I thank God for my gifts and for giving me strength to heal along my journey.  I ask my Angels especially Archangel Gabriel to guide me as I write and I thank them for sending me nudges so these messages are sent at the right time.  I hold the intent all of you will take a chance on trust.

Whenever I get these messages about trust I often wonder how the story will go.  Trust is one of those things in my life that I’m a little stingy with because it’s hard for me to do.  I’m learning but I’m still cautious too.  I really wish everyone was trustworthy but life has taught me many are not.  So I’m cautious about who I trust and I’m cautious about who I deny trust to as well.  I try not to assume or hold grudges because sometimes it’s better to take a chance rather than live in fear that something will go wrong.  Like life in general we never know what will happen until we let it happen so I try to look at all the angles before I decide if someone/something is worth my trust.  When you learn to trust your gut it makes figuring out who is trustworthy a little easier.

So this one is about clearing cords and learning to trust.  I see 222.  My son Aydin teaches me so much.  He can make me crazy at times but he shows me a lot about myself too.  There is something about Moms and their sons, they are our babies and it’s hard to let go and trust the world will be good to them.  I have a daughter too but with Rylee I’m more trusting that she will always figure it out and thrive.  I want her to be really confident in life so I don’t hold the cord so tight with her. I like her to get out there and live her way.  Sometimes she thinks she’s a boy but that’s her way lol.   She’s my second child so she didn’t have much of a choice anyway.  She was kinda forced to go with the flow lol.

I have a memory of a time with Aydin when he was 5.  I keep this memory in my head and every so often it comes back to me and I allow it to remind me to trust.  I think we were walking into school and I was behind him and I went to put my hand on his shoulder so I could hold onto him.  He shrugged his shoulder and turned and looked at me with a face that was saying “let me fly.”  He didn’t say anything to me but I knew by his eyes what he was telling me.  So I let go and it was tough but I started to learn how to trust he is ok without me sometimes.  Tough moment for a Mom but I still use that memory to help me now that he is 8 and with many other things in my life too.  It was a life lesson about how trust and loosening the cords are a necessary part of living a peaceful life.

So trust is one of those areas of life that makes you think.  I believe we are all connected as they say but I personally feel not everyone has seen the light within yet and some of the darker souls cause a lot of harm to others.  However, people are capable of changing over time and they become a brighter soul.  When it comes to trusting another who has once been untrusting to you it’s a bit of a challenge.  It’s not wrong to be cautious but sometimes it’s not right to be stubborn.  Not to say there are not those times when someone may need a little more work until they find the light.  Those are the times when keeping some distance may be the best thing to do for yourself.  That’s when working on forgiveness is needed so trust can be built later when the time is right.

For the ones that have changed and forgiveness has been accomplished, building trust would be the next level.  Again it’s ok to be cautious but being too stubborn might actually hurt you as well as them too.  Ex.  Everyone knows what it feels like to be hurt and we all know what it feels like to hurt another.  We have all hurt someone or many in our life at some point so if you think for a minute you will recall those people who you have hurt.  So what happens when you are the one that was hurt by another?  Most of the time you get angry, refuse to look at their reasons for their actions and a lot of times shut them out of your life.  So what happens when you hurt another and they don’t forgive you?  They stay angry at you, they don’t understand your actions and they usually shut you out because they are afraid you will hurt them again.  So whichever side you are on both are painful.  To be the one who was harmed feels just as bad as being the one who is not forgiven.  I see 888 abundance coming.  That’s also a sign that there is about to be a huge weight lifted from a relationship.

When you grow strong enough to release cords and pain then you allow freedom to enter for both sides.  Even when you part ways and are no longer physically attached trust still plays a role since you will need to trust yourself in your decision to let go, trust the purpose has been served with the relationship and trust there was a reason why it was a part of your life.  If it’s someone who you stay physically connected to then trust there is a reason why this person has not left your life yet.  Maybe they are teaching you how to trust again after being hurt?  If they are still there then there is still work that needs to be done.  On a soul level we all know when it’s time to move away or move closer.  Our minds don’t always know this but our souls do it naturally for us.  It’s part of the soul contract and sometimes you just need to trust there is a bigger plan than what you can see right now. Think about the people who have come and gone in your life and those who seem to never leave or they show up as needed.  It’s interesting once you notice how soul contracts play out in our lives.  Some pleasant and some not so pleasant but they all serve a purpose so just trust it’s for a reason and try to do the healing work that’s needed so all souls can feel free.

It’s a rule that you can’t give out what you don’t have within so TRUST has to begin within.  You have to release so you can let yourself fly.  Just like Aydin teaches me…you have to let go and stumble sometimes but always trust you will survive.  Holding on is the same as keeping control.  Control and trust do not mix.  You can’t have both at the same time.  You can’t be stubborn with trust because then you are trying to mix in control and it won’t happen.  If you dangle your trust in front of someone and say “if you do this, this and this” then I’ll trust you it’s using control rather than building trust.  If you expect someone to trust you but you show nothing and say nothing then it’s you who is using control on yourself since you do not express.  Words to follow in life.  Communication helps with forgiveness, forgiveness helps to build trust, it takes communication, forgiveness and trust to create a loving relationship.  There is no room for control and sometimes there are no guarantees relationships will last but healing will always occur.  Healing offers freedom and freedom lets you live without fear because you know you can always get back up if you fall.

People will hurt you, some won’t care that they hurt you, some will continue to hurt you, some will spent their life wishing they didn’t hurt you and some will never hurt you.  No matter who it is try your best to open your heart.  If they hurt you and continue to hurt you then try to understand no you don’t deserve it and no they should not be in your daily life but they hurt you because they are extremely hurting in their inner world.  Observe their actions and observe their life and you will see the pain even if they think they are hiding it you will still see it.  If they hurt you and they regret it then try to offer forgiveness because when we see both sides and feel how the other feels it helps us reach a new understanding and then we wish to free the tangled cords.  If they never hurt you then be grateful they are in your life and make time to let them know that you care.  It keeps the relationship alive too.

A few weeks ago I was getting strong messages from the crows. When I asked for a clear message, one crow flew onto my fence and had a pretzel in its mouth.  The pretzel is symbolic for untying knots.  Crows are messengers that change is coming and it’s important to trust the changes are necessary even when they seem like they are unfair or confusing.  In life when there are tight knots formed because of lack of forgiveness and lack of trust, it literally cuts off peace from entering your mind and heart.  There can’t be a healthy flow in a relationship when the kinks exist.  It takes work, time and growth to smooth the kinks but each step forward allows more peace to enter for all who are involved.

When we enter this world we really come here to learn.  Learn to love and learn to love unconditionally.  You need to learn how to communicate, forgive and trust in order to really love unconditionally.  It can take an entire lifetime to learn but those are your keys to freedom.  Mind, body and soul freedom.  When you learn to release the negative thoughts about hurts then you heal your mind.  When you learn to release emotions from hurts then your body will function better.  When you open your heart and offer forgiveness, listen to another and begin to trust then you have healed your soul and set yourself free.

There are traumas in life.  There are so many painful moments that happen so we learn how to cope and pick ourselves up so we can continue on this journey.  Life is not easy but life can be a little easier if we don’t hold the cords so tight.  It’s a choice to either suffocate yourself by blocking peace or allow yourself to breathe by letting go and loosening the knots.  No matter how badly something or someone hurt you there is always a chance to heal.  The opportunity is always present but YOU must make the decision to heal.

