Wishful Love

I thank God for my gifts and for helping me learn in this life.  I thank my Angels for the never-ending guidance and direction to the right path I’m meant to follow. I ask Archangel Gabriel to guide me as I write so this message is clear.  (it’s been over a year since I’ve written so edit as needed lol). I hold the intent all of you will notice the patterns of your life and learn from them.

First post of 2018.  Not sure if this is going to be one of many or just this one but the nudges have been strong and those are my signs it is time to write.  Hope it helps 🙂

This one is about recognizing Patterns of Life.  I’ll start off with a tid bit of my story and see where the rest goes from there.  As I have written about before I explained how I’m on a very intense spiritual journey in this life.  It has taken me up, down, inside, outside and every place else that is possible.  It’s nuts, fulfilling, exhausting, rewarding, confusing, complicated but most of all exactly what I need.  Even tho sometimes I beg God to make it stop lol.  It’s far from over but it has pushed me to see so many things about my life on a much healthier level.  Like I have stated before…healing hurts and takes work but in time you are able to connect the dots and see the big picture.

So all of our lives come with lessons.  Those lessons repeat until we learn to let go and change.  The people in our lives play a role in those lessons and most of our experiences in life have hidden lessons too.  Lessons offer a lot of positives too because they have a way of humbling us and remind us to see the beauty of our lives.

I’m going to assume all of those reading this have been taken advantage of, have felt unappreciated and maybe even heart-broken at one time or more than once in life.  For those of you that have had the experience more than once that’s your clue that it’s time to break the pattern.  Everything repeats until we learn the lesson.

I recently had a shift within myself that opened my eyes to what was happening in my life was actually a lesson I needed to master but didn’t.  There’s a cluster of people in my life that bring a lot of heaviness and drama.  I’ve tried many different avenues to make things work but the end result was always the same.  Disappointment and resentment.  Why is that if my part in the relationship was always the doer and the helper and the forgiving one?  Why isn’t being the “bigger” person enough to shift a challenging relationship into a harmonious one?  The answer is that it takes all sides of a relationship working together and not just one person trying to make it happen.  So one day I stepped back and looked closer at the relationships with these people and tried to figure out what the hell is the real problem and why is it so complicated.  I’ve written before about how I turn everything back to myself to see if I can find reasons for my feelings.  It always works and is so accurate as long as I’m honest with myself about my dark side and the parts I still need to heal.  So I realized in 15 years there is a certain pattern that repeats.  My next thought was how do I change the pattern?  I evaluated all of my actions over the past 15 years and made peace with what I may have done wrong and learned there was a lot of things I did right too.  I learned that there was A LOT that I put up with but never deserved.  That’s my lesson…putting an end to the pain and disrespect.  Once I realized after 15 years of the same behavior from all parties involved the only answer was to create the change myself.  I chose to stop tolerating the behavior and did what was needed for my self-respect.  I didn’t fight, name call, defend myself but I did explain my reasons and chose to remove myself from the equation so I was not the easy blame anymore.  My life changed for the better since I found peace.  The others still have the drama and even though they may still try to point the finger at me, I have learned without me they still have the same problems so it’s not me.  It’s a huge lesson which helped me grow and gave me tremendous amount of peace and release from toxic energy.

I use my story as an example but you can relate that lesson to so many scenarios.  When you find yourself in situations in life that steal your inner peace then something needs to change.  Maybe you can save the relationships or maybe you gotta go but take the time to evaluate everything.  The patterns will appear and then you can decide what is good and what is not.  All lessons are good but some don’t have to be so painful and everlasting.  The key thing to focus on is your own self-respect.  You gotta be the one who sets the boundaries.  If you give then someone will always take but not all give back.  That’s when the imbalances happen and resentment follows.  Resentment isn’t healthy for anyone.  If you have it towards someone then they are going to feel it and if they have towards you then you will feel it.  It’s doesn’t need to be said out loud to know it’s there but it can be felt and it hurts.  So how do you heal it?  If you have it towards another then you will need to dig deep and figure out why that is.  If you find it’s because you give more than you get back then you may need to step back a bit and put your own needs first for a while.  Sometimes this leads to a “wake up” with the others and they realize they shouldn’t take you for granted and sometimes it reveals the true colors of people and it’s time to go.  If someone has it towards you then again you got to go deep and search for anything you may have done to them that created the resentment.  Sometimes you find it and sometimes you just have to give them space to sort out their feelings and the judgement they have towards you.  If you find you were the cause then find your lesson in it so the heavy energy of resentment can shift into a healing one and everyone will feel the weight lifted.  That will help the relationship come into balance too.  The people in our lives are here to help in one way or another even when they drive us crazy.  Fun times I know 🙂

So my life went on and as always once you master a tough lesson you get the high from it and life appears more beautiful for a bit.  I was driving into work one day and the song My Wish by Rascal Flatts came on and the words spoke to me.  That song is part of a video Ron made for me on our 10th anniversary.   He made a sweet video of pictures of our life during the 10 years.  Pictures of us , our kids, things we’ve done, places we went.  It was a special gift and this song reminded me of what my life is truly about.  What everyone’s life is about really.  We all have people who love us.  If they bring you joy,  if they are there when you need them, if they matter to you then that’s love.  Life can bring a ton of struggle and extreme pain but there will always be someone or a few people in your life that can help you through.  It’s so important to step back during the difficult times to really see who is there and who brings the joy during your pain, who listens to understand so they can offer what they can to help you and who you know you can trust.  To feel like you have a handful of people who you can trust in this life is a special gift so always appreciate those people.  They are a rare find and they have found their way to you for a reason.  Always step out of the chaos and be grateful.  It changes everything for the better no matter how rough life is being at the moment.

This might be out by Valentine’s Day if all goes as planned so take this “Love” time of year and see it in your life.  It’s not about gifts, cards and fancy dates it’s about who is there for you, good , bad and always.  It’s about how do you feel about yourself and how do you allow others to treat you.  Do you feel you get what you deserve?  Do you feel people give back all that you give out?  Do you return the love that is shown to you? The journey of healing requires self love and without self love there will not be inner peace.  If you want peace then you gotta go deep and heal. If you want change then you gotta create it for yourself.  If you want respect then you gotta set the boundaries and be firm that nobody crosses them.   If you want people to love you then you gotta give it in return.  If you want to give it then you will need to learn to have it for yourself.  If you don’t have it for yourself then you gotta go deep and clear the blocks.  If you have it for yourself then SMILE because it’s a not an easy journey but you made it:)

Life will go in many directions.  It’s always changing and so unpredictable. The patterns will repeat. That doesn’t mean you don’t have the power to change it, heal it and find something to love about it. As it (kinda)says in the song…while your getting to where your going to …I hope this life becomes all that you want it to…and in the end I hope you know somebody loves you.  And you learn to love yourself too❤️.


I randomly pick these cards and 2 of them jumped out of the deck.  It’s always so fascinating how the cards fit the message in the blog too.

