truly want to succeed.  You MUST shut the ego down so you can find your spiritual self and function whole mind, body and spirit!  If you are battling illness/addiction, struggling with relationships, changing lifestyles etc. they all require your ego to be silenced so you can turn your vision into reality.

I get that its hard to shut the ego down and sometimes you need a few days of frustration to help you release it all.  A few days or a few weeks won’t hold you back for too long so it’s not a huge problem.  However, don’t let it turn into months or years.  So much can be accomplished in that time and it only takes making one decision of creating a vision to start the process.  That simple decision has the power to turn your entire life around.  So start right now, see yourself as they way you most desire and make it a point to let that vision guide you through this life and all it’s junk.  Become that person you see by working each day either using your mind, body or spirit or all in a positive way daily.  You can master it if you keep a vision.  I see 555- change is coming.  You can turn “never gonna happen” into “look at me I made it happen.”  “I” being the most important part of the final results.  “I” using the heart and not the ego.  Remember the ego will NOT take you to your vision it does not want you to go there.  Your heart asks you to follow so you find where you belong.  The first step along the heart’s path requires you to see with an open mind and create a spiritual selfie that shows everything healed mind, body and spirit.

There are two voices speaking to you in life.  One has an ego and one has a heart.  One has a life of fear and one has a life you love.  There is one vision to follow, a flashlight that will eliminate the darkness.  There is one heart to follow, a guide that will lead the way to your happy place.  There are two options the ego or the heart.  It’s your choice but the good life is always found along Heart’s Path.

Ahh I just realized Valentine’s Day is coming too.  Big hearts for all of you:)


See Only Love- I’m at work right now and I asked my coworker to randomly pick a card from the app on my phone- this is the card and when I came back in my room to write, the song “listen to your heart” was on the radio. So fitting and the Angels always know when to send perfect signs! The card tells us to focus on love as much as possible since that is what frees us from troubles in life. It heals, motivates and gives us strength to keep going. It’s found in the heart so again that is where peace comes from too.

Have Confidence- this one tells even though you can’t see the whole picture TRUST you have what it takes to succeed. Part of the journey is figuring it out on your own as you go. It’s a lesson about learning trust yourself. A lot of times we won’t draw in the good stuff until we see it in ourselves. Your outer world is often a reflection of your inner world so look around and see if you need some inner work right now so you can balance yourself. There is usually a nice reward granted once you do some major inner work too.

Ha it’s 11:11- those numbers are everywhere for me right now too. Good things to come:)

It’s a full moon tonight(Feb 3) too so it is a good time to release the negative and create a brighter vision for yourself.

Always Believe…

Time Trap

I thank God for my gifts and for giving me the strength to go on in my life.  I ask my Angels especially Archangel Gabriel to guide me as I write and I thank them for their help.  I hold the intent all of you will break away from time.

I’m starting this one before the new year but it won’t get published until 2015 so Happy New Year.  I hope all of you enjoyed the holidays and have allowed yourself some time to think about what you desire for 2015.  The fastest way to manifest your desires is to write them down and stay focused on believing they will happen for you one day.  I’ve written my list of resolutions and I can already feel the nudge that I will be back to blogging on a regular basis.  I guess last year I slowed down because it was a learning year for me and I needed my own time for collecting new knowledge.  I might not be writing each week but I do feel it will be at least monthly.  I suppose there are many messages that need to go out because I’m feeling my psychic/medium side of me has been very strong lately.  Plus writing does a lot of good for me and the more I do it the better it gets.  So should be an interesting year filled with lots of guidance for my myself and my readers.

This one is about Letting Time Go By.

I was just reading a book my step daughter and her boyfriend bought for me this Christmas.  It’s a book about past lives and so far it’s been a very good book too.  I got the nudge about this post as I was reading the chapter about time being an Earthly thing and something we humans allow to create stress in our lives. I’ve written before about letting go of following the calendar for reaching goals.  I’m a list lover and a schedule follower so I know how planning ahead and marking a calendar with deadlines can make you feel like you have it all together and you are determined to reach those goals.  However, I also know how disappointing it feels when that deadline shows up and no goal has been accomplished.  You worked your butt off, you checked everything off of your to do list and you kept the vision of seeing yourself succeed but still nothing happens. Well since the “Divine Plan” rules us then if we allow ourselves to be ruled by the concept of time we create a very frustrating dance for ourselves.  I fall into the time trap over and over. But I quickly learn to get out of it.  However that does not mean I let go of hope that things will happen I just accept those things will happen in the order they are meant to rather than the schedule I planned out.

I feel 2015 for me and maybe you is going to teach a lot about staying clear of the time trap.  I’m trying to go into this year with no expectations about when things will happen but I wish to see something major happen for me.  I had a heart to heart with God last month and I told him ” I’m done” lol.  I’ve been on this treadmill of trying to keep up with so many changes in my life over the last 9 years and I’m finally saying I need something in return.