So try to begin the process of trusting again.  There are plenty of people who will never hurt you so do try to avoid being too stubborn with your trust.  Cautious is acceptable but stubborn can block good things and people from entering your life.  Try to forgive those who have hurt you and when it’s time to trust them again make some small steps towards clearing the cords.  There is a life line that connects us all and they only thing that keeps that line clear is love.  Love is freedom.  Love heals everything.  It’s when you are able to open your heart and allow love in, your soul finds peace and helps you untangle the cords.


I asked my kids to pick the cards.


Breathe- it’s crazy how the card always fit too.  It’s a sign guiding you to the direction that will be most beneficial for your life.  Tangled cords are suffocating so it’s best to release them.

Leadership- I feel this one is telling you that it needs to be YOU who takes the step towards healing the relationship.  Go inward for a little bit and see if you are holding a grudge or being a bit too stubborn.  Be honest with yourself because it’s about freeing yourself from unnecessary pain.


Love Yourself- a message to let love in and allow yourself to feel peace on a soul level so life can be less painful.

Send Love- telling you to bring the energy of love into any strained relationship.  It’s opening the door to healing and once you open the door those who are connected with begin to feel the freedom as the tangled cords clear.  It’s a matter of wishing peace for yourself and another rather than being the reason for their pain and suffering in life.  The heart never wants to hurt anyone. The ego causes the hurt.  Try to see beyond another’s ego and it makes sending love a lot easier.

Always Believe…

Pink Sky

I thank God for my gifts and for showing me a new way of life. I ask my Angels to guide me as I write especially Archangel Gabriel and I thank them for always staying by my side.  I hold the intent all of you will allow the next chapter of your life to begin.

I never know what will happen next in my life and the same goes for these blogs.  I started one in July and thought that was the next one to go out but it’s not done yet and now this one seems to be nudging its way in front.  So this is the next one and the other will go out when I get that nudge.  I simply send the messages and have learned not to question divine timing.  Hope this one helps.

This one is about New Chapters in Life.  It is said that when one door closes another opens.  So many times in my life and I’m sure yours the door that closed was a blessing in disguise.  Endings are tough and changes take a lot of faith to get through but life was not meant to stay the same forever and things need to end so new things can come to life.  Sometimes it’s tough, sometimes it’s awesome but it’s always meant to be.

As the door is about to close there is a lot of letting go that takes place.  These are the times when we try to hold on too tight because we fear what’s to come.  Even though what’s to come may be really good for us it’s hard to trust the changes taking place.  These are the moments when you must have a lot of faith in yourself and in the Divine plan of your life.  These are the times when you need to have a talk with yourself about how you are going to handle the end of this chapter in your life.  Peace comes from going within and learning about yourself, who you really are and what you really need for you.  DON’T get caught up in everyone else’s opinions because they can’t live for you, you must live for you.

Endings happen in so many ways, relationships split, career changes, change of location, loss of loved ones, job loss or anything that’s rattles your “regular life”.  It’s always an emotional process but in the end you will survive it all.  As far as relationships go we all know they are the most complicated parts of our lives.  From a spiritual point of view it is said we chose the people in our lives for certain reasons.  When you are here on earth as a human sometimes we wonder wtf were we thinking when we chose them lol.  It seems as though we lose a little patience and understanding when we come into this life because not all people in our lives are easy to love and can make us crazy. Sometimes it requires work and sometimes it’s time to end it all together.  When you reach the “do I stay or do I go” crossroad its best to ask yourself “what is this relationship doing to me on each level mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually?”  If it’s not helping you then it’s time to do what’s best for you.

Career changes, loss of a job, changing locations also can be an emotional process but those also lead to better things.  So many times in life we don’t see how staying where we are to avoid change is actually hurting our growth and happiness.  It’s the security thing that keeps so many of us prisoner.  The “what ifs” that freak us out so we crawl back into our regular life that is screaming for some changes.

Those of you who have been following me for the last few years already know I do a lot of changing lol.  I’m always getting involved with something new or testing out a new path to follow.  I like it that way.  Not everything I’ve tried has turned into something huge but it always takes me to a new level within myself.  I’m in what I consider a transition phase.  I foresee the next 2-3 yrs of my life being about changes in every area of my life.  Can I say exactly what those will be? Nope, but I search anyway and I entertain every idea I get and ALWAYS follow what feels the best for me.  It’s a nice way to set goals, create visions, dreams and just avoid getting stuck in a rut.

Even though job loss, career moves  or change of location can be shocking and frightening they do not have to be paralyzing I see 777- on the right path.  Try not to get stuck in the rut and let those “what ifs” freak you out.  Take a few minutes to visualize your life a few years down the road.  Where do you see yourself?  We all know life goes by quick and when you reach 30 it really goes by fast so don’t let 10,20,30 years go by and you never did what you really wanted to do.  If you want a new career then figure it out and go for it.  If you lost your job then think about what else you may enjoy doing because the reason for the loss may be because it’s time to do what you are meant to do.  If you want to move then move.

I’m in the process of starting a new career and changing my location.  It took me 10 years to finally sign up for massage therapy school which I will start in January and within 2-3 years I hope to be living in Florida.  Do I fight the “what ifs?” Absolutely but I focus on “where do I want to be in my future.”  What’s right for me and what steps do I need to take to make that happen.  We all have the ability to create our futures…what would you create for yourself? I see 999- time to work your purpose – so fitting too

Loss of a loved one-  I’m not sure there are any perfect words about how to cope with this change.  At some point we all go through it.  It’s rough and everyone takes their own time and has their own ways during the healing process.  However, believing is so comforting during the grieving and healing process.  Knowing they are still with you in spirit form has a way of bringing so much peace.  As you let yourself entertain the idea that just maybe there is life after death then you might just find your loved ones start sending you many messages.  They need us to open that door before they enter it.  They wait for you to recognize their new body that you can’t always see but will be able to sense.  They are with you and it’s not crazy talk when people say they hear, feel and sense a being from the otherside.  But if you can reach the point of accepting their passing just enough so the door to the spirit world can crack open and communication can begin you will learn very quickly how easily they can be by your side anytime you ask for them.  Test it out and ask your loved ones to send you an undeniable sign.  I see 222- keep the faith.  They won’t let you down once you let them in.

So new chapters happen and even the painful ones have a lesson.  Scary and emotional yes but like everything else in life “you get through it.” When you allow yourself to let go sometimes then you learn so much about yourself too.  You realize you don’t have the control you thought you had over your own life.  You learn you can’t always handle it all on your own because you need people to help.  You learn that by letting go you allow peace to enter.  The biggest lesson you learn is once again it worked out as it was meant to be.  Just like every other time you freaked out and worried about the “what ifs”.  It always works out…you just need to let go and trust the plan.

Recently my guides gave me a sign to help me through my transitional phase.  They sent me a pink sky as a sign to remind me- I’m in the middle and even though I can’t see the end I have to give things time and just keep going.  Now whenever I see a pink sky it gives me peace and strength to just keep going.  Sunsets bring pink skies and sunrises do the same.  I see 333- they agree with your thoughts.  Every sunset in your life will bring you a sunrise at some point.  Every sunrise will eventually bring a sunset.  Life goes up and down.  The ups tend to bring lots of new beginnings and joyous moments and the downs usually bring the endings and painful moments.  They both have so much to teach us and they are necessary so our lives constantly change.