Self Care- this is a reminder that it is time to turn your focus onto yourself.  If you feel depleted then that’s a warning sign you may need a break.  It’s not selfish to take breaks and do things for your own well being.  It’s actually necessary so you can return to giving and doing for those you care for.

Outdoors- I feel like this one comes up a lot.  Nature is the best medicine.  Just get out there as much as possible and as much as needed.  You will feel the shift in your soul after just a few minutes.

Friendship- this can be symbolic for friends, partners, spouses or anyone that plays a positive role in your life.  Remember to be present in those relationships and not too focused on the chaos of life.  The more positive people you have surrounding you in life the better and easier it is to get through the difficult times. Make time for those people even if it is just an occasional call, text or outing.  We all need breaks from ever day life and if alone time isn’t needed its better to spend it with the good people in our life.

Full message of cards- It’s time to focus on yourself because you may be losing yourself a bit.  Outdoors is a good place to start even just by taking a quick walk or spend time looking out the window at the surrounding nature.  It’s time to bring yourself back into balance so you can connect with your “good people”.  Too much negativity can way a person down to the point that they pull away from others and this can strain relationships.  Be mindful of what’s going on within and make steps to change what no longer works for you.  One step at a time can make a huge difference in your life.  No steps keeps you in the same place.  You get to decide where you would rather be.

Always Believe…

I just noticed this is blog #150- that’s crazy! Never thought I could even write one.  Hope they have made somewhat of a difference in your lives:)






I thank God for my gifts and for always sending exactly what I need.  I ask my Angels to guide me as I write especially Archangel Gabriel and I thank them for the never ending nudges and signs.  I hold the intent that all of you will be mindful of your inner self.

I’m starting this one in November with the hope that I will complete it by the end of the year.  I had to take a break from writing this year because my life really did allow too much free time.  Lots of family issues, lots of schooling and lots of inner work that needed some attention this year and I just did not have the drive to keep up with the signs and messages the spirit world sends.  However, I set a goal to end the year with one motivating post that will help start 2017 off right.

So 2016 was not the best year for myself and for a lot of people I know.  I’m not sure exactly what it was energetically this year but it was a very intense time of transition for many.  Illness was a major issue for some and just so many unexpected issues showed up for people.  2016 was not my hardest year but it was one of my” I can’t wait until its over years.”  But as with everything in life there are always lessons and I did my best to learn as much as I could.  No matter how much you figure out life there will always be more to learn.  So if your year was tough and you are reading this right now then remind yourself that you did survive 2016 and chances are you learned a lot too.

My ultimate lesson of 2016 and a major reminder/kick in my ass was that all that is within me will show on the outside of me.  In other words whatever the vibration I have going on within myself will be what my life will mirror back to me.  When there is no peace on the inside then there is not peace on the outside and life becomes extremely challenging.  You can try to argue this idea but it is the way it is so pay close attention and you will learn this is very true.  On a positive note tho you always have the power to create harmony within so you will experience it on the out too.

You have the power but trying to get yourself to use it during a hell year is not easy to do.  When the negativity takes you over its not so easy to snap out of it and create harmony within.  However, NEVER NEVER lose HOPE!!  This year really tried to kill me and for 10 months of it I was not who I usually am but as soon as I decided to snap out of it things just kept getting better.  So please if any of you feel like you are too exhausted to try again just give it one more try in 2017.  Force all that you have in you just to see if this one decision can turn your life around.  Its so hard for me to watch people give up but I understand how giving up is tempting sometimes too.  It’s never easy to pull yourself out of a rut but it’s not impossible so just give a few minutes of focusing on a goal and let your vibration raise up so the outside gets a little brighter too.

Life for me consists of seeking out knowledge anywhere I can get it.  I learn from people, Guides, Angels, signs, animals/birds, nature and really anything/anyone that makes me wonder for a second that there is a reason why it was brought into my life and crossed my path.  Lately the seagull has been bringing me lots of messages.  I have many stories about why the seagull is a guide for me and this time it’s message is about being open to receive and remember to breathe when life is overwhelming.

A few years ago I was at the bay in Belmar, NJ when I saw a seagull with a tennis ball in it’s mouth.  I had no idea what the tennis ball meant but I knew seagulls symbolize rising above your problems.  So this year and within the last month or so the seagull keeps showing up even tho I’m no where near the beach and I have not seen too many around my house for a while.  But they find a way to cross my path anyway.  I also learned that the tennis ball is a message to “breathe”.  So it took me a few years to figure this message but the Angels won’t stop nudging and sending signs until you get it.  So now that I finally got it  I need to work with it so the message can help improve my life.

This is how the message works…they send it, you figure it out whenever you do but you need to use it and not doubt it.  Ex. I could say a seagull means this and a tennis ball means this and go on doing nothing with it but chances are I won’t be any different than I was just before those signs came to me.  To try to understand what the full message is will be what helps you on your journey and especially when you are struggling.  The whole point in opening up to your guides is so they can send you messages about ways to improve your life.  They don’t send you a text with a full breakdown about how your life will play out.  They send what you ask for and what you need for that moment so you can keep going.  They send all those “that’s weird” thingies that can make you a little crazy sometimes.  But they send them with lots of love and hope that you will use them to help yourself stay on the right path and keep the right frame of mind too.

Not every experience in life is meant to bring joy so even during your darker moments the guides will be there helping you clear the junk.  Dark moments are necessary when there is too much clutter on the inside so it can be sorted and healed which results in a higher vibration and a calmer outside too.

Which brings me to the second message from the seagull.  “You need to be what you wish to receive. ”  This message is what pushed me to use the last little bit of drive I had left to get myself out of my rut.  For me I have so many goals set for the next couple of years and I’ve been working very hard to stay focused and achieve those goals but every time my vibration lowered I knew I was pushing God’s plan away.  Think about those people in life who are so down and negative.  Those people are not welcoming and attractive to us so we automatically pull away.  That’s what the universe does with the positive experiences of life when your inside is not in a good and happy place.  Instead the universe sends your match and those will be people and experiences that mirror what is going on within you.  This is energy matching energy.  So if you want it then you got to be it.  Otherwise it won’t stick since the vibration will be off.  So luckily the guides are always trying to help us raise the vibration to match what we really desire even when we are stuck in a rut, pouting or just living in hell.

Like I say each year another year is ending but it’s a time for a new one to begin.  In Dec 2015 I was excited to get going in 2016 but by mid Jan 2016 my life was literally out of control and did not stop for 10 months.  In Sept I decided I needed to break this toxic cycle and made some steps towards improving myself.  By Oct I felt better and now in Nov I’m actually laughing about the chaos of 2016.  It’s true when they say “will any of this really matter in a year?”  Life is funny and scary sometimes but all of it is necessary.  Some of it does matter a year later but a lot of it you learn doesn’t and if you took the time to rise above your problems, breathe and match what you desire then you may have spared yourself all of those things that didn’t really matter this year .  Some of us need to learn the hard way even though our guides are smacking us in the face over and over.  In the end the only thing that matters is that you learn.