Learning to receive is one of my major lessons I need to learn this time around and I’m making progress.  I had to force myself to accept payment from my first “paying” client.  I felt so awkward taking money but I knew I will never get out of my dental career if I don’t learn to receive with my spiritual career.  So when I let my frustrations out I asked God  to give me something that shows me my inner work over these 9 years is going to pay off and let my career life stabilize since I feel it’s been so unpredictable way too long. Within a week God answered me by sending me info that my dental job is about to take a serious change since my boss is in the process of selling the practice and I’m getting the really strong feeling the changes are meant to push me out of this career or at least my permanent position, my Dad called to ask me if I would help out with the family business one day a week, I had a few new clients contact me about sessions and now I have a sudden, strong  urge to train to become a yoga instructor.  It’s the kinda urge that I know is a nudge just like the ones I have gotten which placed me where I needed to go so I know it can’t be ignored.  So just as I was about to say WTF #1 I asked for a stable career not 20 things at once and new ideas and #2- Ron is going to kill me lol.  I don’t think he wants to kill me just yet maybe just roll his eyes and say wtf is the matter with you lol. Honestly he is always so supportive that I should be saying wtf is wrong with you to him lol  However, it’s my journey and I have to follow where my heart takes me and one day I will be able to say “Thank god I did”:).  So instead of saying WTF to God I realized I’m letting time control me.  I’m focusing on a deadline that I need to meet and have everything figured out and in an order that makes sense.

I also realized as I was reading my past life book that 5 years ago I didn’t believe in reincarnation and today I’m doing regressions.   So 5 years ago if someone told me I would be doing this type of work I would have disagreed since it was not one of my beliefs but as I allowed my Divine plan to unfold I ended up learning each next step I needed at the pace I needed too.  Can’t see it all at once so allow life to take you one step at a time.  I also realized if I don’t let go of the old then I can’t make room for the new. My dental job is meant to leave my life soon and I have been asking the universe to take it away and place me in a fulfilling career and now it’s close to happening.  So it has to go if I want to be able to move to my next chapter.  I also knew I would be doing multiple jobs rather than just one to bring in an income.  Again the universe is arranging it l so I can stabilize my career life.  For me that means doing something different each day rather than the same thing which would drive me crazy too.  I like the idea of having a nice mix so I know I’m meant to wear many hats.  But in order to keep peace of mind I will need to turn away from the time trap.  The voice that says “you are almost 39 yrs old and you are still trying to figure out what to do for a living.”  I’ve been down the road of “go to school, get a degree, work your ass off and feel burned out.”  That road pushed me to find another one that makes me feel freedom, peace, no stress about paychecks and takes me to other roads I need to go down.  So right now instead of stressing about letting go of the original road I allow my soul to clear the old so I can move onto to the new.  It’s a peaceful road and that’s what my heart wants to follow.

So when you find yourself on a road that needs to change or is ready to change no matter what age you are you should avoid the “time trap”.  Does it really matter when you figure it all out?  Do we really ever figure it all out?  I see 333- they agree. From my experience I’m guessing we don’t ever figure it all out lol.  And if you are someone who has figured it all out then please share your knowledge with me lol.  Life is change and change is constant so that means in order to live you must flow with change.  Life is unpredictable and not knowing is scary but knowing too much leaves no room for learning.  No learning means no growth and nothing changes which leads to no life. So when the road you are on feels cluttered and your energy feels stuck and you sense you need a change then move out of the way. I see 444- nothing to fear.  Let the universe sweep the clutter from the road so you can make your way to the new road.  It’s true life is short , it’s good to set goals but it’s best when you let life bring in experiences as needed since that is how we learn the most.  So lose the calendar, forget your age, just live for right now knowing it will bring you what’s needed tomorrow because time is just an illusion and it’s best to avoid the trap.


These cards jumped out of the deck so I’m not going to question it.

Time to Create-  I feel this one is saying it’s your chance to decide what you want.  Really figure out where you wish to be in the future.  I feel it tells you not to focus on the how you will get there just do you wish to get there.  Your mind has great power to turn your dreams into reality so use it well.  It also has great power to bring your biggest fears into reality so be aware of what you are creating with your thoughts.  Pray if you need some help restoring your faith.  It will be answered.

Compassion- My first thought was that someone is being a little too tough on another right now.  It’s important to be mindful that everyone is human and we are all on different journeys that nobody else understands since it’s just yours.  It’s easy for a lot of us to say “someone should know better” but again not everyone is where you are in life or have they mastered certain things you have.  Sometimes people need to repeat the same lessons many times over before they learn. It’s our job to step away, let them learn and send them positive vibes to help them through not bash them or make them feel unworthy of love.  I personally try to separate myself so I step out of their way and let them learn but I still send love by praying for them.

You Are Understood-  I laughed at this one at first since I’m sure I’m not understood by all lol. But like the last card nobody understands my journey like I do.  Anyway this is a nice reminder to keep in mind those who are good for you in life will understand you even if you are different from them.  You may be different but there is level of respect between “good for you” people that they realize they need to let you be who you are and wish to be rather than making you just like them. The ones who try to mold you into someone you are not are usually the same ones you wish not to spend too much time with and that shows they are not too good for your soul.  Make sense?  I guess those who are meant to understand it will haha.

Always Believe…

Given to Fly

I thank God for my gifts and for blessing my life.  I ask my Angels to guide me as I write especially Archangel Gabriel and I thank them for their messages.  I hold the intent all of you will find comfort with your uniqueness.

This is probably the last blog of 2014 so I always like to send a message that will help start the new year right.  I’m sure for all of us 2014 has been a long journey of learning as well as a year of starting over many times.  It seemed to be a bouncy year meaning the energy went up and down a lot.  The first half of the year seemed to be more difficult than the second half but in the end we all have learned more, become stronger and are ready to fly into the next year of lessons.