As life brings changes be sure to give yourself the chance to deal with those changes.  Meaning- don’t fight them, don’t stress about them but work through them by learning what they are teaching you.  Pay attention to what your life is saying to you during the change.  Ex if a relationship is ending then try not to look at like it’s happening so you feel pain but life is actually saying “here is an opportunity to change your life because you are ready for the next chapter”.  Things won’t change unless it’s time so if something or someone is leaving then understand it’s for a really good reason even though you can’t see it yet. Like everything in life the more you focus on the lesson rather than the fears the smoother the process goes.

So welcome the new chapter of your life.  Be curious about what it has to offer you.  Take time for you, create your future, dream, heal but don’t get stuck in a rut. Time goes fast because we are meant to keep moving.  There will always be sunrises and sunsets since we must go though light and dark times.  And when the sky turns pink make sure you look up because life will be telling you it’s all going to be ok.


Explore- basically figure it out lol- search for it so you can find what ever it is you are looking for in life…love, career, peace etc- it’s there to be found but not until you take the time to bring it your way.  I see 777- on the right path.  Set your intention and ask the universe to support it and all that is desired will appear.  Trust and patience are key!!

Crystal Clear Intentions-  make sure you are specific with what you want- make up your mind- try not to ask but at the same time attach fear as though it may not happen.  Just ask as though you will receive and let go so the higher powers can provide your wishes.

So the cards are telling me someone is in a rut.  First, listen to the words in this post.  Then focus on what the cards are telling you.  Really take time to think about what you want.  Make some serious decisions about which way you want your life to go.  Where do you see yourself in a few years if you do nothing?  Where do you see yourself if you make some moves towards the change you desire?  Your vision needs to be the one that brings you the most joy.  That’s the one which will create the desired future.  This is when trusting the plan is so important so your vision becomes reality.  Try not to attach fear to that vision.  Just like the cards if we attach fear it’s as though we are saying we want this but we really think it’s never going to happen and then we create it won’t happen for ourselves.  Every thought has the power to create so it’s so important to keep them filled with hope and faith that things will work out.  Hope it helps.

Always Believe…

Round Two

I thank God for my gifts and for helping me through this life.  I ask my Angels especially Archangel Gabriel to guide me as I write and I thank them for their help along my journey.  I hold the intent all of you will learn to live for YOU.

I celebrated my final birthday in my 30’s last month and for the last few years each year I make a promise to myself on my Bday about what I want my focus to be for the next year.  This year I promised myself I will stay focused on manifesting the life I choose rather than what I allowed life to choose for me over the years.  Some people dread 40 but I’m really looking forward to using everything I have learned in my 20’s and 30’s so I can enjoy my 40’s and beyond by not dwelling on the petty stuff.  I like who I am today and I’m grateful for the experiences and challenges my life has thrown me so I could reach that peace within myself.  The ultimate lesson I’ve learned in 39 yrs is to always ask myself how I feel rather than asking others what they feel when it comes to making decisions about my life.  I learned to understand this is my life and it’s meant to be lived by me so sometimes boundaries are needed to keep it that way.  I see 222. I learned sometimes opinions of others should not matter if they stop me from where I desire to go.  And another major lesson learned is to live by my heart and not my ego.  That’s the one that keeps me going and will never steer me wrong.

This one is about Making It Yours.  It’s said that the first 20 yrs of life are about gathering knowledge from others (parents, teachers, churches etc) and then after that you take the knowledge and use it in your life.  It’s true during the first 20 years you need some direction in life but sometimes it’s hard to fit yourself into that mold everyone has created for you.  The pressures of “what are you going to be in life?”  Are you going to be successful, happily married/in a good relationship, have children, be some kind of superstar etc.  But then life has a different mold and you end up changing so much that you no longer fit into the mold everyone else has created for you.  Maybe you have created a mold for yourself that does not fit you and you continue to waste time trying to make it fit?  No matter how hard you try if you don’t belong there then it won’t work.  Break the mold and keep searching for your place.

Life has a funny way of disguising lessons.  They often feel like unfair, heart breaking and “are you f-ing kidding me”  moments. They can be those times in life when everything crashes down at once.  When you feel backed into a corner by the demands of your outer world and there is no escape.  But what most don’t realize is there is an easy way out.  It’s through yourself and nothing else.

Here’s the key part of living for YOURSELF…you MUST feel worthy of the life you desire.  Get rid of the doubts, the regrets, the shame, the energy drainers and anything that feeds your ego and not your heart.  If you always live your life by what you believe others think is right then you will forever be trying to stuff yourself into the mold that does not fit you.  You don’t have to be a jerk or self centered person but you must be strong, determined and able to say NO to others as needed.  You MUST be able to forgive yourself for your past and let go of regrets so you begin to love who you are today rather than beat yourself up for who you were before.  Remember NOBODY is perfect no matter how much you think their life is it’s NOT.  We all have lessons and challenges that we are facing in various ways so try not to compare your life to others since their journey is unique to them and not intended for you.  However, when you find souls who have a similar journey it’s good to help each other out once in a while but remember to set healthy boundaries.

Since each of us are on our own journey it may take some longer than others to find where they belong in life.  I personally feel I went from being a naive 20 year old and in less than 20 years grew to think like an 80 yr old that knows what life was really meant to be about.  I see 777- on the right path.  My 30’s have been crazy with the amount of knowledge I have collected.  In my 20’s I started out lost.  By 25 I started to figure some things out or at least know what I desired.  Once I hit 31 I really started to change.  Now at 39 I look back some days ashamed of things I have done in my past but I also learn to let those go at the same time.  Everything is a lesson and it’s all part of the journey.  I will say those you choose to have a relationship with can make or break your personal growth.  Warning signs- if you settle you will not be happy and  if it’s abusive then it’s time to get out.  Always go inward and ask yourself how you truly feel about where you are in life and who may be blocking you from finding peace.  It always needs to be about you first then once you are content you will be able to bring joy to others.

Understanding life is very unpredictable helps with every change along the journey.  For a parent, teacher, friend, religious figure or anyone else who may tell you how life should be lived can’t really promise you their way will work for you.  They might guide you but they don’t know for sure what your future holds.  You don’t know what your future holds but you can take each moment and find what works for you.  Just by using your mind to think things out, using your heart so you can make sure it feels right and using your courage to make some steps in the direction you desire to go.  It’s all about you and what you are willing to do with your life.  People can help you but they can’t do it all for you so you must learn to make your own decisions since you are the one that knows the most about yourself.  Ex.  If you tell someone you want to start a business, get married, go back to school, buy a house, a car, get a divorce, sell your house, change your job, decide to not have children or maybe have lots of children etc. someone will always have an opinion because we all are guilty of thinking our own way should work for everyone.  Sometimes that is very true and helpful to others but sometimes it’s annoying and makes people doubt their own decision making.  That’s why the world is a mess because too many people are trying to stuff others where they don’t belong.  It’s true some people could use a good shove in the right direction but they won’t stay there if they don’t feel they fit there.  I see 222- keep the faith.  Kinda like feeling worthy of the life you desire.  If one does not feel comfortable somewhere then naturally one will go where they feel they fit.  Sometimes that means they settle because they feel unworthy of anything better.  Maybe too many people pushing towards what they feel is right for them.  Maybe it’s from not taking the time to sort out what makes them happy so it’s easier to just listen to what others prefer.  Sometimes that’s how you gain approval from others and it makes you feel better.  However, it does not last long once you feel your soul nudging you towards what you were meant to be doing for YOU and only YOU.