So as the new year begins try to let go of what doesn’t matter but hold onto what does matter.  You need people and things in life that have meaning to you because those are your real gifts from your guides.  Those are the sparks for your times of darkness which raises your vibration to match your desires too.  We all have a desire for inner peace but we also have life challenging us each day.  It’s a decision.  I have a quote in my office that says “You discover your own resilence -that’s one thing I want to convey.  You think you’re going to break…and you don’t.”  I’m not sure who said this but I cut it out years ago and saved it.  Each day of your life a decision needs to be made.  Do you you break or do you thrive?  No matter who you are it is a fact that at some point in the day the junk in your life runs through your mind and you either decide to deal with it or you run from it(although you think you are running but it’s still deep in there lol).  This is where you have the power to bring harmony within.  You have the ability to decide how your attitude will be towards your situation in that moment as those thoughts run through your mind.  DON’T try to figure the whole thing out but just attempt to look at things as a way to learn from your life rather than crumble into pieces because of your life. Coping is easier when you can understand something and learning from your life brings so much understanding about your inner world too.   It’s that one decision to thrive rather than break that makes your inner world filled with hope and raises your vibration.  It’s an attitude that believes your situation is not a permanent one and things have a chance to get better in the future.  Dark times are needed to clear the path so good things come in the future.  When those buried emotions and traumas are inside they lower your vibration even when you think they have been long gone.  Energy knows energy so when it’s hidden to the mind energy will come along so it can bring it back to the surface.  People and experiences happen for reasons and they match where we are energetically.  Depending on how in tuned you are with energy you can usually feel the shift of when it’s time to move closer to someone /something and when it’s time to move away.  But every person and experience serves a purpose and it’s not so much about the amount of time it took but more about the impact it had on your life.  Major things can happen in a short time but for some people it could take years to learn the lesson.  In most cases those are the ones that ignore their intuition and stay where they don’t belong which makes them unhappy in life.  Do your best not to be that person.

As we enter into 2017 I can’t promise you a year without drama but I can promise you if you stay aware of your inner world then it’s easier to deal with the outer.  It’s always matching so if it’s a struggle on the outside then there is a struggle on the inside that needs attention.   So when you think you are ready to break then remember you won’t, when you feel overwhelmed then remind yourself to breathe and when you look back at 2016 let go of what doesn’t matter but hold onto who and what does matter.  Energy knows and energy travels so there is no hiding from it because it’s always responding to what you are sending out.  Be mindful of what you are sending because sooner or later it will be matched.

Happy New Year!! I hope all of you have a really good 2017:)


Teaching and Learning-  it’s time to learn new things.  a sign for some of you to be aware of any opportunities in 2017 that involve teaching.  Think about what your passions are and it will help lead you to what you are meant to learn or teach in the New Year.  Good Luck 🙂  I’m a big believer in following the nudges to learn new things!  Trust those and you will find they took you places you love going.

Nature- this is where you need to go.  This card pops up a lot for these blogs and I’m sure so many of you are sensitive souls.  Meaning you get overwhelmed by the energy around you.  Nature can help ground you and bring you a lot of clarity.  Try to make that something you do more often in 2017.

Card for 2017

Pray-  Prayer really is the life saver during dark days.  You don’t need to be a super religious person to pray.  It can be done in so many ways and to any “higher power” you connect with in life.  It’s more about giving up control of your own life and reaching out for help.  The only way you will see how powerful it is will be by doing it and watching how much it changes your life in a positive way.  Just remember sometimes prayers are answered in ways we don’t expect but it’s what is best for our needs.

Always Believe…


Real Deal

I thank God for my gifts and for all the blessings in disguise throughout my life.  I ask my Angels to guide me as I write especially Archangel Gabriel and I thank them for these nudges.  I hold the intent that all of you will just go with it.

So 2016 has been one very insane year for me so far.  I started massage therapy school, my family life is all over the place with so many different issues and its baseball season which is insane all by itself.  Lots of WTFs have been said since the New Year started.  But now its time to reorganize myself so I can “just go” with life as it is going.

This one is about Living.  Life can be so funny and yet so F’ed up at the same time.  Surviving life really just comes down to how well you learn to laugh at it sometimes.  Sometimes you really just need to throw your hands up and say “you gotta be F-ing kidding me” and it really makes you feel better.  It’s those moments when you are thinking what else could possibly go on and suddenly more craziness comes your way.  Right on top of the crazy that you are barely handling.  Sometimes you gotta wonder what is this “Master Plan” all about?  Who creates this “journey” and why is it some have it easier than others?  BTW nobody has it easier than the other, just different styles and experiences of learning.  No matter how “fancy/blessed” life looks on social media if we all swapped lives for a week we would learn the true dirt of it all.  It’s life and that’s real life.  However, its easy to get caught up in comparing lives and thinking maybe you got a little gypped along the way.  But actually the crazy life is the “real” good life since you get to experience and learn from the real deal.  Not the social media idea of the so-called good life.  I see 333- they agree.

Think about the cards you have been dealt this time around.  If you are like me then there are most likely challenges in every area of your life.  Balance is my major lesson to be learned this time and life has a very good way of making me squirm so I learn how to balance out.  The first half of this year has challenged all that I have gained during the last 10 years of my intense spiritual journey.  Each day has presented a choice to quit and cry or push forward and survive.  I’m a big believer in prayer and surrendering to God/higher power and many times I pleaded for mercy because its just a tough time for me right now.  Always within a day or two after surrendering to the “master plan” I felt peace and strength lifting my soul.  The master plan is real and it’s not always joyous but it’s what your life’s purpose has mapped out to get you to stay on the right track.  When we stumble off the path we must surrender to God /higher power so we can find our way again.  When we don’t surrender then we suffer since we try to control and live what we think life “should” be rather than living and learning through each challenge of how life actually is in the present.  As F’ed up as that may be it’s the real deal and you must learn from it before you can change it.

When life gets “out of control” it’s helpful to step back from it all for a little bit.  Meaning even if for 10 minutes you sit and observe all that is going on around you so you can decide what needs your attention and what does not at that moment.  Trying to handle it all at once is way too much for anyone so simplify as much as possible and it will help a great deal.  Sometimes you need to walk away from it all for a day and sleep on it for a night so you can get grounded and focused.  I find that my volunteer work helps me detach from the drama in my life and gives me a chance to ground myself so I can go on with a happy and positive way of life.  Even when I feel I don’t have time I still make the time since it keeps me from wasting my time on things that add to my stresses.  It’s using my time more wisely and that helps me feel better overall.  Whatever it is that you enjoy doing and it always makes you feel better then give yourself the break and go do those things.  Even when life is just a little chaotic it’s a good thing to do for yourself.