This one is about Learning to Keep Going.  Some people feel they just know what their purpose is and they make a few steps in life and boom they are working it hassle free.  Then there are some like me who have to work very hard to figure out what their purpose is and then once it’s figured out then a lifetime of major inner work is required in order to be able to walk that path.  It’s not easy being crazy but for those of us who have a big mission to fulfill then getting comfortable with your uniqueness is a requirement for survival in life.

I love the band Pearl Jam and the song “Given to Fly” is one of my favorites. The beauty of music is that a song can be interpreted so many ways because it allows people to find what it means to them which may be different for another. It’s interesting to read comments about a meaning and people actually get into arguments over what is the true meaning. It’s what it means to you and that’s it. Who cares what it means for someone else if you have figured out what it means for you. Anyway, for me the song tells a story about breaking down walls that hold you back, finding freedom and having the desire to help others do the same. I also feel it tells how there will always be people judging you and ridiculing you but since you have found your strength you now have power to rise above it and go on with your purpose. I love the song because I’m living the song. It’s hard enough to live life just trying to learn how to be happy with yourself and it’s even harder when you sense people judging you or waiting for you to fall rather than fly.

The toughest lesson I’ve learned this far is how to break away from the doubters or “judgy” ones.  The ones who will look you in the eyes with a smile on their face but on the inside they are judging everything about you.  For someone who can read people just by looking into their eyes I know when a smile is fake and I can pick up on the thoughts too.  It’s challenging not to let those people bring you down but if you find comfort with yourself then nobody can stop you from walking your path.

I believe we all have something unique to offer the world but only a small amount of us actually have the guts to bring it out into the open. It’s not easy revealing your “different” side. Our world tries to make all of us live by what’s accepted by the majority rather than learning from each other’s uniqueness. Therefore someone like me with psychic/medium abilities will often keep their gifts hidden to avoid being ridiculed. The funny thing about that is we all have psychic/medium ability but not everyone will open that part of themselves because of fear of being judged. I can relate to that because the more I realized I had those gifts the more I tried to hide them. Once I knew they were for real and not just coincidences that happened and I would think “that’s weird” I actually started to search for a mental illness to diagnose myself with because that was more acceptable than being a psychic/medium. So it took a lot of work but I figured out ways to be comfortable with myself and my gifts.  If you have them then don’t be afraid to let them show since they have been given to you to help others.  Actually you will be surprised by how many people believe in you and have had similar experiences as you too.

No matter what your “gift” is it is definitely meant to help you with your journey in life.  Sometimes it’s a gift of strength rather than a special talent such as singing, writing etc.  When you are someone who has overcome many obstacles in life then you are very valuable for teaching others to do the same.  Just your stories will be enough to give another hope in their darkest moment.  Not everyone is comfortable talking but most will listen especially if they can relate to your challenges.  Not everyone will give a response to your stories but if they can relate then they heard you and will remember your words which will help them heal.  This blog has helped me use my gift for almost 3 years now.  I have no idea how many read these or who reads these but they have been filled with stories about some of my darkest moments in life and how I learned to work through them.  I do know those stories have helped many which helps me feel more comfortable about opening myself up as much as I did.  My mission in life is to be a healer and I have found many ways to do the work but I had to show my “different” side to the world before I was able to actually find the work.  Ex.  If I was still the person who hid my spiritual/psychic side I would never have started this blog, shared my wacky messages on fb, become a spiritual therapist or found inner peace for myself.  I would still be sitting stuck in my depression trying to figure out which way I’m meant to go.  So by saying F it I’m just going to be open about who I am I was able to open so many doors that have led me to the path I needed to be on.

I’m going to change the topic for this next part since I feel a strong message-  If you are someone who has overcome depression or at least learned ways about how to deal with it then understand that’s your purpose.  You are meant to help someone or many who struggle with depression.  Words can be so healing and if I had someone to talk to when I was in my deep depressions it would have been a huge help knowing someone could relate.  It’s such a confusing state to be in and it can be so hard to trust people when you feel that bad but some people are gifted with knowing what to say at just the right time. That’s a huge gift and there are so many people struggling in this life and wishing someone would tell them life can be better.  Something to think about if you felt that message was for you.

Sometimes you reach a point in life when you realize you no longer wish to continue on with the way you have been living your life. It could be relationship, career, unhealthy habits or many things all at once. This is what I call a nudge from your soul. This is when your heart wants you to break down your ego and begin the process of change. Serious change so you can find and work your purpose. I say over and over and over again the first sign of a need for change is the feeling of unhappiness. The sign of being on the right path is inner peace. Sounds so simple but it’s not because the heart and ego literally go to war during the process of learning to be comfortable with yourself and your uniqueness. When you learn to listen to your heart only then you have the strength to fight off the doubters and judgy ones. The ego will only weaken you but if you work on strengthening the mind to see beyond the false beliefs of your ego you will then break free from the chains that stunt your spiritual growth. I see 222. You will see your gifts surface and you begin to accept the challenges with confidence in yourself since you know you will succeed by believing in yourself without the need of others to do the same.

There are so many haters in the world.  So many people judging, criticizing and secretly wanting others to fail so they feel better about themselves.  I don’t like to sugarcoat and the truth is people are not always nice.  I try to be nice and when I come across someone who is not then I pull away as much as possible rather than let them bring me down. If I feel myself being pulled down by them then I ask myself what makes me happier- being me or being them? I never want to be the person who wishes the worst for someone so by reminding myself that I want to be me it helps me pull away from those who waste my time. You never want to become the one who tries to break you because if you do then they did break you. Catch yourself before you break and pull yourself away knowing what they do or say has no power over you if you don’t allow it. That’s living by your heart rather than ego. Your heart seeks peace and your ego seeks fights. Peace for yourself is your first priority so if someone tries to steal it from you then you must get some distance.