Life does not need to end the way it started.  It does not need to be lived by someone always telling you what to do. Life is meant to change as you allow it to change.  If you settle then it can’t change since you won’t step out of the comfort zone.  So things just keep repeating since that is what you asked for and have allowed life to do for you.  If you take some time for yourself and really start to learn who you are and what you truly desire then you spark some change.  You ring the bell and get ready to fight for what you want not for what everyone else wants.  People can’t see your vision the way you do since they are not you.  What they will see is the positive changes that will take place within you once you start living for yourself.  Not in a selfish way but in a peace seeking way.  Not everyone will get you and that’s ok.  Not everyone will like you and that’s ok.  Not everyone wants you to be happy and that’s ok.  It’s ok because it matters what you feel and that’s all you need to succeed at anything in life.  Once you get yourself to the point of living for you then those who are meant to stay will stay and those who are meant to go will go and that’s ok.

No matter what age you are it’s never too early or too late to start living for yourself. As long as you make an attempt at some point you will change your life for the better.  The comfort zone can be very inviting at times but the life outside of it can be so rewarding .  When you fight your way through each challenge you always get stronger.  When you get stronger you get braver.  When you get braver you have the courage to step into the life you desire and you feel worthy too.   When you feel worthy you allow life to bring what you choose rather than what other’s choose.

Two choices again- get pushed around and beat up in the fight of life or stand up, use your strength and courage and change what does not work for you.  Round one was training and its up to you to decide what needs to change so you stay on your feet in round two.


Claircognizance- this one is telling to pay attention to thoughts and ideas that come to you.  That is how your higher powers send guidance. I see 777- on the right path.  Write them down as they come and then ask for more signs so you will know if you are getting their messages correctly.  Don’t worry you will know when it’s a true sign.  It will have a “that’s weird” feeling to it.

You Are Not Alone- See they are reminding you to call on them as often as needed and they will send help in many ways.  Might be by words, songs, signs, people or anything that makes you feel at peace or answers your thoughts.

Ended with seeing 888- abundance coming!

Always Believe…

Master the Game

Add a little bit of body text (5)

I thank God for my gifts and for blessing my life with many lessons.  I ask my Angels especially Archangel Gabriel to guide me as I write and I thank them for their never ending guidance and signs.   I hold the intent all of you will push through the letting go process.

I was waiting for the next message to come so I could start writing the next post and when I got this nudge along with many signs about people needing help I knew this one needs to go out.  A little warning, this one may go over some of your heads but if you have experienced this process already then this should speak right to your soul.  So this one may not be for everyone but it’s definitely meant to be.  Hope it helps.

This one is about Dealing with the Letting Go Process.  The letting go process is a good time…. ABSOLUTLY NOT!!! This the part of the awakening process that sucks the life right out of you.  The life that you once lived and the life that will no longer serve you well since you are growing spiritually now.   The worst part is it’s not once and done either.  It’s a repeated cycle that just keeps happening so you continue to clear your soul of what needs to go.  Ooh it’s awful while you are going through it but it does do some good too.

So here is what may be happening to you or has happened so far.  1) you feel very ungrounded 2) your dreams are wacky 3) lots of crap from the past is running through your mind 4) you feel confused about where you are in life right now 5) you try to make a decision about what to do with your life but you keep hearing yourself tell you why it won’t work rather than how it can work. 6) you feel very unhappy and can’t get out of it 7) you get a lot of signs telling you things will be fine but you struggle trusting those to be true 8) you wonder if you might just be crazy and start to turn against what you truly believe in, self-doubt sets in really strong 9) you start reaching to others for their approval 10)  there is a nudge inside pushing you to keep trying, a knowing that this is just your ego trying to stop you but you still have the desire to follow your heart anyway.

Those are just 10 common signs but the list can go on and on.  They are just the ones I seem to experience over and over. The process usually starts out like tug of war meaning it’s a heart and mind game that fights for the direction you will move.  Do you get pulled to the dark side or do you leap towards the light and set your soul free?  I always say the mind has great power over your life if you give it so much control but your heart has greater power and will bring peace if you give up control.  It’s hard to do but trusting your heart is your ticket to bliss.  No matter how nuts the guidance seems it will always make sense in time and you will always be glad you listened to your heart.  ALWAYS!!!

So how do you end the game of tug of war?  You go slow and take it one day at a time.  It seems to bring up issues one day at a time such as one day you may be reliving the past but the next day you might be feeling pressure about where you are in your life today.  So much goes on and at a really fast pace that it makes you want to shut down and run.  However, when you run that is when you head towards the dark side and things in life seem to get a lot harder since your soul is sending warning signs your way to turn you around.  So work with what comes up and stay focused on letting go rather than holding on.  The more you release then the calmer you will feel.

Being that I’m in my 9 personal year I have been going through the letting go process all year so far and summer tends to be the strongest energy for the lesson of the personal year too.  I guess my soul is prepping me for the “major” work that is coming very soon.  My letting go process right now is touching on so many parts of my life.  It’s not dealing with just one area but it seems to be all areas.  Some days are challenging, some are cleansing and some are confusing but all have been necessary for my spiritual journey. My heart and mind plays tug of war about some people, career moves, spiritual beliefs, changing my location, financial matters, family matters, really all of life not just one part.  So I’ve been doing lots of inner work and letting go this year.  I find that talking myself through it helps, simplifying everything to 2 choices works, reminding myself that my spiritual beliefs have never let me down and I really can’t deny everything that has been revealed to me helps to keep me filled with faith.  The financial matters are connected to my career moves so I focus on letting go and trust I will be given what is needed for any tuition I would need to pay for training.  The people part can be a little sticky since it’s easy to react with the ego first and the heart steps in later usually once the ego has done a good job of lowering my energy until I surrender to my heart. I will say some times the heart guides you to say goodbye to people and it’s a good thing.

I really can’t stress enough how important alone time is as you go through the letting go process.  It does not need to be an entire day but it does need to be daily.  Whatever it is that helps you calm down then do that.  Calming down is what helps you win the tug of war since you process the thoughts a lot better and will be more likely to let go rather than stuff it down.  Think of it as a game and if you made a move with a frazzled mind chances are it was the wrong one. If you make a move with clear mind after you had some time to think then most likely you will survive in the game.