So life has a way of making you crazy.  You can cry, you can scream, you can sulk but you can also laugh, learn and live.  First you gotta laugh at the insanity of it all because really some things are just that F’ed up and that’s all you can do to keep yourself together.  Then you have to question what the lesson is inside the craziness.  It’s in there but sometimes it’s not so obvious and you may need a day or two to walk away so you can come back with a fresh new outlook on life.  That’s when the lesson tends to appear and you have the stamina to persevere.  Finally you have to live.  You have to remind yourself life gets hard but not so hard that it stops you from enjoying things in it.  Yes some things and people make life tough but again stepping away also makes those things and people not your main focus.  It’s learning what and who does or does not need your attention.  It’s keeping your master plan on schedule because some things and people are not part of the entire plan just a piece of it so be aware of when that time is up.

I say “F- it” a lot but I also believe in saying “bring it”.  Bring all that I need to change me so I can constantly grow and serve my purpose in this life.  People don’t change by staying comfortable they change by hardships, illness, crisis and living the real deal life.  To strive to live life by saying or pretending you have this or live in this or look like this then you are just missing out.  The real deal life has challenges but it also has real people connecting with you to help you through those challenges, it has opportunities to help others through the real deal life, it’s reaching a point within yourself that you don’t fear having your life exposed as it really is which is true freedom as well.  It’s a beautiful thing to accept life as it is and it’s a healing thing to figure out why life is the way it is for you.  It’s a unique thing to take the cards you have been dealt and hold onto them rather than trying to trade them for something better.

Your cards have been dealt for a reason.  They are what you need to change you into who you truly are inside.  They can’t be traded because nobody has anything better they just have something different.  Work with your cards and find ways to put them into the order that best helps you stay on the right path.  Decide which cards no longer fit and which ones need to stay.  The plan has been set and each card plays a role.  Real life is no joke and real people don’t play games.  Say F it as needed, cry, scream, sulk , laugh, learn and always live life as the real deal.


When I picked these cards I asked for support with channeling and help with cutting negative cords.  I have not written in 6 months because when I’m off within myself  my channeling ability is off too.  I sense a lot of negative energy being directed towards me lately and at times it brings me down until I take time to clear and protect myself.  When these messages come to me and I’m guided to write it’s always because someone else needs the info for their own life too.  If that’s you then listen to these cards and blog so they can help you get out of your funk.

Archangel Metatron- helps those who are beginning to walk the spiritual path.  He helps to bring peace and understanding to situations you feel are unfair or imbalanced.  Helps you to let go of resentment and unforgiveness.

Manifest- reminding you that your thoughts are manifesting everything in your life.  Be mindful of your thoughts so you can change them as needed if they are not positive.

You are Safe- St Michael’s card- call on him as needed to clear any negative attachments and stress.

Always Believe…








I thank God for my gifts and for sending so many changes my way.  I ask my Angels to guide me as I write especially Archangel Gabriel and I thank them for keeping me on the right path.  I hold the intent all of you will learn to listen.

Its the last post of 2015 and as always I like to get everyone recharged for the next year.  I sense a good year approaching and depending on how well you keep yourself together it can bring many good things your way as well.

My 2015 was pretty smooth.  It started a little rocky in the beginning because of changes within my job but that’s worked out and it was meant to push me into taking steps towards another career.  We need pushes and we need to be scared every so often to force us out of our comfort zone and into a new chapter.  My new chapter starts in 2016 and my 2015 was a time of letting go of the old.  Lots of letting go happened for me this year and lots of new ideas were able to come to the surface after I cleared my clutter.  I’m in a really healthy place mentally and spiritually right now which helps to draw in what I have desired for a long time now.  It starts with a desire and it requires A LOT of work to get ready for it to enter your life but in the end you realize it was worth the wait.

This one is about Seeing it Through.  In a world where nobody knows how to wait for anything we are challenged by our soul to wait.  In your physical world pretty much anything you want can be right there instantly.  We humans have found a way to live life as fast as we can and then cry that we never have enough time.   But our souls know how to slow us down and all we can do is surrender to it.  You can’t force your soul to do anything it’s not ready to do so it’s best to learn patience so you can achieve mind, body and spirit harmony.

A lot of times in life we find ourselves thinking about what we want, what will be and how it will happen.  The easiest way to train yourself to wait patiently is by stopping those thoughts at “what you want.”  Our minds are wired to run nonstop and so many thoughts can sneak in and turn our minds into believing the worst.  This is why it takes A LOT OF WORK to draw in what you desire. If you think repetitive negative thoughts then you create repetitive negative experiences.  Your soul will not surrender to your mind, you must surrender your mind to your soul.  Your soul is your core and it functions from the heart which is how you live out your true self.  Your mind has a lot of fearful power that can take you to places you don’t need to go.  Your heart has fire, stamina, desire that can build you up so you can reach your destiny that you so desire.

Although it can be a battle within yourself to stay focused on your hopes and dreams time does prove it was worth the wait.  Our lives are destined for great things.  All of our lives no matter what you have done in your past.  However, what you have done in your past can haunt your present and future. It can rob you of inner peace and it can distort your visions.  Ex.   When one does not make peace with their past mistakes or actions it stays with them and consistently reminds them of their so called wrong doings.  What happens in their present is they can’t focus on the now because they are still living in the past.  The past is recreated over and over which tends to make the mind believe their unhappy present is because of their past.  When you get stuck in the past you can’t live in the now and there won’t be any creating the future.  You can’t create something new when you hold onto the old too tight.  There isn’t any room because there is too much clutter taking up space.  That’s why giving yourself a break helps you sort it all out and start fresh.

The waiting game is actually a chance for yourself to grow.  It’s a time to look at yourself and see if you are truly ready for what you want.  Can you handle it right now or do you still need some time to grow?  Many times we think we are ready when we are not.  Thank goodness our souls and the universe play a role in making us wait until it’s the right time.  It always makes perfect sense why some things needed to happen later in our lives rather than earlier.  Think about it for a minute and recall those times when you thought you were really ready but realized later you were not.

Honesty plays a big role in the waiting too because you really need to be honest with yourself about how you feel about yourself, your hopes and dreams and most importantly do you feel worthy.  Your mind can say so many false words to you but when you can feel something, it’s true.  Do you feel ready?  Do you feel worthy? Do you feel your dreams can become reality?  Those feelings will tell you the truth and reveal the work that may be needed too.  Listen to them and trust them then let them heal your way to your desired destiny.

Confusion plays a part as well because it’s not just a matter of having a desire it becomes an issue of trying to figure out how that desire will become reality.  Waiting is easier when you stop yourself from wondering about the “hows”, “whys” and “whens”.  Confusion never gives you that feeling of “this is right” it tries to question you rather than allow you to relax.  In moments of confusion its best to again take a break and allow yourself to receive some guidance.  Whatever it is that you do to relax do that and the guidance will come.  It will be a feeling, an idea or sign.  Listen and allow those to take you places you need to go.