So be who you are, feel comfortable with the unique part of you that is meant to be shown to the world. As you open you allow the universe to bring all that you are meant to receive. As you break the chains your mind finds peace. When you master the lesson of not giving a f..K about the haters you will then realize you were given this life to fly.

I’m going to add something extra. When I was writing this one a couple of weeks ago I struggled a little with the flow since my own inner peace was a bit off. Anyway, a few days later I had a sudden thought about how I felt strongly that I was supposed to add “Given to Fly” to the post. While I was making cookies I had music on and I decided to switch stations and when I did “Given to Fly” just started playing and Rylee blurted out “this one Mom.” I know when it’s true sign and Rylee is gifted too so I knew it was a message. So whenever you hear that song and you will since it will be the Angels way of giving you a message know it means it’s time to break free from what is holding you back because there is so much waiting for you once you do.

Teaching and Learning- fits the above message- a sign to begin teaching others what you know and at the same time it will help you learn what you are meant to learn too. Now that I work with clients the biggest lesson for me has been learning how important my previous steps were so I could end up where I am. So many times I struggled with doubt and fear but EVERY time I pushed those aside and took a chance it lead me to the next person I needed to connect with for my growth and theirs. Pay attention to the times you are ready to make a move and you start to doubt yourself these are the moments when you are being tested and if you have the guts to keep pushing through I promise you once you do something very positive will enter your life. Never fall into the ego trap because you will not be happy since you will feel stuck.

Peace- This one jumped out – there has been some very intense energy this month and from what I have learned it is meant to stay for a bit. I’m noticing a lot of signs about peace, love and strength so I feel the higher beings are very near to all of us during this transition. Allow them to help you so you can feel peace.

A little note from Me to all of You,
Another year is ending and a new one is just about to begin so take some time to THINK about what you need or want to do with your life at this point. Take your major lesson from 2014 and use it in 2015. Let it help you during your future challenges and let it remind you how you survived all of the previous years so you will survive this one too. It may be just me or it may be for everyone but I’m sensing a difficult year ahead so if that happens for you then take time throughout the year to regroup but never give up. So enjoy the rest of 2014 and I will be back at some point in 2015 when I get the nudge.

Always Believe…

Under the Moon

I thank God for my gifts and for helping me heal. I ask my Angels especially Archangel Gabriel to guide me as I write and I thank them for their support. I hold the intent all of you will learn ways to release what needs to go.

It’s been 2 months since I posted a blog but I have been so busy I never had a chance to write. I have many messages but I’m not sure if they are all meant to go into this blog or if some are part of another blog. As usual I will just write and see what is said.

Although I have been very busy I still made some time for myself. I took some time to re-evaluate my life so I could decide what needed to go so I could move forward with peace. It’s good to do that every so often because life changes and a lot of the times what was good for you before may not be good for you anymore. Letting go can be a difficult process because it means things change and sometimes we fear change. However, most of the time if not all of the time on the other side of fear is a refreshing new life waiting for us.

So this one is about Release. I hope some of you were able to experience the energy of the full moon this month. It was really powerful and I don’t always get a strong vibe from the moon but this was one that gave off a lot of healing energy. As I sat outside under the moon, I meditated and I could literally feel my fingertips vibrating because the energy was so strong. So if you missed the moon this month then try to remember to take some time during the next full moon to let the energy clear your soul of what needs to go.

I started getting messages about this blog in mid September but during my meditation under the moon it all starting coming together. I see 333- they agree. My meditation was an incredible experience of release. As I sat under the moonlight I admired the clouds and I thanked the universe for all the help I have been given so I can walk my path, I wrote a list of everything I wanted to let go of and I burned it and sent those troubles away and I sat with my eyes closed so I could take in my surroundings such as the sounds of nature. It was one of my best meditations yet because I focused on releasing. A lot of times when I meditate I’m inviting knowledge, healing, peace etc but this time I really wanted to focus on letting go. During this meditation I was given many glimpses of my path this far. I was getting flashes of where I started and then flashes of where I am now. At one point I felt the ground I was sitting on and then looked up at the moon and I really appreciated the way I live my life. I even thought to myself “wow when I first tried meditating I could barely keep my eyes closed or stop my thoughts but now I easily lose myself into the moment and absorb all healing energies of the universe. It’s a true blessing to be able to get yourself that centered. Even though it does not last forever just having 10 minutes is a nice boost for your soul. It takes work to find peace so until you can release you will not relax.

So life is very hectic, people hurt you, you hurt people, you have down days, things don’t workout like you hoped and so on and so on.  I totally understand all of those and all of those happen for a reason.  I’ll start with the “hectic” life- times when life is screaming responsibility such as family, career, house/home chores all those things that make you feel like you are spinning through each day without any breaks.  So you can simplify this situation into two choices- absorb the stress or release the stress.  To absorb it would be to think of those as struggles, unfair circumstances or an excuse to bitch and moan.  To release would be to learn the lesson.  What is life trying to tell you?  Ex.  Last month my husband had some really difficult clients and tough deals going on(he is a real estate agent) and it got the point that he was so overwhelmed and burned out from it that he wanted to quit the business all together(not really but he felt that way in the moment of stress).  At the same time he had some serious family matters surrounding him too which was creating more stress and made dealing with difficult people even harder.  So we were talking one day and I said “look at what life is telling you” I told him your business is driving you crazy because it’s not meant to be your main focus right now.  I also pointed out to him that his  family life needs attention so life is pushing him to give it more time and let the business move to the back for a bit.   I see 888- abundance coming.  So he backed off as much as he was able to from the difficult deals and they all worked out fine and have settled as planned.  So once he released stress he was able to feel better and he learned a lesson about stepping back to observe life(at least until the next round of craziness lol).