So figure out what works for you or what you are really connected to so you can clear your mind.  I personally connect to the moon and whenever it’s a full moon I make sure to pray under the moon and let go of anything I need to at that moment. So far it has worked really well for me.  I happened to be on the beach during the last full moon and as I was praying and asking God to send me a sign about my life working out and to help me keep going he sent me one lonely seagull a minute later.  Seagulls are my spiritual messengers so I knew it was a sign.  Once I went back to the car I turned my head and saw a balloon tied to the bench.  I see 222.  A few years ago I wrote about how balloons symbolize- by letting go you bring back what is meant to be. The super short version of that blog – I actually was on the beach meditating at that time and when I looked down the balloon string came as a sign to keep going and surrender to God’s plan so I know this balloon was another sign to let go and trust in the plan.  That’s just an example about how finding your alone time to connect with something that helps you calm down will bring you the answers you need so you can recharge and go on.  I see 444- nothing to fear.  Each of us have our own way so I can’t tell you what to do but I will say it’s imperative you find what you need to do and do it often.

So understand you are NOT crazy you just feel a little crazy right now.  You are actually one of the sane ones in this world since you are in the process of learning what is needed for survival in this cold hearted place we call Earth.  I really believe this place is hell because it’s getting so ugly here and the only way to make it better is by changing yourself and living by what your heart guides you to do.  Just take a moment to step back and look at what people are doing to themselves, to others, to the planet it’s horrible but there is a special something you are meant to do so it can be a little better.  You can’t save the world on your own but you can awaken and join the people who are trying.  The more people heal themselves the more they figure out what is their true part in this world.  Eventually the number of awakened souls will outnumber the lost ones and this world will take a turn for the better. Now is your time to heal yourself, help those who need your help, teach your children how to live through their heart so they too can survive in this cold world so more souls can begin to wake up and let go of the old way of living.  Every time you work on healing yourself it branches out and helps to heal others.  Letting go is a huge step in healing.

I always think of life as a mind game.  It tries so hard to make you believe you can’t when you really can and it wants you to think it’s tough when it’s actually really simple.  However, it’s not simple until you learn to live by your heart.  In order to live by your heart you will need to let go of your ego.  To let go of the ego you will need to give up control and to give up control you will need to turn to God.  In order to learn how to find God you will need to find yourself by letting go of life’s distractions and breaking away for some alone time.  When you are calm you will connect with God.  God can be anything you feel it to be.  This is your personal spiritual journey and you will know who/what are your higher powers. I see 777- on the right path.   Really the letting go process is just mind game nothing more than a game of tug of war that can be mastered by using the heart.  So you are not crazy, you are not lost, you are not confused and you are definitely not going to quit because you WILL master the game.


Shielding-  a sign protection is needed.  Call on St Michael to clear any attachments or negative energy that surrounds you right now.  Just ask and it works.  I’ve been feeling strange a few times over the last 2 days and I’m getting Devil signs which tell me to protect myself too.  Each time I called on St Michael it felt like a huge anchor was lifted and I felt normal again.  This really works so please try it.

Moon Cycles- tells you to pay attention to how the moon makes you feel.  Maybe a sign to get out under the moon more often because you might find it’s good for your soul.

This was another one that feels it needs to go out tonight sand I was not planning on finishing it yet but the spirits had their own plan once again.  Hope it helps.

Always Believe…

Sharing Strawberries

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I thank God for my gifts and for giving me strength to keep going.  I ask my Angels especially Archangel Gabriel to guide me as I write and I thank them for sending me signs.  I hold the intent all of you will take the lessons from your journey and share them with others.

I hope everyone is feeling a little more energetic now that spring has arrived.  Spring is a good time to clean out the old and make room for something new.  I’ve decided to tackle the things that need some organizing in the house so I can prepare for a fun summer with my kids since they will both be home all summer long. Also I’m using my Spring as an opportunity to work hard so I can rest later.  I also decided to clean up my attitude a little too.  For the most part I have a positive attitude but I still can have a negative one towards myself at times.  That’s what I’m working on changing so I can catch myself whenever I start to attack myself with a bad attitude.  This won’t be completed by the time this is posted but hopefully I will have made some progress.  It’s easy for all of us to knock ourselves down but how many times do you stop yourself and look back at how many things you have mastered?  How many times have you really thought about the amount of knowledge you have collected so far?  How many times have you been asked by the universe to share that knowledge and help another heal?

This one is about Sharing the Healing.  I get these messages in the craziest of ways and at the craziest places too.  I got a “share your healing” sign while I was shopping at Walmart.  I did not realize it at first but by the time I left the store I started to catch on.  I went to pick up a few things and I ended up getting some strawberries for my daughter, as I was shopping I had a thought to look for candy wrappers since I needed those for my Easter candy and figured since I was there I should check if they have them.  I went to the back of the store where the party supplies are and I found a container of strawberries.  At first I thought it was terrible that someone would just leave them there but when I left the store and found a strawberry on the ground next to my car door I knew this had more meaning.  I learned the strawberry symbolizes “sending love and sharing healing”.  So that was weird because on this particular day I was in “giving up” mode.  #1 I don’t do well with PMS lol and my husband will tell you he takes a beating lol.  It really can F with your mind and you get bitchy.  Sorry if that is tmi but I’m making a point too.  Anyway, it was a mood of WTF am I doing  and why am I the one who has to do this work.  Those are not my true feelings but on that day that’s how I felt.  So my Angels gave me a nudge in the right direction and I was able to change my attitude and get back to doing my healing work as I was called to do.

The older I get the more my feelings change about my journey this far.  Actually I feel my life has been the hardest during the last 5 years now that I’m aware of real life and have been working on “breaking the mold”.  Just this month I realized the pattern of my journey and can see what is my major lesson in life.

In my life I have never had solid ground.  Meaning I never really had “this will always been there for me”.  The only exception is my marriage is very solid and my husband has never ever hurt me in any way. And I know he will always be there for me.   However he did not come into my life until 12 yrs ago so there was already a lot that took place. He is kinda my reward for many lessons learned too.  Here is an example and I’m not putting blame on anyone I’m just connecting the dots and showing the pattern.  In my life I have parents who divorced when I was only 6 so I never really had a strong unit to set the example or did I or do I have a “house I grew up in” to go back to and walk in and see both parents still together setting the example and living in a home filled with lots of family memories.  I have memories of changing residence from a house to a crappy apartment to another apartment with a new person living with us and would later be a step dad to moving into a another house and a new school all within 5 years.  So there is no security foundation from the start. As I got older I have had quite a few friends who proved to be not “true friends”.  When I needed a friend the most I was ridiculed and called nasty names that will probably take me the rest of my life to let go of 100%.  So I don’t have a solid friendship that started in my childhood and lasted into adulthood.  I have a lot of friends now so if you are reading this you are not the ones I was talking about.  So clearly trust is one of my life lessons but my major lesson is about creating my own solid ground.  Meaning I need to learn to stand on my own and find confidence in myself without depending on anyone else to catch me from falling.  That’s why I didn’t start with solid ground and that’s why I never had a dependable side kick because I needed to learn on my own.