Sometimes life takes you many places and not just on a straight run to one particular destination.  Those rides test you the most.  But those are the best because when you get yourself in a good place within you see how fascinating the ride has been.  You see how each and every stop along the way gave you something you needed.  You realize you have gone places you didn’t know you could survive, didn’t know you would love and didn’t know you needed.  Your soul knew and your mind had no other choice but to go along for the ride.  When you surrender the mind to the soul you get to enjoy the ride.  When you don’t you just keep repeating the last stop since you didn’t get what you needed there.  You have places to go so don’t stay in the same spot.

I’ve made it no secret in these blogs that I have had my share of struggles in  my life.  I’ve gone to many places over the last 10 years that have allowed me to find my place and showed me where I’m headed on this journey.  The best thing I did for myself as I was fighting my struggles was I learned how to calm my mind.  I practiced meditation, I pray daily and multiple times too, I separate myself as needed from the drama that goes on around me and I listen to myself about what I desire and need.  I told the story a few years ago about a time I was meditating on the beach and the sea gull lead me to a feather and a conch shell.  I never fully figured out the message of the shell until a few months ago.  I saw something with that shell and the words ”  there is a voice that doesn’t use words…intuition…listen”  Your intuition can take you many positive places you just need to calm down so you can listen to it.

It’s another year and another chance to begin again.  Take the ride and move on from the last stop. The next stop may not be visible yet but it’s where you need to be.  Don’t wonder too much about “how, when or why” but observe the now and work with what is going on so you are ready for what’s next.  Life is about living and not standing still.  It’s about searching and finding not repeating that same over and over.  There is a feeling in your soul that tells you when it’s time to move.  It could be move forward, move away or move inward.  That feeling won’t come when we sit stagnant since the state of confusion keeps it away.  When the mind clears the feeling returns.  That feeling is all you need to find the right place.

We all have a place in this world.  It’s a place we get to design for ourselves.  It’s a place where we belong.  It’s a place we spend most of our lives trying to reach.  There’s a voice that doesn’t use words, it’s a place within yourself that feels, it’s your soul guiding you to go places because staying the same just isn’t right.  Listen to your soul, feel what it is telling you and even though it will make you wait let it take you to the places where you belong.

Cards-a helicopter is going by as I pick them so it’s a sign to expect a positive outcome too.  Let’s see what they send

Outdoors- this is where you need to go to clear your mind- you should feel a sense of calmness after a few minutes and then the guidance will start coming in too.  Smile when you notice the helicopter fly by because it’s a sign confirming your ideas will lead to a positive outcome:)

Expression-  this year is going to give you many chances to show your true self- take those chances and let them lead you to the right people and places which will help you end up where you desire and are meant to go

Divine Purpose- this one jump out on its own- this is the year your purpose really starts to come alive and the work needed will present itself to you.  FOCUS is key for the transformation your life needs- Keep yourself clear minded as much as possible because doubt and confusion will only take you in the wrong direction.  This is when outdoors will keep you together.  2016 is your chance – TRUST the journey and KNOW it’s what you need and want even when it requires you to wait to see the end result.

From me to all of you…

I hope 2016 takes you many places you never thought possible.  Life isn’t always smooth but smoothing it out as needed moves you along.  Nothing lasts too long so try to push forward this year.  Great things happen after a long struggle.  Things you can’t see right now but are destined for you to see in the future.  Live the now and let all that’s meant to happen unfold as it should.  You won’t be sorry.  Happy New Year!! Be safe, happy and healthy:)

Always Believe…











I thank God for my gifts and for giving me strength to heal along my journey.  I ask my Angels especially Archangel Gabriel to guide me as I write and I thank them for sending me nudges so these messages are sent at the right time.  I hold the intent all of you will take a chance on trust.

Whenever I get these messages about trust I often wonder how the story will go.  Trust is one of those things in my life that I’m a little stingy with because it’s hard for me to do.  I’m learning but I’m still cautious too.  I really wish everyone was trustworthy but life has taught me many are not.  So I’m cautious about who I trust and I’m cautious about who I deny trust to as well.  I try not to assume or hold grudges because sometimes it’s better to take a chance rather than live in fear that something will go wrong.  Like life in general we never know what will happen until we let it happen so I try to look at all the angles before I decide if someone/something is worth my trust.  When you learn to trust your gut it makes figuring out who is trustworthy a little easier.

So this one is about clearing cords and learning to trust.  I see 222.  My son Aydin teaches me so much.  He can make me crazy at times but he shows me a lot about myself too.  There is something about Moms and their sons, they are our babies and it’s hard to let go and trust the world will be good to them.  I have a daughter too but with Rylee I’m more trusting that she will always figure it out and thrive.  I want her to be really confident in life so I don’t hold the cord so tight with her. I like her to get out there and live her way.  Sometimes she thinks she’s a boy but that’s her way lol.   She’s my second child so she didn’t have much of a choice anyway.  She was kinda forced to go with the flow lol.

I have a memory of a time with Aydin when he was 5.  I keep this memory in my head and every so often it comes back to me and I allow it to remind me to trust.  I think we were walking into school and I was behind him and I went to put my hand on his shoulder so I could hold onto him.  He shrugged his shoulder and turned and looked at me with a face that was saying “let me fly.”  He didn’t say anything to me but I knew by his eyes what he was telling me.  So I let go and it was tough but I started to learn how to trust he is ok without me sometimes.  Tough moment for a Mom but I still use that memory to help me now that he is 8 and with many other things in my life too.  It was a life lesson about how trust and loosening the cords are a necessary part of living a peaceful life.

So trust is one of those areas of life that makes you think.  I believe we are all connected as they say but I personally feel not everyone has seen the light within yet and some of the darker souls cause a lot of harm to others.  However, people are capable of changing over time and they become a brighter soul.  When it comes to trusting another who has once been untrusting to you it’s a bit of a challenge.  It’s not wrong to be cautious but sometimes it’s not right to be stubborn.  Not to say there are not those times when someone may need a little more work until they find the light.  Those are the times when keeping some distance may be the best thing to do for yourself.  That’s when working on forgiveness is needed so trust can be built later when the time is right.

For the ones that have changed and forgiveness has been accomplished, building trust would be the next level.  Again it’s ok to be cautious but being too stubborn might actually hurt you as well as them too.  Ex.  Everyone knows what it feels like to be hurt and we all know what it feels like to hurt another.  We have all hurt someone or many in our life at some point so if you think for a minute you will recall those people who you have hurt.  So what happens when you are the one that was hurt by another?  Most of the time you get angry, refuse to look at their reasons for their actions and a lot of times shut them out of your life.  So what happens when you hurt another and they don’t forgive you?  They stay angry at you, they don’t understand your actions and they usually shut you out because they are afraid you will hurt them again.  So whichever side you are on both are painful.  To be the one who was harmed feels just as bad as being the one who is not forgiven.  I see 888 abundance coming.  That’s also a sign that there is about to be a huge weight lifted from a relationship.