So how do you release hurt?  This requires much more work and takes a lot longer but it’s not impossible.  Again this can be simplified into two choices- hold onto it or let it go.  To hold onto it would be allowing it to cause repeated pain and suffering, think many unnecessary thoughts and block any chance of healing.  To let go would be an opportunity of forgiveness of self and/or others, a chance to breathe without pain and a huge step with growth along the spiritual path.  I’ve said before that forgiveness does not mean what you or somebody has done was right but it’s more about not letting it rob you of peace.  We have all done things and had things done to us that were wrong but we also have lessons to be learned from those experiences.  For the things we have done we are meant to look back and learn why we did those and who we were when we did those things.  From that we can decide what we should or have changed about ourselves for the better.  For the things that have been done to us we have a chance to learn why someone did those to us.  Did we need a taste of our own behavior or did we need to learn we deserve better?  No matter which one you needed to learn it usually is learned best when we are hurt. It sucks at the time but once you have the strength to evaluate what really happened you will see the lessons learned and you most likely will be grateful for the experience or kicking yourself in the ass for your actions lol.

So what about the down days when things are just not going your way or you feel blah?  Something important to understand is this is completely normal to feel.  I used to struggle on my down days because I was always searching for what was wrong with me rather than accepting I was just a normal human being having a bad day.  Down days are actually times of release too. They are meant to help you cleanse your mind of what creates the pain you hold onto.  When we experience a “let down” as in not getting something we hoped for or a change in plans naturally we feel down at first.  However, those let downs happen to prepare us for something better.  It’s always the way.  The universe can be tricky at times but it is all-knowing and it will place anything that is meant to be on our path at the exact moment it’s meant to show up.  As I have explained before, we need to clear out the old to make room for the new which happens by our souls forcing us to feel our own thoughts that we constantly tell ourselves.  Ex.  If one always thinks from a place of low self-esteem or thinks they are destined to be doomed then those down days will come.  They come because the mind has manifested them into reality.  Therefore it is an opportunity to change how one thinks.  If one does not like how they feel then they will try to change it unless they choose to continue to live the same way. Just like one does not learn until one has felt how it feels on the other end.  You will not understand how much you feed your mind until you actually feel the damage you have created. The universe demands change before it delivers but free will has the power to stop the flow of the universe sometimes.  I don’t believe for everything but definitely for some things.  So simplify it again into two choices, accept the opportunity for change or miss the opportunity and stay stuck in the down days which eventually turn into a lifetime.  Accepting is releasing it opens up the mind to understanding what’s going on and it desires to learn ways to cope so hope can be restored.  Missing the opportunity is holding onto pain, it closes the door to any guidance from the higher powers, fills the mind with limited thinking such as seeing things as how they are right then rather than how they could be in the future, it prevents the energy from flowing freely within your soul and weighs you down to the point of losing desire for any form of healthy change.  And one will stay stuck in the bubble of doom which stunts any spiritual growth from happening.  Choose wisely with this one because a bad day can be over and done with by having a good laugh, cry and sleep.  Everyday brings a new day and every day is another opportunity for healthy change.  If you feed your mind the “things will never change” thoughts then your mind will make you feel those thoughts until you decide to change.  To feel that each day would actually be destined to be doomed so ask yourself if that is what you really want.

It’s good to simplify life as much as possible.  Too many choices creates confusion and its hard to make decisions that way too.  This world likes to complicate everything and there are always so many choices being thrown at us which usually makes us question it all to the point we become confused and unsure which way to turn.  Politics, investments, raising children, health, schools etc it gets to be so overwhelming that until we narrow down and let go of what does not fit who we are we can’t come to a final decision.  It’s the same for your soul, until you narrow everything down and find what works for you it’s hard to move forward.  So narrow it down, release what wants to leave you, let it go and move the fears out-of-the-way so you can find the new refreshing life on the other side.  For me I have narrowed it all down to the moon.  I allow it to heal my soul and I use it’s energy to give me the strength to go through the process.  It shows me how small I am in this big world but it reminds me that even though I’m a small piece of the world I still have the power to change my personal space anytime  I choose.  At any moment I have the power to release all that does not serve me well.  Just like every day starts with a chance to start over, every night is a chance to end what holds you back.

I often see the saying “no matter where you are,you will always be looking at the same moon as I am”  This could have a few meanings but I like to think it tells us no matter what is going on in your life you are still part of this world which means we are all in this life trying to survive the best we can.  It seems a lot of people hold things in because they fear they are different and they stress about keeping everything under control so nobody will see their troubles.  This is why it’s so important to release because when you stuff it in you are actually creating a lot of internal damage.  I see 333- they agree.  Realizing your life is the same as the next person when it comes to dealing with the “hectic” life, the hurts or the down days helps you learn to let go since there is no reason to hide it inside.  Trust me when I tell you there is not one person here that has every area of their life completely balanced.  That’s not how life works since we always need to be working on our own growth.  So you are not alone in this world. I see 222.  We all have the moon to remind us that we are no different from one another and when life gets overwhelming and you need some release always know you have a chance every night to let it all go under the moon.