When I was younger I didn’t grow up feeling sorry for myself because I came from divorced parents.  I just went with the flow and accepted life as it was for me.  As I got older and started my “dating life” I never realized at the time how the lack of solid ground in my younger years set me up for the types of relationships I experienced.  Oye Vey lol  Now that I’m dare I say “mature”  I see and understand how each experience was creating who I’m today.  Even my personal struggle of accepting my spiritual gifts taught me confidence and helped me build my own solid foundation. I learn better by experience than example or books so for me it makes sense that I had to figure it out on my own.  And without those experiences I would not have anything to blog about so I can do my healing work and become freakishly comfortable with sharing the nitty gritty of my life with people I have never met lol.  These blogs are really getting out there now and at this point I just laugh and wonder who is this person I have become and who are these people who actually listen to me lol.  Just kidding I appreciate all of you for reading and I truly hope these have helped even if in the smallest way.  I see 333 – they agree:)

So think about what’s your story.  Disect your life and figure out the pattern.  When you find the pattern you are able to see the growth along the path too.  You find the age you woke up and said I’m done with this and you took a new road.  Don’t worry if  it happened later in life because most of us don’t “find ourselves” until mid thirties or later.  I’m still collecting pieces of myself and probably will be for the rest of my life.  So don’t stress about when you woke up but focus more on the pattern in your life so you can figure out what you are meant learn.  You have a story that needs to be told so do try to figure it out.

Sometimes we already know what our story is but we are too insecure to share it.  Fear of being judged, fear of looking like we made too many mistakes along the journey, fear of sharing our weak moments and it goes on and on.  This is why confidence is so important to succeed in life.  Without it we create many blocks and never find satisfaction.  Confidence is not something anyone can teach you, they can try to build it up in you but YOU are the only one who can increase it in yourself.  Being someone who needed to create her own solid ground, the only way I have made myself stronger was by having more confidence in myself.  No matter how many people tried to cheer me on along the way the only time I really felt confident was when I truly believed in myself.  Not caring who judged me, not being ashamed of my mistakes and having the strength to share my weaknesses.  Those 3 things were major blocks in my life at one point and now I can feel really good about myself since I have overcome those blocks and share my story too.

So the first step is tell yourself your story.  Think about your journey and make some mental notes about how you became who you are today.  Ask yourself what do you have to offer to someone else so they can heal from your story too.  Ask yourself what are you ashamed of along your journey.  Now figure out the lesson in that shame so you can remove the block.  Once you get over the shame you will be able to share it in your story.  Chances are you are not the only one who made those mistakes in life.  We all have screwed up at some point in life and most likely many times.  If only everyone admitted that more freely so people would to stop trying to convince others they have it all together.  That’s why it’s important to share your story.  There are so many people who are really hurting and they get bombarded with “phony stories” from the ones who put on a show in life which makes them feel worse since their story may not be as “perfect and blessed”.  Healing comes from truth and the more honest you are with others the more they are willing to listen.  As they listen they are learning and you will be releasing since you are sharing your secrets that needed to go.  It’s a win – win and once you start sharing your story you will understand what I mean.  Good things happen when you open up.

I’m going to add this message since it’s a strong one- someone REALLY needs to step up to the plate right now, there is someone who is struggling with fear about getting out there and doing the healing work they have been called to do.  You will know if it’s you because you will feel it right now in your stomach and chest area as you are reading this.  It’s the nudge and it’s the fear getting stirred up inside.  The only way to rise above the fear is to let it go and take a chance.  If it’s your true purpose then once you tell yourself you are ready  the universe will support you in any way that is needed.  You just need to tell yourself you are ready and then shut the ego down so you can listen to the guidance that will come.  I hope you make the right decision!!

So back to everyone…we all have a journey and we all have a piece of something that another is looking for along their own journey.  It can be knowledge, friendship, guidance or really anything that will be helpful for them to go on.  We are all healers in life and when you share anything about yourself you are giving healing.  People NEED to know they are not alone in this crazy life.  They really want to know somebody else can relate to what they have experienced or are experiencing now.   It’s calming and that’s healing.  Sometimes you find the ones who want to know your story but they don’t share theirs.  They are not ready yet but that does not mean they won’t get some healing from yours.  Just try to respect that they need more time to open up.

When you share your personal story keep in mind even though someone has not had the exact same experience as you there may still be parts of your story that they connect with and it will help them too.  Ex.  My friend Holly wrote a book about her journey with illness.  In the book she talks about what was going through her mind and how the experience changed her on many levels too.  As I was reading her book I was connecting with everything she went through and actually we were going through it at the same time too.  We didn’t know each other then but it was interesting that our souls were shifting in the same way at the same time.  Anyway, some of the things she explained in her book helped me a lot because our thinking was on the same page and it made me realize someone else out there understands.  I see 222.  So I found comfort in knowing somebody else has dealt with the life shattering ,confusing state of mind and came out a new person with a lot of faith and passion to help others heal.  So even though I was not dealing with cancer I still was going through a serious soul changing process and her words made sense to me and were reassuring that this is how life works when God wants to kick your ass to make you stronger.  I see 333- they agree.  BTW Her book is called Always A Loveolution by Holly Peckskamp.  You can find it on Amazon too.

So get out there with your story.  Don’t be afraid of being judged or revealing your weak moments because you might just help someone through the worst time of their life. I often push myself when I write these because if it is one that is about my rough moments I try to keep in mind “what if someone really needs this”  then it gives me the strength to open up.  Too many closed hearts in this world so we need more people to open theirs up.  Too many phonies trying to portray the “perfect” life so we need more people to be real.  Too many selfish people in the world so we need more sharing.  You may have just the right words but you won’t really know until you share.  Share the love, share the healing and when a strawberry shows up in your life let it remind you to keep sharing.

Make sure you read the words on the pic too!  I tried to move the photo to the end but have not figured out how to do that yet.  I was just excited I was able to get the pic on:)  It’s the little things that me make me happy lol.


Prioritize-  it’s time to get organized and make some steps in the right direction.  Call on your Angels if you need help and they will give you ideas so improvements can be made. Make a list of your goals and start to jot down any ideas that come to mind. Those will be little nudges from your guides about which steps to take and in which order too.  Be open to the guidance and it will come.

Make a Wish-  send out what you wish to return:)

Always Believe…

Just Ride

I thank God for my gifts and for helping me through the hard times.  I ask my Angels especially Archangel Gabriel to guide me as I write and I thank them for their support.  I hold the intent all of you will relax.

I’m starting this in Feb but most likely won’t be finished it until March. Anyway, February is always my worst month of the year.  I live in Pa so it’s cold and I don’t get outdoors as much as I need to so I can clear my energy.  It has been a rough month since my kids have been sick a lot, my dental job is changing in major ways and just lots of life stuff going on.  I felt myself slipping a little because everything was getting thrown off and my workouts were getting skipped, my thoughts were turning towards fear about my job and other areas of my life, I was extremely tired and unmotivated.  Typical February for me but this year some major changes showed up in my personal life.  According to numerology(which I highly recommend everyone check out) I’m in a 9 year and this is the year of letting go of many things in life so there can be new beginnings.  I feel it, I know it and the first 2 months of this year tried to kick my butt but now I learned a lot too.  It’s funny how life is always filled with blessings in disguise and we are always grateful once we see how much we really needed those too.

So this one is about Getting a Grip.  I say that in the sweetest way possible :).  Life requires you to take charge of your own.  It’s your responsibility to know when it’s time to get it together for yourself.  Always be aware of where you are mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally etc.  If it is all out of whack then you will be suffering.  If you make yourself aware then you will be able to heal those areas by taking a break and really be honest with yourself about what needs to be done in the now so the future gets better.  There is a saying “Ego says, Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel better.” “Spirit says, Find your peace ad then everything will fall into place.”  That one popped into my head a few times this month and it really helped me to get a grip.  It helped me step back and decide I’m going to accept what is but I’m going to change myself for the better so everything else changes for the better.  It worked!  As soon as I made the switch from stress and fear to acceptance and working on a better me everything else started working out better than expected.  I even changed some things I was not planning on changing but since I got myself motivated again it led me to more positive change.  You can’t go through life feeling sorry for yourself.  You can have a bad day or a bad week but when you start blaming others and feeling sorry for yourself then you need to get a grip.