When you grow strong enough to release cords and pain then you allow freedom to enter for both sides.  Even when you part ways and are no longer physically attached trust still plays a role since you will need to trust yourself in your decision to let go, trust the purpose has been served with the relationship and trust there was a reason why it was a part of your life.  If it’s someone who you stay physically connected to then trust there is a reason why this person has not left your life yet.  Maybe they are teaching you how to trust again after being hurt?  If they are still there then there is still work that needs to be done.  On a soul level we all know when it’s time to move away or move closer.  Our minds don’t always know this but our souls do it naturally for us.  It’s part of the soul contract and sometimes you just need to trust there is a bigger plan than what you can see right now. Think about the people who have come and gone in your life and those who seem to never leave or they show up as needed.  It’s interesting once you notice how soul contracts play out in our lives.  Some pleasant and some not so pleasant but they all serve a purpose so just trust it’s for a reason and try to do the healing work that’s needed so all souls can feel free.

It’s a rule that you can’t give out what you don’t have within so TRUST has to begin within.  You have to release so you can let yourself fly.  Just like Aydin teaches me…you have to let go and stumble sometimes but always trust you will survive.  Holding on is the same as keeping control.  Control and trust do not mix.  You can’t have both at the same time.  You can’t be stubborn with trust because then you are trying to mix in control and it won’t happen.  If you dangle your trust in front of someone and say “if you do this, this and this” then I’ll trust you it’s using control rather than building trust.  If you expect someone to trust you but you show nothing and say nothing then it’s you who is using control on yourself since you do not express.  Words to follow in life.  Communication helps with forgiveness, forgiveness helps to build trust, it takes communication, forgiveness and trust to create a loving relationship.  There is no room for control and sometimes there are no guarantees relationships will last but healing will always occur.  Healing offers freedom and freedom lets you live without fear because you know you can always get back up if you fall.

People will hurt you, some won’t care that they hurt you, some will continue to hurt you, some will spent their life wishing they didn’t hurt you and some will never hurt you.  No matter who it is try your best to open your heart.  If they hurt you and continue to hurt you then try to understand no you don’t deserve it and no they should not be in your daily life but they hurt you because they are extremely hurting in their inner world.  Observe their actions and observe their life and you will see the pain even if they think they are hiding it you will still see it.  If they hurt you and they regret it then try to offer forgiveness because when we see both sides and feel how the other feels it helps us reach a new understanding and then we wish to free the tangled cords.  If they never hurt you then be grateful they are in your life and make time to let them know that you care.  It keeps the relationship alive too.

A few weeks ago I was getting strong messages from the crows. When I asked for a clear message, one crow flew onto my fence and had a pretzel in its mouth.  The pretzel is symbolic for untying knots.  Crows are messengers that change is coming and it’s important to trust the changes are necessary even when they seem like they are unfair or confusing.  In life when there are tight knots formed because of lack of forgiveness and lack of trust, it literally cuts off peace from entering your mind and heart.  There can’t be a healthy flow in a relationship when the kinks exist.  It takes work, time and growth to smooth the kinks but each step forward allows more peace to enter for all who are involved.

When we enter this world we really come here to learn.  Learn to love and learn to love unconditionally.  You need to learn how to communicate, forgive and trust in order to really love unconditionally.  It can take an entire lifetime to learn but those are your keys to freedom.  Mind, body and soul freedom.  When you learn to release the negative thoughts about hurts then you heal your mind.  When you learn to release emotions from hurts then your body will function better.  When you open your heart and offer forgiveness, listen to another and begin to trust then you have healed your soul and set yourself free.

There are traumas in life.  There are so many painful moments that happen so we learn how to cope and pick ourselves up so we can continue on this journey.  Life is not easy but life can be a little easier if we don’t hold the cords so tight.  It’s a choice to either suffocate yourself by blocking peace or allow yourself to breathe by letting go and loosening the knots.  No matter how badly something or someone hurt you there is always a chance to heal.  The opportunity is always present but YOU must make the decision to heal.

So try to begin the process of trusting again.  There are plenty of people who will never hurt you so do try to avoid being too stubborn with your trust.  Cautious is acceptable but stubborn can block good things and people from entering your life.  Try to forgive those who have hurt you and when it’s time to trust them again make some small steps towards clearing the cords.  There is a life line that connects us all and they only thing that keeps that line clear is love.  Love is freedom.  Love heals everything.  It’s when you are able to open your heart and allow love in, your soul finds peace and helps you untangle the cords.


I asked my kids to pick the cards.


Breathe- it’s crazy how the card always fit too.  It’s a sign guiding you to the direction that will be most beneficial for your life.  Tangled cords are suffocating so it’s best to release them.

Leadership- I feel this one is telling you that it needs to be YOU who takes the step towards healing the relationship.  Go inward for a little bit and see if you are holding a grudge or being a bit too stubborn.  Be honest with yourself because it’s about freeing yourself from unnecessary pain.


Love Yourself- a message to let love in and allow yourself to feel peace on a soul level so life can be less painful.

Send Love- telling you to bring the energy of love into any strained relationship.  It’s opening the door to healing and once you open the door those who are connected with begin to feel the freedom as the tangled cords clear.  It’s a matter of wishing peace for yourself and another rather than being the reason for their pain and suffering in life.  The heart never wants to hurt anyone. The ego causes the hurt.  Try to see beyond another’s ego and it makes sending love a lot easier.

Always Believe…

Pink Sky

I thank God for my gifts and for showing me a new way of life. I ask my Angels to guide me as I write especially Archangel Gabriel and I thank them for always staying by my side.  I hold the intent all of you will allow the next chapter of your life to begin.

I never know what will happen next in my life and the same goes for these blogs.  I started one in July and thought that was the next one to go out but it’s not done yet and now this one seems to be nudging its way in front.  So this is the next one and the other will go out when I get that nudge.  I simply send the messages and have learned not to question divine timing.  Hope this one helps.

This one is about New Chapters in Life.  It is said that when one door closes another opens.  So many times in my life and I’m sure yours the door that closed was a blessing in disguise.  Endings are tough and changes take a lot of faith to get through but life was not meant to stay the same forever and things need to end so new things can come to life.  Sometimes it’s tough, sometimes it’s awesome but it’s always meant to be.

As the door is about to close there is a lot of letting go that takes place.  These are the times when we try to hold on too tight because we fear what’s to come.  Even though what’s to come may be really good for us it’s hard to trust the changes taking place.  These are the moments when you must have a lot of faith in yourself and in the Divine plan of your life.  These are the times when you need to have a talk with yourself about how you are going to handle the end of this chapter in your life.  Peace comes from going within and learning about yourself, who you really are and what you really need for you.  DON’T get caught up in everyone else’s opinions because they can’t live for you, you must live for you.