Steady Progress-  a sign to keep going even when you can’t see the light at the end just trust in the path and believe good things will come from your efforts.

Giving and Receiving-  so many times I preach about the importance of balancing your giving and receiving-  so important to keep the flow balanced- I see 333- they agree.  If you give too much and can’t allow yourself to receive in return then you will drain your energy and block the flow of abundance too so always allow the universe to return to you what you deserve.  If you take too much but don’t return the giving then you will be blocking the universe from returning blessings because you will most likely notice the universe will be taking from you rather than sending opportunities or blessings.

The card for Oct from Doreen Virtue is New Beginnings-  Still have a few days left to start something new.

FYI – next full moon is on Nov 6th-  Hope you enjoy it!

Always Believe…

For The Curious

I thank God for my gifts and for helping me help others. I ask my Angels to help me deliver this message so it will be easily understood. I hold the intent those of you who get the nudge will act on it.

I keep getting the nudge about writing this one so I’m going to listen. Those of you who need it will know so hopefully you will listen.

This one is about What I Do. Some of you know all about me, some of you have recently met me, some know me but don’t know the new me and some have never met me. So what’s my deal? I have been given many gifts and knowledge this time around with life. As some of you already know I was not always aware of those gifts or knowledge but I have opened the door to them and have learned what I’m meant to do with all of it. At this point I have about 8 years of “education” that I’m now able to use to help others. It’s not 8 years of college or school and now I have a diploma but it was 8 years of wtf is going on and I was driven to different areas of spirituality so I could find the answers. So I learned by having the experience and then finding the reason so I could recover and learn, which would help me teach others in the future.

What seems to be happening right now in my life is the roads are beginning to meet. Each area I studied about spirituality is now coming together as one and my gifts and knowledge are being used as they were meant to be used. I’m a physical healer, emotional healer and a psychic/medium(but not a big fan of connecting with deceased people so I stick to animal spirits). I can refer you to a friend if you are seeking a medium for the deceased. Anyway, I started doing past life regressions but mine have a little twist to them so I’m trying to rename it to something other than past life therapy. I have so many people asking me what it’s about so I figured writing a full explanation would be the best answer. So here is what I do and what goes on during a session with me.

First there is an “interview” just to make sure this is something the client should be doing. Ex if someone is being treated for any mental illness I will not have a session with them. This is not medical treatment it is alternative healing so those who are being medicated are best to stay with their Dr. If someone has minor anxiety, that’s a little different and they would probably do really well with a session so I would be willing to have one with them.

Next I do a “fruit test” this is a quick exercise so we can see which of the senses are the strongest. It also gives the client a chance to understand how they will get info during the journey. I explain it more with a session.

Then I do a chakra clearing on the client. This has been working really well for people and it helps remove any blocks they may have so the energy can flow more freely through their body. Many clients have felt relief from physical pain after this clearing.

Next step is hypnosis- I personally was afraid of hypnosis and if someone said they were going to hypnotize me I would have refused but my healer did not tell me that’s what was going on and I guess I was hypnotized without knowing. Here’s how it works with a session – When I hypnotize the client they are still very much aware of what’s going on, I can’t no matter how much I would try (not that I would) make them do anything they are not willing to do. It is the same feeling of when you are watching tv and you zone out to the noises around you but if the phone rings you are aware. There is no sneaky mind game attack on you it’s simply done to help your mind relax so you can connect with your subconscious. I always give my client a chance to ask as many questions as necessary too before I start the hypnosis. So far all of my clients are very open to being hypnotized and enjoy the deep relaxation during the journey too.

Once the client reaches the point of deep relaxation the journey begins. Everyone’s journey is different. You set an intention, ask to be given only what you can handle (meaning if you are not ready to be shown a very traumatic lifetime then you won’t). As the client goes on this journey they are telling me everything they see, feel, hear, smell and any detail they want to share. I’m writing notes as they are talking but at the same time I may be getting messages from their guides as well so I keep those notes too. This is when I use my psychic ability . So as the journey goes on the message comes clear and then I do different things to help the client remove any fears from the life that may have carried over into this current life.  I guide them through a forgiveness process if they feel ready, I guide them through the steps needed to find closure with anything that the past life shows that may be affecting the current life. I also have the client connect with their inner child so they can understand what they need to bring in peace and healing.  This also seems to be showing when there may be blocks from a painful childhood in the current life.  It helps get the strength to face those blocks so healing can begin.   I also have the client find what is needed in their adult self so they can have inner peace. So much goes on during the journey that it amazes me with each client how much healing comes from one session. I always say you really need to have the experience for yourself to understand how it works but for each person so far it has really worked. You might meet guides, or connect with your deceased loved ones. They have brought messages to some clients and some just soaked up the joyful feeling they felt while they were with guides or loved ones on the journey( I may get some messages from the guides and deceased too). The best part about the journey is it’s yours. I’m not telling you what I see or feel this is all you seeing what goes on in your subconscious and what needs to heal. I might give the messages I received during your session but it still is about what you take from it. Once the journey is done we discuss the notes and see how it connects with your current life. Every single client has had the same response “wow that’s make so much sense”. It is so different from going to a “talk therapist” because this info comes from within. I might add to it with what the guides give me only because it’s a message they don’t want you to miss. However, when you are able to get to the root of an issue by seeing it for yourself you are able to heal it so much quicker because you understand it for yourself rather than someone telling you why things are they way they are in your life. After we are done discussing the notes I have each client choose a certain number of cards(whatever the spirits wish) from each of my Angel card decks and I interpret the cards. Everytime the cards have fit the message from the journey too.