I feel we always need reminders that life does not need to be so hard.  Life needs to be chaotic so we learn to change with it but it does not need to be so serious all the time.  Sometimes you just need a little break to be by yourself and find some clarity.  Alone time is very helpful with getting a grip with your life.  I’m sure at any stage in life whether you are just starting out on your own, in the middle of raising a family or headed towards retirement, life gets busy and you start to lose yourself a bit.  I noticed over the last 2 months that the more my outer world got disrupted the less time I spent on my inner world.  When that happens it’s just a matter of time until I reach a breaking point.  A point when I decide to get it together and move along or block it out and create internal damage.  For me I have learned the lesson of not blocking things and to deal with what needs to be dealt with as it surfaces.  Some of you may need to pay a little more attention to your inner world so you catch yourself from blocking things.  It’s easy to block stuff without realizing it so be aware when you start to feel very frustrated with life even with people or things that usually don’t annoy you.  Most of the time it stems from something that is building inside and has not been dealt with yet.  I see 777- on the right path.

I know all of us have major issues in our lives. Some get resolved, some get worse and some lead into different issues.  It’s really helpful when you keep a positive mindset, pray, help those who are dealing with similar issues, give yourself free time, meditate etc.  But is it enough?  That is another lesson I learned this week.  I read an article about being a spiritual junkie.  It explained how people can get too caught up in sharing positive quotes, praying(although I’m a big believer in prayer), doing yoga for inner peace, striving to help others before themselves etc.  The article went on to say what most of these people don’t realize is that change hurts and it’s a good thing.  Instead so much is done to eliminate the pain rather than embracing it and letting it do it’s job.  Ex.  The root of my struggles right now is about security. I was able to figure it out by taking a break, listening to my inner guide, allowing the universe to send me what I needed to understand the “whys” and to accept it’s a struggle because it needs to help me release rather than hold onto what needs to go.  When we hold onto too tight to a need for security we deprive ourselves of inner peace.   There can never be a definite knowing of the future.  Even as a psychic like myself I might see a red flag for someone or a blessing to come but only time will tell if it was 100% accurate.  So if we keep in mind that we will never fully know the future it helps to live in the right now and work with what’s going on.

Sometimes it’s not so much about the future but it’s issues from the past that cause us trouble.  The same rule applies here because if we don’t allow ourselves to feel the pains then we can’t change those issues into new strengths. I see 1111- a sign this is an opportunity for your spiritual growth.  By going through the process of healing stuck emotions and allowing our minds to take each harmful thought and turn it into a lesson learned by understanding why these thoughts repeat and what needs to be done so they can be eliminated is what will make us stronger and prevent those issues from resurfacing in the future.  Change is a constant in life and when it hurts it just means it is really needed for you to get a grip and get back on track with your life.

Ask yourself what are your biggest stresses right now?  Are they about the future or they linked to the past?  I see 333- they agree.  Either way they rob you from living in the right now so it’s a sign it’s time to get a grip and allow the changes to take place so peace will follow.  2015 has been a really tough year so far and as I look around I see in everyone’s life there are major changes happening and it’s creating a lot of stress too.  There must be some really intense energy connected to this year that is meant to create so much change which in the end will bring lots of growth too.  It’s time to embrace it since what was is no longer what is needed and it’s time for it to go.  It’s a year of blessings in disguise and hopefully next year will explain why this year needed to be so tough.

I wrote a blog a few years ago called “enjoy the ride”  it talked about how my Angels always sent me the words “enjoy the ride” as a sign to remember to take it all in with life, the good and the challenging.  Over the last few weeks I kept getting signs with bikes and it reminded me that life will not always be peaceful but that does not mean it can’t be enjoyed.  I see 444-nothing to fear(keep seeing those numbers a lot as well).  So this helped me turn to focusing on what I’m grateful for in life rather than what is lacking in my life.  Here is a little hint- when we focus on lack we draw in that lower energy and the universe starts taking things from us rather than sending us what we need.  Ex. unexpected bills, illness, loss of work etc.  Focusing on everything we already have helps keep our vibration high and we draw in many blessings.  Just like the” ego and spirit quote”.  It was interesting too because once I figured out the higher powers were sending “bike signs” so I would relax and take the good with the challenging they confirmed their message with a huge sign.  I was driving home one night and car turned before me and once I got behind it I saw the plate with “justryd”.There are no coincidences and they want all of us to succeed in life which means we need to get a grip during the tough times too.

So try not to take life so seriously but try to embrace the change and let it do it’s job.  I believe in doing things to center yourself and bring in peace but I also believe in crying through the pain so it can be released and peace will follow. There is no magic healer for life’s challenges.  The only healer is yourself and if you don’t do the work then you don’t live with peace.  Nobody is responsible for your peace other than you so you can’t put that blame on anyone else.  Get a grip, do the work, accept the challenges, focus on gratitude, embrace the changes and just ride it out so life takes you where you are meant to go.

At this point it’s been almost a month of me focusing more on gratitude and it really is working like magic.  Things are falling into place better than expected.  It’s worth a try in your own life.  I see 888- abundance coming!  That’s a huge sign!!


Family- says release an unwanted pattern by forgiving one or more family members including yourself. Ahh I totally get how people can hurt you and piss you off but what I have learned from this is it’s an opportunity for you to grow because once you see holding onto anger is basically slowly killing yourself it makes it easier to work on the letting go process.  Sometimes those relationships are meant to end permanently in the physical but in order for their to be healing they needed to be cleared on an energetic level too.  It’s a slow and emotional process but it’s mandatory for peace.

Play- it’s a sign that alone time is needed so you can get some clarity.  It is also a sign to do something you enjoy with others too.  They serve as a distraction which gives your mind a chance to break the worry cycle and get a grip. My son and I did a round of lasertag last week and for 20 mins I got to be a 12 yr old again and it cleared any stress that was lingering inside.  Check it out because you might love it lol.  Or find something that lets you be a kid again.

I was going to finish this next week but something pushed for me to do it tonight.  Hope it helps. I see 222(keep the faith)- now I now for sure it’s needed. I saw those number 3 times tonight too.

Always Believe…

Heart’s Path

I thank God for my gifts and for blessing my life. I ask my Angels to guide me as I write especially Archangel Gabriel and I thank them for their help. I hold the intent all of you will create the vision you wish to see in the future.

I’m starting this one on Jan 12 and I can already feel the pressures of 2015. Saturn is doing a lot of shifting and this usually stirs up any issue that has not been dealt with completely and it puts pressure on so you are forced to face it. Also Mercury retrograde will be back on the 21st- Feb 11th and that always creates a lot of tension in our lives too. However, as I always say and feel for myself is when the pressure comes in really strong its a blessing in disguise since it helps us move forward with our spiritual growth. Best advice I can give is take it one day at a time and let what’s meant to come up so you can sort it out. Sometimes its learning acceptance, changing perspectives, releasing stuck emotions etc whatever comes up it will definitely be healing for you. I feel every year of our lives is about change but this year it really feels like the energy wants to swallow all of us up and throw us around to see if we can truly survive the chaos.  You will but it helps when you learn a few techniques to get you through the tough days.