Endings happen in so many ways, relationships split, career changes, change of location, loss of loved ones, job loss or anything that’s rattles your “regular life”.  It’s always an emotional process but in the end you will survive it all.  As far as relationships go we all know they are the most complicated parts of our lives.  From a spiritual point of view it is said we chose the people in our lives for certain reasons.  When you are here on earth as a human sometimes we wonder wtf were we thinking when we chose them lol.  It seems as though we lose a little patience and understanding when we come into this life because not all people in our lives are easy to love and can make us crazy. Sometimes it requires work and sometimes it’s time to end it all together.  When you reach the “do I stay or do I go” crossroad its best to ask yourself “what is this relationship doing to me on each level mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually?”  If it’s not helping you then it’s time to do what’s best for you.

Career changes, loss of a job, changing locations also can be an emotional process but those also lead to better things.  So many times in life we don’t see how staying where we are to avoid change is actually hurting our growth and happiness.  It’s the security thing that keeps so many of us prisoner.  The “what ifs” that freak us out so we crawl back into our regular life that is screaming for some changes.

Those of you who have been following me for the last few years already know I do a lot of changing lol.  I’m always getting involved with something new or testing out a new path to follow.  I like it that way.  Not everything I’ve tried has turned into something huge but it always takes me to a new level within myself.  I’m in what I consider a transition phase.  I foresee the next 2-3 yrs of my life being about changes in every area of my life.  Can I say exactly what those will be? Nope, but I search anyway and I entertain every idea I get and ALWAYS follow what feels the best for me.  It’s a nice way to set goals, create visions, dreams and just avoid getting stuck in a rut.

Even though job loss, career moves  or change of location can be shocking and frightening they do not have to be paralyzing I see 777- on the right path.  Try not to get stuck in the rut and let those “what ifs” freak you out.  Take a few minutes to visualize your life a few years down the road.  Where do you see yourself?  We all know life goes by quick and when you reach 30 it really goes by fast so don’t let 10,20,30 years go by and you never did what you really wanted to do.  If you want a new career then figure it out and go for it.  If you lost your job then think about what else you may enjoy doing because the reason for the loss may be because it’s time to do what you are meant to do.  If you want to move then move.

I’m in the process of starting a new career and changing my location.  It took me 10 years to finally sign up for massage therapy school which I will start in January and within 2-3 years I hope to be living in Florida.  Do I fight the “what ifs?” Absolutely but I focus on “where do I want to be in my future.”  What’s right for me and what steps do I need to take to make that happen.  We all have the ability to create our futures…what would you create for yourself? I see 999- time to work your purpose – so fitting too

Loss of a loved one-  I’m not sure there are any perfect words about how to cope with this change.  At some point we all go through it.  It’s rough and everyone takes their own time and has their own ways during the healing process.  However, believing is so comforting during the grieving and healing process.  Knowing they are still with you in spirit form has a way of bringing so much peace.  As you let yourself entertain the idea that just maybe there is life after death then you might just find your loved ones start sending you many messages.  They need us to open that door before they enter it.  They wait for you to recognize their new body that you can’t always see but will be able to sense.  They are with you and it’s not crazy talk when people say they hear, feel and sense a being from the otherside.  But if you can reach the point of accepting their passing just enough so the door to the spirit world can crack open and communication can begin you will learn very quickly how easily they can be by your side anytime you ask for them.  Test it out and ask your loved ones to send you an undeniable sign.  I see 222- keep the faith.  They won’t let you down once you let them in.

So new chapters happen and even the painful ones have a lesson.  Scary and emotional yes but like everything else in life “you get through it.” When you allow yourself to let go sometimes then you learn so much about yourself too.  You realize you don’t have the control you thought you had over your own life.  You learn you can’t always handle it all on your own because you need people to help.  You learn that by letting go you allow peace to enter.  The biggest lesson you learn is once again it worked out as it was meant to be.  Just like every other time you freaked out and worried about the “what ifs”.  It always works out…you just need to let go and trust the plan.

Recently my guides gave me a sign to help me through my transitional phase.  They sent me a pink sky as a sign to remind me- I’m in the middle and even though I can’t see the end I have to give things time and just keep going.  Now whenever I see a pink sky it gives me peace and strength to just keep going.  Sunsets bring pink skies and sunrises do the same.  I see 333- they agree with your thoughts.  Every sunset in your life will bring you a sunrise at some point.  Every sunrise will eventually bring a sunset.  Life goes up and down.  The ups tend to bring lots of new beginnings and joyous moments and the downs usually bring the endings and painful moments.  They both have so much to teach us and they are necessary so our lives constantly change.

As life brings changes be sure to give yourself the chance to deal with those changes.  Meaning- don’t fight them, don’t stress about them but work through them by learning what they are teaching you.  Pay attention to what your life is saying to you during the change.  Ex if a relationship is ending then try not to look at like it’s happening so you feel pain but life is actually saying “here is an opportunity to change your life because you are ready for the next chapter”.  Things won’t change unless it’s time so if something or someone is leaving then understand it’s for a really good reason even though you can’t see it yet. Like everything in life the more you focus on the lesson rather than the fears the smoother the process goes.

So welcome the new chapter of your life.  Be curious about what it has to offer you.  Take time for you, create your future, dream, heal but don’t get stuck in a rut. Time goes fast because we are meant to keep moving.  There will always be sunrises and sunsets since we must go though light and dark times.  And when the sky turns pink make sure you look up because life will be telling you it’s all going to be ok.


Explore- basically figure it out lol- search for it so you can find what ever it is you are looking for in life…love, career, peace etc- it’s there to be found but not until you take the time to bring it your way.  I see 777- on the right path.  Set your intention and ask the universe to support it and all that is desired will appear.  Trust and patience are key!!

Crystal Clear Intentions-  make sure you are specific with what you want- make up your mind- try not to ask but at the same time attach fear as though it may not happen.  Just ask as though you will receive and let go so the higher powers can provide your wishes.

So the cards are telling me someone is in a rut.  First, listen to the words in this post.  Then focus on what the cards are telling you.  Really take time to think about what you want.  Make some serious decisions about which way you want your life to go.  Where do you see yourself in a few years if you do nothing?  Where do you see yourself if you make some moves towards the change you desire?  Your vision needs to be the one that brings you the most joy.  That’s the one which will create the desired future.  This is when trusting the plan is so important so your vision becomes reality.  Try not to attach fear to that vision.  Just like the cards if we attach fear it’s as though we are saying we want this but we really think it’s never going to happen and then we create it won’t happen for ourselves.  Every thought has the power to create so it’s so important to keep them filled with hope and faith that things will work out.  Hope it helps.

Always Believe…

Round Two

I thank God for my gifts and for helping me through this life.  I ask my Angels especially Archangel Gabriel to guide me as I write and I thank them for their help along my journey.  I hold the intent all of you will learn to live for YOU.