So that’s a simplified explanation of what I do. I make sure every client is informed so they are comfortable with going on the journey and at the end it is important for me to know they were impressed by the experience. Although I will be getting paid for this work I still think of it as my service so I don’t want to take money from people unless I know they get healing and it works.  That’s why I offered free sessions for 3 months so I could make sure I was truly helping people before I charged a fee.  I only have a few “free” sessions left for September(contact me asap if you want a free one) and I will begin charging $175 per session(up to 3 hours) in Oct.  A session includes the chakra clearing, past life regression, angel card reading and anything my psychic side needs to pass on to you.  I tried to keep it affordable because I want people to heal.  When I had this therapy done on myself my sessions were 4 hours and $480 so $175 might seem like a lot but with this therapy and the going rate it’s on the lower end.  Plus I add in the other services.  A session lasts about 2.5 – 3 hours.  I ask clients to dress comfortable because they are laying down for most of the time.  I use music to help the client stay relaxed during the entire journey and I also use healing crystals for those who have an interest.  It’s pretty much a mind, body and spirit makeover which leaves you feeling really good once it’s complete.  So hopefully this answers a lot of questions for people and I’m always available to answer more if you contact me written4life@verizon.net or those who are connected to me on fb can message me on there too.  If you would rather talk over the phone then please message me first and I will give you my number or call you.  The sessions do need to be in person so if you are local Bucks county/Montgomery County PA or close to those it would be a short distance by car. 

I have a strong feeling there are some who have been getting the nudge but might be a little unsure still.  If this is you please contact me if you have more questions.  If it’s you and you don’t feel ready yet then listen to that feeling and when it’s the right time you will know and you can contact me.  This therapy has a way of finding you.  Meaning if your soul is meant to have this healing done you will get that nudge telling you “you gotta do it”.  You may not understand why but it’s the nudge that makes you do it.  That’s how it happened for me and each client has felt the same way too.  The soul always knows what we need to move along on our spiritual journey.  Hopefully I will be seeing you soon.  But only when you are fully ready.  No pressure:)

Always Believe…

Crazy Good

I thank God for my gifts and for blessing me with my new career. I ask my Angels to guide me as I write especially Archangel Gabriel and I thank them for their support. I hold the intent all of you will try to send out what you wish to return.

I’ve been doing a lot of regressions lately and it’s crazy how natural it feels for me. That’s always a good sign you are on the right path with finding your purpose. When everything just seems to fall into place and the universe brings all that you need. I will always keep my client’s experiences confidential so I can’t give details but I will say each one has been so interesting and so healing for the client. That makes me feel good about the work I’m doing and it makes me realize when you are using your passion it does not feel like “work” it just feels right. But as always I struggled before I took the leap into my new career. Once I realized I was blocking what was waiting to come my way I learned to raise my vibration to match my desires and not my fears. And the universe delivered instantly.

So this one is about Raising Your Vibration. Some of you may be wondering what the hell that means so I will give a quick explanation. We are all energy and we each vibrate at different levels which explains why we click with some and not others. It also explains why our situations in life are different from others because we may not be on the same level of soul growth. The more you grow spiritually the higher your vibration. You can’t fake it because energy does not lie. So if someone is in a “higher position” in the material world but lacks the spiritual growth it is going to show by their behavior. They might use their power in a wrong way rather than using it to help humanity as a whole. Ex some Doctors, politicians, police officers, priests etc. So many times we find out those people are guilty of doing horrible things to innocent people. So it’s not about your “ranking” in the material world. It’s about how awakened is your soul. I see 1111. The more you awaken the higher your vibration will be.

Everything and everyone is energy as well. So you will always attract those people and things who are vibrating on your level too. Sometimes we may choose to stay in the lower level since we like to play it safe and avoid stepping into something new. BTW, when I say “lower” it’s not that it is always bad it means we are always growing so we are always meant to move on but sometimes we fight that and choose to stay in a comfort zone. When things are too comfortable we tend to get bored, lazy and stuck. Learning requires leaps and risks and lots of faith but sometimes that can be very scary to take on so we play it safe and stay where we are rather than move ahead. This is my struggle right now. Today is 8/5 and I have no idea when this will be published but for about a month I have been fighting through self doubt as I take the leap into my new career.

Here’s my story- On one hand I have a steady paying job that I have 13 years experience as a Dental Hygienist and a total of 19 yrs in the dental field. I know my job and I do it well so it’s comfortable for me to do this work. Not really it’s body breaking at times lol but comfort as in I have no fears or doubts. On the other hand I have my certification with past life therapy which I only have 1 month experience and I’m still finding my style. This has the potential to be a steady paying job and a fulfilling career too but it’s still very new to me so there are a lot of “what ifs” running through my head. I see 333- they agree. So I have a decision to make again and depending on what I choose will determine where I go. Do I stay in my comfort zone or do I follow my gut? I know exactly what I should and need to do but the mind has a great power over your heart sometimes. It can be very convincing when we are afraid to make a major move in life. But your heart always knows and even when my mind is so filled with reasons why my leaps and risks are not going to go well I take them anyway because if I know what my heart wants then I know it’s right. I see 777- on the right path. Some people think that’s crazy but those are the same people who are stuck living a life they don’t want to be living. They settled for “I’ll do this because this makes the most sense.” Not saying be irresponsible but do try to step out of your comfort zone sometimes especially when you just know it’s time.