This one is about creating a Spiritual Selfie.  Keep in mind when I say “spiritual”  I’m talking about the part of you that functions “whole” as who you really are and not what the world has made you believe or what lies your ego tells you or traumas or mistakes from your past.  It’s your piece that knows what is best for you and it helps your mind and body think and feel the same.  As you allow your spiritual self take the lead then your mind calms and you have a desire to take better care of your body too.  Creating a mind, body and spirit balance and that’s functioning as a whole being too.

One way I have found that helps to keep going in this crazy life is having a VISION.  I have a vision of who I would like to be at age 70.  Once I get to 70 I will create another for 90 since I feel we are always changing and it’s important to strive for better.  Anyway, I picked 70 because I feel at that point my mind, body and spirit will have matured greatly and depending on my choices up until that age will determine the quality of life I will live beyond that point too.  If I’m not meant to live until 70 I think about the memory I have created for myself at this age right now and imagine if I was to leave tomorrow what would people remember most about me and how pleased am I with myself right now.  It helps me to stay on track of who I was truly meant to be rather than the false beliefs of my ego or the way the world tried to mold me or any of my past traumas or mistakes.  If I’m not happy with what people would remember or how I feel then I try to heal that part of myself.  If I’ve done wrong then I try to make it right, if I need to forgive so there can be peace then I work on it, if I need to let it go so I can have inner peace then I face it, whatever life sends my way as an opportunity to heal myself so I can be the vision I hold onto then I work at it.  Yes life requires work so if you don’t do it then nothing changes.  Even the most spiritual people have bad days and issues that need to be healed.  Nobody here has mastered life yet so never feel like you are the only one struggling.  I see 666- reminds you not to get too caught up in the material world/earthly world- such as finances, looks, hatred or anything that pulls you away from love and peace.

Creating a vision helps you through the dark days.  It’s your flashlight that will guide you out of the tunnel of life’s pressures.  I recommend creating a vision that shows you succeeding at everything you set out to do in this life but I also suggest creating a vision that shows you “real life” as in the never ending challenges that will always be there but keep a vision of yourself overcoming those challenges one by one and never stopping.  See yourself as someone who survived all that life tried to squash you with.  Maybe life threw illness/addiction at you.  See yourself as healed and helping others as they conquer the same illness/addiction, maybe life threw divorce/ or relationship issues your way.  See yourself finding forgiveness and releasing so you can live with peace.  Maybe it’s weight struggles.  See yourself making healthy changes to your lifestyle. I’m not talking about see yourself as a size 2 but give your body a chance feel good by implementing exercise and a healthier diet. Not everyone was made to be tiny but we all benefit from a healthy diet and exercise. You will know what your vision should be because it is what just came to you while you were reading this part.

The point of the vision is to create positive change.  It’s a chance to imagine about what you truly desire. I’m speaking on a spiritual level not a materialistic level so wanting financial freedom, beauty or fame might come to you but peace comes with change on a spiritual level.  It’s a vision of seeing yourself completely healed mind, body and spirit.

Life throws surprises at us all the time and as those unexpected things come we have the ability to turn the “never gonna happen” thoughts into a vision of success and eventually reality.  I see 999- a sign to get to work on your purpose.  In a blink of an eye life changes and in a blink of an eye the decision to change for the better can be made too.  I’m learning this lesson right now.  My entire life right now is up in the air and I have no idea where it is headed but although I struggled with my ego for a few weeks I have decided to focus on my vision of looking at my life at age 70 and being pleased with my journey.  Life’s pressures are not meant to break you to the point of giving up. They are there to help you change what no longer works for you.  They come to help you create a brand new vision since you may have outgrown the original version.  In just the 1st month of this year  I’m processing new ideas and creating a new path for myself and it’s one I never really entertained before but as life sent me some major changes it helped me create this new vision.  So don’t always view change as though it is going to ruin your life because you may find it stopped you from ruining your own life by staying in your comfort zone too long. In my own twisted way I kinda thrive on change because I fear it so much in the beginning but then I get a nice high from conquering the challenges mentally.  It’s an awesome feeling to figure out the hidden test in the change and then realize you mastered a very tough lesson too.  I fear things just as much as the next person does but I never let it win me over (unless it’s dark water lol- but that WILL change in this life.)  I do my best not to surrender to it and I’m always analyzing my thoughts and figuring out if they are connected to the heart or the ego.  The ego will not lead me to my vision so those thoughts need to go if I truly want to succeed.  You MUST shut the ego down so you can find your spiritual self and function whole mind, body and spirit!  If you are battling illness/addiction, struggling with relationships, changing lifestyles etc. they all require your ego to be silenced so you can turn your vision into reality.

I get that its hard to shut the ego down and sometimes you need a few days of frustration to help you release it all.  A few days or a few weeks won’t hold you back for too long so it’s not a huge problem.  However, don’t let it turn into months or years.  So much can be accomplished in that time and it only takes making one decision of creating a vision to start the process.  That simple decision has the power to turn your entire life around.  So start right now, see yourself as they way you most desire and make it a point to let that vision guide you through this life and all it’s junk.  Become that person you see by working each day either using your mind, body or spirit or all in a positive way daily.  You can master it if you keep a vision.  I see 555- change is coming.  You can turn “never gonna happen” into “look at me I made it happen.”  “I” being the most important part of the final results.  “I” using the heart and not the ego.  Remember the ego will NOT take you to your vision it does not want you to go there.  Your heart asks you to follow so you find where you belong.  The first step along the heart’s path requires you to see with an open mind and create a spiritual selfie that shows everything healed mind, body and spirit.

There are two voices speaking to you in life.  One has an ego and one has a heart.  One has a life of fear and one has a life you love.  There is one vision to follow, a flashlight that will eliminate the darkness.  There is one heart to follow, a guide that will lead the way to your happy place.  There are two options the ego or the heart.  It’s your choice but the good life is always found along Heart’s Path.

Ahh I just realized Valentine’s Day is coming too.  Big hearts for all of you:)


See Only Love- I’m at work right now and I asked my coworker to randomly pick a card from the app on my phone- this is the card and when I came back in my room to write, the song “listen to your heart” was on the radio. So fitting and the Angels always know when to send perfect signs! The card tells us to focus on love as much as possible since that is what frees us from troubles in life. It heals, motivates and gives us strength to keep going. It’s found in the heart so again that is where peace comes from too.

Have Confidence- this one tells even though you can’t see the whole picture TRUST you have what it takes to succeed. Part of the journey is figuring it out on your own as you go. It’s a lesson about learning trust yourself. A lot of times we won’t draw in the good stuff until we see it in ourselves. Your outer world is often a reflection of your inner world so look around and see if you need some inner work right now so you can balance yourself. There is usually a nice reward granted once you do some major inner work too.

Ha it’s 11:11- those numbers are everywhere for me right now too. Good things to come:)

It’s a full moon tonight(Feb 3) too so it is a good time to release the negative and create a brighter vision for yourself.

Always Believe…