I celebrated my final birthday in my 30’s last month and for the last few years each year I make a promise to myself on my Bday about what I want my focus to be for the next year.  This year I promised myself I will stay focused on manifesting the life I choose rather than what I allowed life to choose for me over the years.  Some people dread 40 but I’m really looking forward to using everything I have learned in my 20’s and 30’s so I can enjoy my 40’s and beyond by not dwelling on the petty stuff.  I like who I am today and I’m grateful for the experiences and challenges my life has thrown me so I could reach that peace within myself.  The ultimate lesson I’ve learned in 39 yrs is to always ask myself how I feel rather than asking others what they feel when it comes to making decisions about my life.  I learned to understand this is my life and it’s meant to be lived by me so sometimes boundaries are needed to keep it that way.  I see 222. I learned sometimes opinions of others should not matter if they stop me from where I desire to go.  And another major lesson learned is to live by my heart and not my ego.  That’s the one that keeps me going and will never steer me wrong.

This one is about Making It Yours.  It’s said that the first 20 yrs of life are about gathering knowledge from others (parents, teachers, churches etc) and then after that you take the knowledge and use it in your life.  It’s true during the first 20 years you need some direction in life but sometimes it’s hard to fit yourself into that mold everyone has created for you.  The pressures of “what are you going to be in life?”  Are you going to be successful, happily married/in a good relationship, have children, be some kind of superstar etc.  But then life has a different mold and you end up changing so much that you no longer fit into the mold everyone else has created for you.  Maybe you have created a mold for yourself that does not fit you and you continue to waste time trying to make it fit?  No matter how hard you try if you don’t belong there then it won’t work.  Break the mold and keep searching for your place.

Life has a funny way of disguising lessons.  They often feel like unfair, heart breaking and “are you f-ing kidding me”  moments. They can be those times in life when everything crashes down at once.  When you feel backed into a corner by the demands of your outer world and there is no escape.  But what most don’t realize is there is an easy way out.  It’s through yourself and nothing else.

Here’s the key part of living for YOURSELF…you MUST feel worthy of the life you desire.  Get rid of the doubts, the regrets, the shame, the energy drainers and anything that feeds your ego and not your heart.  If you always live your life by what you believe others think is right then you will forever be trying to stuff yourself into the mold that does not fit you.  You don’t have to be a jerk or self centered person but you must be strong, determined and able to say NO to others as needed.  You MUST be able to forgive yourself for your past and let go of regrets so you begin to love who you are today rather than beat yourself up for who you were before.  Remember NOBODY is perfect no matter how much you think their life is it’s NOT.  We all have lessons and challenges that we are facing in various ways so try not to compare your life to others since their journey is unique to them and not intended for you.  However, when you find souls who have a similar journey it’s good to help each other out once in a while but remember to set healthy boundaries.

Since each of us are on our own journey it may take some longer than others to find where they belong in life.  I personally feel I went from being a naive 20 year old and in less than 20 years grew to think like an 80 yr old that knows what life was really meant to be about.  I see 777- on the right path.  My 30’s have been crazy with the amount of knowledge I have collected.  In my 20’s I started out lost.  By 25 I started to figure some things out or at least know what I desired.  Once I hit 31 I really started to change.  Now at 39 I look back some days ashamed of things I have done in my past but I also learn to let those go at the same time.  Everything is a lesson and it’s all part of the journey.  I will say those you choose to have a relationship with can make or break your personal growth.  Warning signs- if you settle you will not be happy and  if it’s abusive then it’s time to get out.  Always go inward and ask yourself how you truly feel about where you are in life and who may be blocking you from finding peace.  It always needs to be about you first then once you are content you will be able to bring joy to others.

Understanding life is very unpredictable helps with every change along the journey.  For a parent, teacher, friend, religious figure or anyone else who may tell you how life should be lived can’t really promise you their way will work for you.  They might guide you but they don’t know for sure what your future holds.  You don’t know what your future holds but you can take each moment and find what works for you.  Just by using your mind to think things out, using your heart so you can make sure it feels right and using your courage to make some steps in the direction you desire to go.  It’s all about you and what you are willing to do with your life.  People can help you but they can’t do it all for you so you must learn to make your own decisions since you are the one that knows the most about yourself.  Ex.  If you tell someone you want to start a business, get married, go back to school, buy a house, a car, get a divorce, sell your house, change your job, decide to not have children or maybe have lots of children etc. someone will always have an opinion because we all are guilty of thinking our own way should work for everyone.  Sometimes that is very true and helpful to others but sometimes it’s annoying and makes people doubt their own decision making.  That’s why the world is a mess because too many people are trying to stuff others where they don’t belong.  It’s true some people could use a good shove in the right direction but they won’t stay there if they don’t feel they fit there.  I see 222- keep the faith.  Kinda like feeling worthy of the life you desire.  If one does not feel comfortable somewhere then naturally one will go where they feel they fit.  Sometimes that means they settle because they feel unworthy of anything better.  Maybe too many people pushing towards what they feel is right for them.  Maybe it’s from not taking the time to sort out what makes them happy so it’s easier to just listen to what others prefer.  Sometimes that’s how you gain approval from others and it makes you feel better.  However, it does not last long once you feel your soul nudging you towards what you were meant to be doing for YOU and only YOU.

Life does not need to end the way it started.  It does not need to be lived by someone always telling you what to do. Life is meant to change as you allow it to change.  If you settle then it can’t change since you won’t step out of the comfort zone.  So things just keep repeating since that is what you asked for and have allowed life to do for you.  If you take some time for yourself and really start to learn who you are and what you truly desire then you spark some change.  You ring the bell and get ready to fight for what you want not for what everyone else wants.  People can’t see your vision the way you do since they are not you.  What they will see is the positive changes that will take place within you once you start living for yourself.  Not in a selfish way but in a peace seeking way.  Not everyone will get you and that’s ok.  Not everyone will like you and that’s ok.  Not everyone wants you to be happy and that’s ok.  It’s ok because it matters what you feel and that’s all you need to succeed at anything in life.  Once you get yourself to the point of living for you then those who are meant to stay will stay and those who are meant to go will go and that’s ok.

No matter what age you are it’s never too early or too late to start living for yourself. As long as you make an attempt at some point you will change your life for the better.  The comfort zone can be very inviting at times but the life outside of it can be so rewarding .  When you fight your way through each challenge you always get stronger.  When you get stronger you get braver.  When you get braver you have the courage to step into the life you desire and you feel worthy too.   When you feel worthy you allow life to bring what you choose rather than what other’s choose.

Two choices again- get pushed around and beat up in the fight of life or stand up, use your strength and courage and change what does not work for you.  Round one was training and its up to you to decide what needs to change so you stay on your feet in round two.


Claircognizance- this one is telling to pay attention to thoughts and ideas that come to you.  That is how your higher powers send guidance. I see 777- on the right path.  Write them down as they come and then ask for more signs so you will know if you are getting their messages correctly.  Don’t worry you will know when it’s a true sign.  It will have a “that’s weird” feeling to it.

You Are Not Alone- See they are reminding you to call on them as often as needed and they will send help in many ways.  Might be by words, songs, signs, people or anything that makes you feel at peace or answers your thoughts.

Ended with seeing 888- abundance coming!

Always Believe…