So how do I stop my mind from feeding me these thoughts? As always I ask myself questions. First I think “seriously must I do this to myself over and over again” lol. I can be a perfectionist in some ways and when it comes to myself it can be a problem at times. This is going to take me a while to change but I do try to change. Anyway, I had a major shift in my vibration since my Sedona trip. I almost felt like who I was when I left for Sedona is not the same person who came back from Sedona. Some of you may understand the feeling of waking up as a new person and not really knowing what’s going on but that’s what it felt like for me over these last few weeks since I’ve been home.

I do these regressions on people and it feels like I’ve been doing them for 30 years. It’s so natural that sometimes I’m so amazed how the universe paved the road for me to find my purpose. Who goes to a party with a friend, eats funky raw food, lies on a couch and walks with a lion only to discover he showed me an artificial Christmas tree from my childhood and it led to a major break through for my inner healing which lead to more sessions for healing and now I’m on the other end guiding others through their sessions? No part of my last sentence makes any logical sense. But in my heart it made sense. I knew I had to take a risk, I knew I could not try to figure it all out because I’m not meant to know the whole story yet, I knew it was right for me and I went for it. So that’s what I tell myself so I can relax my mind and let my heart lead the way. I hold onto the words “I just know it’s right” and I let God handle the rest. My vibration is higher now therefore my old way of thinking will not work at this level. I will need to raise my thoughts and ways to match my vibration so I can feel my best. If I lower my thoughts then I lower my vibration and since I don’t belong at that level I will not enjoy that level. I see 222. I will feel pressured to change because my soul will not settle for less than where I should be. Once you wake up then your soul will never let you go back to sleep. It will force you to keep growing spiritually so you can vibrate at the highest level possible.

So when I realized my self doubt was pulling me down I focused on raising my thoughts to what I desired rather than feared. INSTANTLY the universe delivered me clients and my book was filled. That’s how I know this isn’t about being an “employee” this is about serving my purpose as a healer. This is what God is asking me to do and if I listen then all I need to do is follow his lead. When you make the connection between your human self and spiritual self then your vibration soars and you are most likely being called to do something that will help others grow spiritually too. In order to do spiritual work you need to be healed and vibrating at the high level. I learned that this week because when I was stressing about the how, who, where what will be I blocked what was meant to be because I was not energetically ready to do the work since I had to clean some things up within myself. It works differently with spiritual work because God nudges the souls in the direction they need to go and when they listen they show up. I simply have to make myself available and listen to my intuition so I can guide them through their session. No stress just faith in God’s timing.

I know a lot of you are not starting a new spiritual career but raising your vibration works the same with anything in life. Whenever you find yourself feeling “stuck” take a minute to observe where you are in life. What needs to change? Career, relationship, attitude, way of life, diet etc. Start with only one area and you will see how the other areas begin to change too. Ex if you work on your attitude then you start to enjoy things a lot more which will lead to taking better care of yourself physically and your relationships will begin to be a lot healthier too. Sometimes this leads to finding a new path in life such as a new career. Just go with the flow but start with your mind. Start practicing calming your mind so you can think better thoughts that will match your desires rather than your fears. Your mind can be amazing for imagination but it can also be a major block with spiritual growth. Just be aware of that and when you start to feel blah fight it off by reprogramming your mind to think thoughts that match the vibration of your desires. As you think about those desires you will raise your energy to that level too. That’s why it’s good to dream or imagine because you are creating at the same time. Our thoughts are always creating our reality so if you want happy you will need to think happy.

I was given a sign once and it was a hot air balloon they symbolize “rising above fear”. I also read something on my Mom’s refrigerator this week. It was the word FEAR broken down to “Face Everything And Recover”. I like that one because it simplifies FEAR into nothing more than a choice. A choice to let fear hold you in place and rob you of a satisfying life or a choice to face it and recover so you can move on. Your mind may be filled with so much fear but your heart holds everything you desire. It just knows it’s right, it vibrates at such a high level and it pulls you in the right direction. However, it’s up to you if you choose to follow. For me I like to go where people are afraid to go. I like to do things that are out of the norm. My heart won’t settle for average it wants “this doesn’t make any sense but it’s crazy good for you.” It keeps life interesting and it helps me to keep growing. Life is where ever you want to be and if want to stay in your comfort zone and get bored then that’s a choice but if you want to soar up the spiritual ladder and explore what life really has to offer then you will be amazed. People may think you’re crazy, things won’t always make sense but when your heart “just knows” and you listen life will be crazy good.


The cards this time are telling me someone is very close to moving in the wrong direction mentally. I’ll break the cards down but the whole message is saying spend some time outdoors so you can clear your energy which will help you look at the positive side of your situation right now. Everything has a positive so find the lessons because that may be just what you needed even though it’s a struggle. I also feel they are telling you to pay attention to your dreams because messages will be coming if they have not already started.

Outdoors- get outside for clearing

Clear your space- clean up your home, mind or physical body by doing something good for yourself or your space.

Look through the situation- things are not always as bad as they seem sometimes its just a matter of changing your perspective.

Dreams- pay attention because they bring messages.

Always Believe…